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Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 442

Back in the 90s, we tried welfare reform and part of that was a welfare to work program that as a condition to benefits the receiver had to participate in job training/searches or report to a location for a certain amount of time per week (presumably to establish a work like schedule and pattern of attendance ).

It was short lived with claims of slavery, lawsuits, under funding and all sorts of resistance. I'm not exactly sure what did it in but the only real remnants that remained after a few months was time limits on benefits payout and a shell of retraining opportunities.

This has essentially been tried and rejected.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 442

There is a lot of truth in that statement. Unfortunately "none of the above" decided not to run this time and people who fit the less than two brain cells mold seem to be front and center in force (see GP for example ).

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 1) 87

This. . Except that the bank account is typically a prepaid credit card which is almost untraceable. In order to efile tax returns for others the IRS requires a pin they assign to the preparers. If they suspect a pin number, its a hassle for one preparer but they can hold the returns filled until verified and issue a replacement pin. This will be extremely complex in the middle of the tax season with thousands.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 253

Your correct. Hillary in no way just stood there. She participated in and in some ways headed up the attacks on Bill's accusers. I think it was Rush Limbaugh who called her the head of the bimbo eruption squad because of her obvious and public participation in the degradation and attempted discrediting of his accusers.

Comment Re:If it's "settled", it ISN'T "science" (Score 1) 550

Actually, smoking leading to lung disease is a religion. A small portion of life lpng smokers will ever get lung disease but a large portion of people with lung disease smoked and signs point to unique qualities associated with lung diseases caused by smoking.

There are even sets of people and genetic markers identified that will not show negative effects of smoking at all in the lungs.

Comment Re:Energy in? (Score 4, Interesting) 154

Actually, it sounds like a perfect process for clean coal or other already existing energy production. The cooling towers alread carry enough heat to raise the temperature. As for pumping, well the generating already runs a bit under capacity so turning it up a little more shouldn't be too costly.

With a little tweaking, it could relatively easily reduce the carbon footprint of existing power plants.

Comment Re:Anything the US does is suspicious (Score 1) 286

The reason North Korea exists in the first place is because China didn't want the west at their borders due to the stance on communism.

China likely would deal with them in a more subtle way rather than having to take over the country or risk other countries doing it. My understanding is that to even raise NK standards of living to the levels the rural poor in China have, it would be costly to China. Not doing anything could be costly to. I think China will walk a fine line and do as little as possible until it cannot pussy foot around much more. Hopefully it is taken care of before it gets to that level.

Comment Re:privacy and security. (Score 1) 570

That would make you somewhat of an idiot then.It has been documented time and time again that Windows 10 logs and sends information to MS even changing how it does it to get around firewall rules restricting the communication. With this story it appears to do it even when configured not to. What is not documented is exactly what information is sent, the complete circumstances in which it will be used or even stored. The communications are encrypted so neither you, the so called security company you use, nor the random poster at reddit or slashdot or any other forum can say they know what is or is not sent.

You have nothing to go by but an assumption that seems counter to the terms of service and end user license agreement wording and your security firm is in the same boat. Now you might think that you have done your due diligence by having a third party sign off on it. What you seem to miss is that a lot of these random people making the reports actually are the security researchers that would have companies you claim to use. You posting shows you are aware and are not as covered as you think.

Comment Re: What's the point? (Score 5, Interesting) 85

Part of the original doom experience was in how it pulled you into the game and took advantage of sound as well as visuals to exploit this immersion. If you go into it thinking it is just another shooter, You might miss anything remarkable about it. Get yourself a good surround sound system or 3d head phones and if this is like the original, you will find what is remarkable about it. You might even get startled a bit in the fun.

Comment privacy and security. (Score 4, Interesting) 570

I'm not sure how any company or business that deals with information that requires security by law could be using Windows 10. It would seem that defense contractors, law enforcement, financial and tax services as well as anyone subject to hippa laws would be in default automatically because what is sent is not documented.

Maybe it is time for a class action or something to get it turned off for real.

Comment Re: What? (Score 1) 406

If you mean renting like a person with a mortgage on their house is renting it from the bank, I agree with the premise but object to the notion that Apple can do anything and you cannot complain. Neither the bank nor the builder can change the locks on your house or make it uninhabitable.

If you mean renting like if you rented a rental car, i think you are being a bit silly but even if there is merit, you are still looking at a failure to reasonably fulfill a contract. So you can still complain.

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