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Comment: Re:911 was down for us Friday night (Score 1) 610

That really depends on what fills it up and how. I've had my torrent client glitch out and completely fill my drive a couple times, to the point where the UI was too slow to even move a window.

Fortunately I was able to ssh in and kill the program and delete the offending temp files, but the first warning I had was 'oh hey, trying to type locks the system.'

(And the other pain in the butt is that completely filling an OSX volume will tend to horridly fragment things, and defragging it isn't free.)

Comment: Re:People say they want them, but no one buys them (Score 1) 544

Wait, what marking on the Q10 isn't implemented in software? All the printing on all the keys on mine are for things it actually does. I don't have any mechanical problems with mine, though I do have an issue with the battery compartment. (It's slightly too big. Drop the phone just so, and it reboots. They'd fix it, but I just stuck a paper shim in there. It's not worth the hassle of sending it in.)

The thing that gets me, is that in most Android apps on it, you can't press the Sym key and then touch the screen for a symbol - you have to press the physical key that maps to it. Which is okay once you figure that out, but rather frustrating until you do, especially for little-used symbols.

I read an article a while back about 'why no keyboard phones' and the writer interviewed a high-up at Sprint, who basically said it's because no one comparison shops phones any more. They used to walk in and go 'I want an iPhone', so we sold them that, or 'I want an Android' and they would look at all the phones we had. Now it's 'I want an iPhone' or 'I want a Samsung Galaxy' or other halo phone. They buy the heavily-advertised models, and don't actually check features.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 85

People who need to land tons of rescue supplies into a flood zone or other disaster area where there are no runways, or the runways have been destroyed.

I can also see a market for these in areas with lots of small-to-medium inhabited islands, that don't have an airstrip big enough for conventional cargo planes, for the occasional high-bulk, time-sensitive cargo. (Medical equipment, for instance. Replacement engines for a ship.)

Comment: Re:Use case? (Score 1) 42

by damnbunni (#47511557) Attached to: NVIDIA Launches Tegra K1-Based SHIELD Tablet, Wireless Controller

There are certainly tablet games that benefit from more power.

Riptide GP2, for instance, uses a lot of water and transparency effects. It's a jetski racing game. It has a Tegra 4-optimized version and also supports the Shield controller properly.

The Mass Effect shooter looks better on a Tegra device, though I doubt it'll be updated for K1. Shadowgun or its sequels might be.

Quite a few games have nVidia Tegra-specific versions, and major publishers have been backporting Shield controller support into titles.

Games ported from consoles tend to benefit from the faster GPU as well. Much better draw distance in GTA: San Andreas, and high-res HD texture packs in The Bard's Tale.

And frankly, emulators can use every bit of oomph you can throw at them. I've got consoles up through the Dreamcast and PSP emulated on my Shield. Once you have more power than the minimum needed to run the game you can enable better filters, upscaling, and so on.

Einstein, especially, needs multiple fast CPU cores to run well. (That's an Apple Newton emulator.)

And once you get into the kind of processing power offered by the latest mobile chipsets you can start running PC software. I have DOSbox on my handheld, and have Windows 98 running in Qemu. Windows is mostly just a 'see what I can do?', but I do use DOSbox to play games. (I installed it so I could play Dungeon Keeper, because screw the mobile version.)

Comment: Amigas aren't very Amiga compatible. (Score 1) 192

by damnbunni (#47499069) Attached to: The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

They really aren't. Trying to get Amiga software working on an Amiga is often a pain in the ass.

Got a different revision Kickstart chip? No game for you. Got the right Kickstart but any RAM config other than 512K Chip / 512K Trapdoor FAST? No game for you. Got an Amiga that's not a 500? No game. Got an aftermarket video card? Sorry. Sound card? Well, it won't crash, but the game won't use it.

'System legal' Amiga software was pretty solid on different models, but any game written for an A500 or A1200, you were shooting craps if it'd run or not.

I had an Amiga 3000 Tower/040 with 29 megs of RAM (yes, 29), a Cybervision3D video card, Quicknet ethernet, and a 386 BridgeBoard, and frankly I had an easier time getting MS-DOS and Mac games (using Shapeshifter) running than Amiga games.

For that matter, it's easier running them now on my Sam440ep/flex based Amiga by right-clicking them and picking 'Run In UAE' from the menu.

On the other hand, I could easily have supplemented my income by renting the A3000T's case out as an efficiency apartment for a family of four, so it did have that going for it.

And it was a hell of a machine for Pagestream and Photogenics. (Both of which I still use, actually. But on the PPC Amiga, or in WinUAE.)

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