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Comment: Re:No (Score 4, Insightful) 390 390

However, just because I gave Person A access to my wifi, that doesn't mean I give everyone Person A knows access to my wifi. This could end up in legal hot water territory.

I guess that I just won't be giving any guests access to my network anymore. They can pony up and get their own mobile data plan for their devices.

Comment: Re:Number of comments is really down (Score 1) 265 265

No kidding. Whose bright idea was it to overlay the comment count and icon over the title? It obscures long titles now.

I think the UI designers unzipped their pocket full of tricks and forgot to zip it back up again, it's turning into a how-not-to-do-UI example.


How Ready Is IPv6 To Succeed IPv4? 595 595

New submitter unixisc writes: Over the last 2 years, June 6th had been observed as IPv6 day. The first time, IPv6 connections were turned on by participants just for a day, and last year, it was turned on for good. A year later, how successful is the global transition to IPv6? According to Cisco 6labs, adoption rates vary from 50% in Belgium to 6% in China, with the U.S. coming somewhere in the middle at 37%. A lot of issues around IPv6, such as the absence of NAT, have apparently been resolved (NAPT is now available and recognized by the IETF). So what are the remaining issues holding people up — be it ISPs, businesses, consumers or anybody else? When could we be near a year when we could turn off all IPv4 connectivity worldwide on an IPv6 only day and nobody would notice?

Comment: Re:Conduits everywhere. (Score 1) 557 557

Make sure that they run whatever cable you decide to run (ethernet, fiber, whatever) in conduit, ideally with junction boxes on a relatively regular basis (at bends, etc), so it is easy to draw new wire through when you need to.

Yes, the electrician will say "you don't need to do that; that's silly." Ignore him. Do it.

Do not put junction boxes at all bends. Electrical code in almost all regions require junction boxes to be accessible (you can't cover them with drywall), so that means you'll have a metal cover plate on your wall where these boxes are. If you're concerned about bends, adjust the conduit diameter accordingly.

Comment: Re:Will anyone exploit it? (Score 1) 82 82

Out if interest, what "infections"? Do you have any examples.

Keep in mind malware = virus for most computer users.

I myself have cleaned two MacBooks of malware in the last six months. We don't use them here at work, but I had a neighbour bring over their two MacBooks because they had a "virus".

It turns out their children (adult children!) were going to free TV sites and the like and had their web browsers taken over (yes, including Safari. They had two browsers on these laptops, Chrome and Safari). Both machines were unable to connect to the internet. It also slowed the entire machine to a crawl, I had to wait almost 10 minutes for a terminal to open. This is not a virus per-se, as it only infected the local user accounts, and it fucked up both browsers so badly that browsing the internet was impossible, I couldn't even get it to load Google's search page. netstat showed that there were serveral processes running trying to talk to the internet. Now fixing these was not that difficult, as it only "infected" the local profiles.

However, they were the ones who brought it to me and said it was virus-infected. I guess they had a PC laptop before the MacBook, and only bought the MacBook because they were told it can't get viruses. Both told me when their MacBooks break down they won't pay the premium to get another Mac laptop.


Tron 3 Is Cancelled 205 205

Dave Knott writes: Tron 3 won't be coming to a theater near you. Disney had been developing a sequel to Tron:Legacy since the movie, made for $170 million, grossed $400 million worldwide. But now they have chosen not to move forward with a third installment in the sci-fi series, sources say. "Disney has had strong success with its live-action properties recently, including Maleficent and this year's Cinderella, which earned $527.4 million worldwide. But it recently had a stumble with the $180 million live-action film Tomorrowland, which underperformed at the box office this past weekend with a $33 million U.S. debut."

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