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Comment Bandwagon (Score 5, Insightful) 818

Great to see everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Focusing on the flag once again ignores the real problems since it's easier to find a "magic pill" to fix everything. This is like Obama's first election where, once the flag is down, everyone will declare an "end to racism" and happily ignore the real work involved with tackling endemic bias.

Comment Re:Good god. (Score 2) 253

My 2001 Jeep has a base "go home mode" if there is a problem to where the normal engine parameter look up tables can't be used. This way you can still drive the thing to a shop even if some sensors, etc are shot. I know this is a pretty primitive comparison but, at the very least, you'd think the A400M engine software would have a *baked in* "go home without crashing" dataset.

Comment competition is good but where does the money go? (Score 1) 72

I don't stream music except via internet radio, but I can see this as a good sign for upcoming competition. What I don't see will be any change for the small working musician in the pie. These are services to provide data and harvest data from users, not benevolent online record stores. I also like how Apple is reinventing Shoutcast but getting people to pay for it.

No thanks guys. Long live freeform, listener supported WFMU.

Comment OSX (Score 2) 196

Again, new Gnome features match OS X stuff introduced years ago:

3.16 introduces a new style of scrollbar for GNOME 3. Instead of being shown all the time, these new overlay scrollbars are only shown when needed

Comment Ticket for Tailgating? (Score 1) 304

Lot's of rear end crashes, you say? How about people get nailed for tailgating more often?

Where I live in the north east, people routinely travel 70+ mph with as little as 4-5 feet between them. It's like the automatic driving car caravans of the future minus the automatic and future part. NO WONDER there are so many huge pileups month after month when most people do not see to even attempt to maintain a reasonable minimum distance between themselves are other cars at speed.

We really don't *need* more automatic features. I predict the majority of people buying braking assist now assume they don't have to worry about distance because "the computer" will "hit the brakes for them". It's like how people with 4WD or AWD assume they can drive full speed on ice.

Comment Vector Graphics (Score 5, Insightful) 71

The irony is that it's only taken 40+ years to get to display resolutions for raster graphics to approximate vector graphics.

Not to say this isn't cool. I like that the youtube video is basically the following chain: raster Quake -> custom vector renderer -> vector scope -> raster camera capture -> raster video upload -> raster youtube video stream -> you eyes

In *no way* is the video as cool as that scope in real life!

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