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Comment: Less people will die of liver failure (Score 2) 294

by damonlab (#46356225) Attached to: Doctors Say New Pain Pill Is "Genuinely Frightening"
This is not as "genuinely frightening" as the number of people that die of liver failure due to overdose or overuse of acetaminophen. The only difference between this "new" drug and the ones currently on the market is that this one does not contain acetaminophen. Old drug = hydrocodone + acetaminophen. This drug = hydrocodone only.

Comment: Re:Do it yourself (Score 1) 553

by damonlab (#41210971) Attached to: Apple Adds Samsung Galaxy SIII To Its Ban List
I am the "IT person" at my job. During the past year, I have told everybody asking advice for a new phone to purchase to get an Android based 4G device as all Apple products are still stuck on 3G. I have found that Apple's marketing department has done a good job as many people think that iPhone 4G is a 4G device, even though it is not. When Apple releases a true 4G device, Samsung is going to sue the shit out of them.

+ - BYOD: Corporate policy on email sent to smartphones and tablets

Submitted by damonlab
damonlab (931917) writes "I am running Exchange 2010 at my place of employment. Exchange activesync allows the wiping of smartphones (iPhone and Android) in case they are lost or stolen. For Blackberries, you can use a BES server to do remote wipes.

Remote wipes do not cover the question of security from other apps. My question is how well do these various platforms prevent apps from snooping corporate Exchange email? More to the point, are Apple and Google snooping corporate email? What about e-readers such as Kindle?"

Comment: slippery slope (Score 5, Insightful) 162

by damonlab (#40394661) Attached to: BT Starts Blocking the Pirate Bay
I remember when ISPs provided free unlimited newsgroup access. Then they offered free newsgroup access through a third party with a data usage cap. Then they cut off free newsgroups altogether. Now there is something completely out of their control on the general Internet that they are trying to block access to. So much for the old wild west freedom of the Internet. Business and government interests are all so ready to curtail total freedom of information. I see a dark future full of censorship and paywalls.

Comment: Re:This is what happens when Americans make things (Score 1) 341

by damonlab (#38300058) Attached to: Voyager 1 Exits Our Solar System
I live in Michigan. My car was assembled in Michigan less than 50 miles away from me. I support my local products such as Better Made chips and Faygo pop, and I support local Michigan stores. As long as we are all tooting our horn here. Sorry about that last part, but I do agree that everybody should be buying more locally made products that don't need to be shipped halfway across the world.

Comment: My memory of that day... (Score 1) 804

by damonlab (#37372104) Attached to: Marking 10 Years Since 9/11/2001
My mom woke me up when the first plane hit. I called her a liar and said that I did not believe her and I was going back to sleep. She came in minutes later to say another plane hit the other tower and something was going on with the pentagon. I told her I still did not believe her, but was willing to get up to have a look at the TV to prove her wrong before I went back to bed. I did not go back to bed. The incident forever touched me and changed my life.

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