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Comment: Re:Lobbying aside (Score 5, Interesting) 354

by danbert8 (#46758805) Attached to: Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

In some cases, it can pay off. I ended up getting around ~$800 back from the feds this year and through a deal on Amazon, I got 10% bonus by getting the refund back in Amazon gift credit. That's a free 80 bucks, well better than any tiny interest rate I could have gotten in a savings account. When the interest rate you can get is higher than the rate of inflation, you might have a point...

Comment: Re:What if we overcorrect? LA comparison (Score 1) 329

Except that most "subsidies" that oil companies supposedly get are subsidies for OTHER people that happen to benefit oil companies. Also a lot of the remaining "subsidies" are tax credits that lots of other industries get for manufacturing.

Comment: Re:Not the first time this has happened (Score 1) 639

Well governed? Did you watch the show? Starfleet command and the general Federation council decisions being total stupidity are the basis for several episodes and even entire arching plotlines in the series. It's especially true in DS9 where government idiocy goes to a whole new level.

Comment: Re:Permanent Habitat? (Score 1) 100

by danbert8 (#46696467) Attached to: NASA Laying Foundation For Jupiter Moon Space Mission

Spectacular radiation shield? You mean a lot of water? If we are melting water at the surface, it might be feasible to melt water, pump it over the habitat, and allow it to form an ice radiation shield over the habitat. Think like a big radiation blocking igloo... All it takes it a lot of energy, but if we get fusion figured out, you'll have all the fuel you need on Europa!

Comment: Re:One thing's for sure... (Score 1) 870

by danbert8 (#46582909) Attached to: Job Automation and the Minimum Wage Debate

Exactly. All these people who think more spending will solve a debt crisis are crazy. You can't "fix" an economy that is undergoing a correction after distorted market signals (low interest rates, high debts) by lowering interest rates even further and taking on more debt. Reinflating the bubble just sets up another bust.

Comment: Re:This is more than a little bit naive. (Score 1) 712

Regardless of why they are moving, the point is that they are. The cities and the infrastructure aren't mobile, but the people are. People move and resettle all the time for many reasons. Calling any human settlement "fixed" is rather misleading.

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