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Comment Battery Stations (Score 1) 215

Develop "battery stations". Or, make it an added service at existing gasoline-stations. People drive their electric cars into the station, and an attendant replaces in a few minutes the depleted battery with a fully charged battery which someone else exchanged more than a few hours earlier. If labour cost is 60$ per hour, and it took the person 5 minutes to swap the battery, then you have a full "tank" of fuel for 5$.

Comment Illegal Surcharge for Credit-Card Payment (Score 2) 562

It is illegal in some U.S. States to charge more for a product or service if the buyer is using a credit card. Also, it is a violation of the merchant agreement with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. This policy at Verizon is essentially a surcharge for payment via credit card. If one uses cash (cheque by mail, or ACH bank transfer), then there is no fee.

If one pays with credit card, then there is a "convenience fee" (surcharge). I suppose that their legal department could argue that they provide the Auto-Pay option for credit-card users to avoid the surcharge, but it remains debatable.

It certainly is not customer friendly. A more friendly way to cover their credit-card fees is to make the higher rate the standard price, and provide a discount for cash payments (cheques and ACH).

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