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Comment: Re:Only useful if your find yourself (Score 1) 306

by Dan Askme (#49155835) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission

The whole point of my post was that the person I was responding to was an idiot for his complaint, because the only alternative to what he's complaining about would be completely absurd.

I'am an idiot? lol.

In my post, although very SARCASTIC. You can clearly see that the ONLY way Reddit links can be checked is if everyone (the permission holders) checks EVERY link on Reddit.

So, by your calculations, i'am not only an "idiot" but "absurd" for stating the facts.

Get off your fucking high chair.

Comment: Only useful if your find yourself (Score 0) 306

by Dan Askme (#49133979) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission

If you believe that someone has submitted, without your permission, to reddit a link to a photograph, video, or digital image of you in a state of nudity or engaged in any act of sexual conduct, please contact us.

So, the only way to see if someone has "Posted Sexual Content Without Your Permission", is to make me (the permission holder) search through EVERY FUCKING PICTURE on Reddit.

bSarcasm = !bSarcasm;

Comment: Re:The upshot is (Score 1) 69

by Dan Askme (#49054155) Attached to: 'Google Search On Steroids' Brings Dark Web To Light

There are two important considerations when using /robots.txt:

robots can ignore your /robots.txt. Especially malware robots that scan the web for security vulnerabilities, and email address harvesters used by spammers will pay no attention.
the /robots.txt file is a publicly available file. Anyone can see what sections of your server you don't want robots to use.
So don't try to use /robots.txt to hide information.

+ - New raspberry pi 2 freezes and reboots due to a camera flash.->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Unfortunately for Raspberry Pi 2 owners who are trying to photograph their devices, however, the Raspberry Pi 2 has been found to be Xenon flash sensitive. Any camera with a Xenon flash aimed at the device is causing the device to freeze for a few seconds before rebooting."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Use Warning Level 4 (W4) (Score 2) 233

by Dan Askme (#48992033) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tools To Clean Up a Large C/C++ Project?

You should be running at Warning Level 4 when coding. Its good practice to prevent the issue you have now.
It will give you a crap load of warnings (which are all worth fixing if you have the time), but, it will highlight any unused variables and/or functions.

in Visual Studio 2008-2013:
- Project > Properties
- Configuration Properties > C/C++ > General
- Change "Warning Level(W3)" to W4

Comment: Re:Datacaps? (Score 1) 132

How low will they set the datacaps? What good will 1000mbps be if you hit the ceiling immediately? And how many people does have to be online simultaneously before everyone gets throttled to 512kbps?

I have BT infinity option 2 (Fibre to Cabinet):
- Unlimited bandwidth
- No throttling
- 80mbit download / 40mbit up, 24/7

The only "throttling" you get is at peak times due to network congestion, but even then i'am still unable to see any service impact or major delay.

As always with BT, it depends where you live.
If your lucky enough to be on a cabinet with only 20 connections and your exchange is running at less than 50% capacity, and, you live less than 100m away from the cabinet that doesnt rely on vintage 1950's telephone lines, your laughing. I was told by a BT engineer that each FTTC cabinet has 100 available connections.

Comment: Re:Offtopic but... (Score 1) 32

by Dan Askme (#48938435) Attached to: UK Broadcaster Sky To Launch Mobile Service

It's the gradual infiltration of beta.

And/Or (regarding the massive header font size on main page)
- The invasion of a semi-blind website designer.
- The website designer had to use a 22" monitor today.
- The website designer had Chrome set to 25% zoom in testing and didn't realise.

And/Or (regarding the double paragraphs header under "You may like to read")
- The Website maintainer's Enter key is broken and commits two clicks instead of one

Comment: Re:Up next, automatic intelligence rating... (Score 1) 220

by Dan Askme (#48930577) Attached to: Anonymous No More: Your Coding Style Can Give You Away

goto blah;
^^ Idiot.

// If you don't know why this is here, don't fuck with it.
goto blah;

^^ Code guru.

Yep i hate them aswell, only ever had to use them once in coding. But there is a very rare case that goto is actually needed. Nested loops.

Comment: Re:the problem with Twitter (Score 1) 114

by Dan Askme (#48897455) Attached to: Twitter Moves To Curb Instagram Links

I agree, however, I got bored and wanted to find out how much potential storage twitter posts use on a daily basis.
500Million Tweets a day : http://www.internetlivestats.c...
* 140 bytes = 70Billion Bytes, or, 70Gigabytes roughly a day

If you double the char array to 280, thats only 140Gigabytes a day for just tweets.

Twitter have the money and network infrastructure to do this without question. I think its more a case that Twitter believes the 140 character limit is part of their "ethos", changing it would piss off all those users who wasted their life mastering the "shorthand of Twitter messages".

Comment: Dont Install any. Use free manual scans. (Score 1) 467

by Dan Askme (#48891653) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

Turn off Windows Defender via run > services.msc.
Run this free AV/Malware scan twice a month, or whenever you feel your system "may be infected". (left option)

- No need to install a bulky Antivirus/Anti-Malware program that will slow your PC down more than an actual infection.
- No need to pay for something that you'll probably never use, let alone need.

If you "must" have active protection. Re-enable Windows Defender and put up with the performance impact it has on your system.

Comment: Friends that spam.. Solution (Score 1) 225

by Dan Askme (#48873547) Attached to: Facebook Will Let You Flag Content As 'False'

If you're tired of seeing fake or misleading news articles posted by your friends to Facebook and then spreading like wildfire, you might be in luck.

No luck needed, i have the magic ability to remove that spamming "friend" from my friends list.
If i want to read the news, i'll choose someone who went to school, got a degree and is highly regarded in the news sector on a daily basis (eg:their job at BBC news).

So if enough people don't believe something and flag it false, it becomes "false." Something else for paid shills and opinionated people to do I suppose.

Facebook will never be a true opinionated platform unless they add a "DISLIKE" button. Until then, i fail to see the point of creating an artificial "fake" world for people to waste their life with. Facebook works by allowing its users to believe on the assumption that everyone loves them and everything they say is gold dust.

Comment: Re:Once (Score 1) 217

Result of your request:

800-555-1212 -- Nemyst -- Confirmed quality number with confirmed name, removed from our call database -- Placed on working number selling list

I used to be so kind to call center workers, asking them to remove from the call list, with all the please and thank you's i could give. But most of the call centers would call back (most likely due to the above).

Now i tell them to "Fuck off", be abusive and swear my heart out. Surly that gets you put on the "black list" and removed from the system?
Works for me in the UK.

I feel sorry for the staff, but at the end of the day, their job is to piss people off and they know it.

Comment: Re:US only and needs MS Silverlight .. (Score 1) 94

US only and needs MS Silverlight ..
Amazon’s First Pilot Season of 2015, Featuring Slate of 13 Original Comedy, Drama, Docuseries and Kids Offerings, is Now Available on Amazon Instant Video in the US, UK and Germany

And yeah, Silverlight :S . Amazon must be getting some £££££ from Microsoft, either that, or their video/web department is run by 16 year olds that never heard of flash.

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