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Comment: Re:Surprised (Score 1) 324

by daninspokane (#30604976) Attached to: Sir Patrick Stewart
The thought never crossed my mind... and I am not being sarcastic. I've heard people debate it and argue it but I never even considered it. It's Picard for God's sakes. More on topic - do Knights actually hold any government sway or what? If the British Empire were to collapse and the world dive in to chaos, could we have Picard as our last line of defense? Say the whole cabinent were to be assassinated... could we vote Jean Luc in to save us?

Comment: Re:Back in My Day... (Score 1) 342

by daninspokane (#30378838) Attached to: New <em>WoW</em> Patch Brings Cross-Server Instances

When I first started playing WoW there wasn't any of this fancy "meeting stones" or "looking for group". If you wanted to get people together to play you shouted into random channels in Ironforge. No cross realm ques for battlegrounds and there were no PVP rewards, and we liked it! If you wanted a horse, you saved your money from level one and didn't even THINK of buying anything until you had it, and if you wanted something other than a horse TOO BAD. Everything was better then. Loot meant something and everyone in your group looked out for you and made sure the right people got the right gear. Back in my day Paladins were ineffective but unkillable, shamans were GODS and if you wanted to leave Tarren Mill you WALKED because the flightmaster was DEAD. You think it's hard now? Imagine running MC and hoofing it back to your body in Blackrock, uphill both ways! Now get off my lawn

Fixed that up for you.

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