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Comment: Re: "If you have nothing to hide..." (Score 0) 145

Actually, dumping the tea was a specific response to a tax on the tea and regulations that forced the tea onto the colonies.

The Boston tea party had more to do with protesting, championing liberty and fighting tyrrany. Can you find a connection to the burning of a CVS or a Senior citizens center?

I swear I should be never go unsurprised by the bullshit people post but I always am. It's as if they openly want to prove how ignorant they are to the world.

Comment: Re:They are burning down a city (Score 0, Flamebait) 145

And when they were marching peacefully, I thought, that is horrible what happened to that guy. I hope those cops pay for it. When they were burning the place down, I thought this sort of justifies why the cops treat people like animals in some places and it's no wonder they shoot first and ask questions later.

I'm wondering if he thinks the message they want heard is what is actually being heard when everybody is listening?

Comment: Re:Possible explanation... (Score 1) 205

G.E telephone which was bought out by sprint did this to a friend who lived in their coverage area (but ironically 200 yards from my SBC covered house). They said the same thing, it's just the way it is. We called the public utilities commission of our state and complained about it. Within two weeks he had a credit amount on his bill and evidently the phone company had to pay back quite a few people. This was shortly before Verizon purchased them.

I'm not surprised Verizon sprint tried this too. I had the nextel phone because of specific coverage and when sprint purchased them, they attempted to charge me more as well as failed to maintain coverage areas. They would call me about 3 times a week, even after being told not to call any more several times, to request I purchase a sprint plan along with a new phone and 2 year contract. I told them my contract with nextel wasn't up and they explained they owned nextel so it would be ok and I explained to them that if they owned nextel, it shouldn't matter but if I was changing contract companies, it sure as hell wouldn't be with the company that screwed nextel coverage up.

Sorry about that tangent. The point is, check with your state utilities commission when crap like this happens. Every state has one but might call it something different. Often just having them look into it is enough to get them to fix the issues.

Comment: Re:AT&T customer uses $24,298.93 in services (Score 1) 205

The power company does this because increased usages on large scale screws up their base calculations as well as makes them purchase more surge energy at higher costs. This goes to how the utility purchases power for use on the grid. They are also limited in how they charge often having to petition a state utilities board to raise rates to consumers. Telcos do not have this problem and if someone makes a call that crosses an expensive switchboard, they simply pass the costs on to the consumer as the long distance rate.

I agree, it should be something obvious but they are different beasts altogether.

Comment: Re:AT&T customer uses $24,298.93 in services (Score 1) 205

It was the guys fault. I've seen it done in the past with other national providers. A local access number goes down and it picked one for you- probably in the same area code. Before you know it, its a long distance hell and phone companies have comp the charges traditionally in the past too. The rarity of this story is that it still happens and neither the phone company or the ISP was able to catch it.

It used to be harder before you had to dial the area codes with most every calls. Then, you would get an error message when trying to connect that you could hear through the modem speaker (assuming it was a real hardware modem and not a winmodem). But when they started requiring area codes for local calls, mistakenly dialing long distance calls got a lot easier. In my area, it costs more to call long distance within the state than it does to call long distance to somewhere outside the state. Something about the exchange connections and not being able to use a long haul backbone. At least that was the case 15 years ago when I had a land line.

Comment: Re:"long distance" (Score 1) 205

My bank does it with debit cards also. It's a smaller community bank and I have found it annoying a couple of times when I had to answer an alert or had a large purchase declined but they allowed me to adjust my limits and everything to mostly avoid tripping it. Perhaps some banks are still into customer service. This one used to have awesome hours (7:00 am to 7:00 pm) but cut back with the financial crisis to more normal bankers hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) but they said they are trying to staff to return to the old hours now that things are picking back up.

Comment: Re:EPA has exceeded safe limits, needs curbing (Score 1) 340

lol.. The constitution makes reference to common law. I really don't know what your point is if you are not trying to claim common law is superior.

The US constitution was created to constitute a federal government and define its role. In doing so, it put limits on the federal government that common law cannot surmount.

Comment: Re:Oops - forgot about the important part? (Score 1) 125

by sumdumass (#49590595) Attached to: Obama Announces e-Book Scheme For Low-Income Communities

A lot of Ebooks can be read on cell phones which aren't far off from small tablets. I have a niece who reads about a book a week on her phone in the time it takes to ride to and from school, waiting for things, and study hall in school or even when bored at home.

Most of the poor can get phones- the obama phone for instance, some should be capable of reading ebooks (I know obama isn't behind the phone but that's what its called). I imagine you need an app for that and wifi from some place which is why internet access it part of the plan. I also imagine the app for that will collect location data, names and numbers and all sorts of other things like the fucking flashlight apps that need access to your files, address book, GPS and so on when installing.

Comment: Re:EPA has exceeded safe limits, needs curbing (Score 1) 340

Actually, there is a constitutional basis for a federal government department. It would simply be an office under the executive with a head of the office as in "principal Officer in each of the executive Departments" as mentioned in Article II, Section 2 - otherwise known today as the cabinet. In fact, most federal agencies started that way and George Washington even had them.

A constitutional department would not be one that makes laws/regulations though. It/they could carry out the executive's duty to see the laws are faithfully executed in the name of the president. So in the manner they are present today, I completely agree, but a department that advises the president and offers laws to congress in the name of the president for consideration would be just as constitutional as his cabinet posts. In fact, it would more or less just be the secretarial and resource pool of his cabinet posts allowed by law.

Comment: Re:EPA has exceeded safe limits, needs curbing (Score 1) 340

Sigh.. The slavery issue as well as the secession issues would have been decided without war. Lincoln was begging the south to come back/not leave and jumping through hoops to proclaim they were not going to ban slavery. The WAR broke out because the south attacked a union fort. Had that not have happened, there most likely never would have been any war. All the other issues like slavery or secession, would have either been settled otherwise or still on going today. It's not a simple concept, just follow along and pay attention.

Comment: Re:EPA has exceeded safe limits, needs curbing (Score 1) 340

Utter Rubbish. Nothing would prevent the EPA from going to congress and getting laws made to protect the Ozone layer. Oh wait, they did go to congress and get laws passed. Treaties were even made and ratified and laws were passed for them too.

Check out title 40, part 82 when you get bored sometime. You will fine laws and references to treaties and specific mentions you are looking for.

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