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Comment: Re:Get ready to submit an itemized cell phone bill (Score 2) 159

by danomac (#47722607) Attached to: Calif. Court Rules Businesses Must Reimburse Cell Phone Bills

They are too cheap to just reimburse you at a flat $50 rate for your cell phone

This is exactly what they do where I currently work, but not for all employees - only ones that require a phone or have a measurable benefit to having one. It works out to about 50% of the bill. I don't have any issues with that as most vendors/etc I deal with very rarely call outside of office hours. Heck, I just got off my cell phone as I was using it for a work related call. (I have unlimited minutes...)

As an extra bonus, I got to put my personal cell phone on a work sponsored plan through our cell phone carrier (the minutes are unlimited to North America, both calls and texting) - this immediately saved me about $45 a month! I still receive and pay the bill personally, and work still reimburses the flat $50. Heck, we were told we could go onto the cell plan even if we didn't need it for work as the bills don't get sent to the company.

I've got no complaints.

Comment: Re:McDonallds should sue ... (Score 1) 246

by danomac (#47714229) Attached to: Comcast Training Materials Leaked

Since the 90s, direct broadcast satellite has been an option for the overwhelming majority of people. If you've got any way to put a tiny dish where it'll have a view towards the equator, you can get subscription TV while avoiding your local cable monopoly.

Maybe. Where I am the most popular satellite company (Star Choice) was bought out by the cable company (Shaw.) They even named the satellite company to Shaw Direct.

Can you guess what happened with the service and prices? Yep, prices skyrocketed, the satellite prices are on par with the cable prices now, when they used to be less than half. As for service, good luck trying to talk to someone there. Hold times are atrocious.

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At this point I agree they'd be better off discontiuing it. Moving forward, they should pick another browser to bundle with Windows, and write a module for it that enables GPO processing on the new browser. AFAIK there's still not another browser that has features for centrally managing installs for large-scale deployments...

Comment: Re:Energy Use? too short a time frame (Score 1) 710

by danomac (#47461407) Attached to: People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

There are problems with running individual A/C units. Firstly, I figured out that having 2-3 separate A/C units costs as much as the one big one to cool my place (smaller place, 1100 sq ft.)

Second is eventually you get cool air meeting warm air in the house and you get humidity problems. It sucks.

+ - There's More Fiber in Fast Food Than You Realize 1

Submitted by danomac
danomac (1032160) writes "It looks like McDonald's, along with other fast-food chains like Burger King and Wendy's, put more fiber in your burger than you realize.

Listed in the ingredients is "microcrystalline cellulose", also known as wood fiber. Fast-food chains have been using this for quite some time due to the cost effectiveness.

This is also not just in meat, but in all sorts of ingredients like cheese, sauces, etc."

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