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Comment Re:Close the loop (Score 1) 105

Oh, that's easy to get around. BigStoreSupply sells the tablet to BigStore under cost, so BigStore can sell it at a technical markup. BigStoreSupply is legally a different company, in a different state. BigStore can say 'See, here's our receipts, we bought it for $22.50 and sold it for $29!' because BigStoreSupply is technically not the same corporation as BigStore.

State: "Well, how much did BigStoreSupply pay for it?" BigStore: "Oh, I have no idea. You'd have to ask them." BigStoreSupply: "We're not in your jurisdiction, we don't have to tell you what we paid for our products."

Although with Wal-Mart, it's more likely 'Hi. you're going to sell us a crapload of tablets REALLY CHEAP so we can put them on special, or we won't carry your junk any more.' ''kay.'

That doesn't mean Wally normally gets the product that cheap. The supplier wouldn't be able to afford it. But most suppliers will take a loss on a product for Wal-Mart for Black Friday just for continued goodwill. It's also generally not a huge amount of whatever-it-is.

Comment Re:My two wishes (Score 1) 140

Probably because the updates add suck without adding any useful new features.

I finally moved from 10.6.8 to 10.10 and honestly the only thing that really feels like an 'improvement' is that I can disable transparency in the UI. There's a whole lot of new annoying crap to deal with, though.

Comment Re:Yellowed plastic is the least of your concerns (Score 1) 128

The thing is, it's sunlight/UV that turned the cases yellow in the first place, and the Retr0brited stuff is turning back yellow far, far faster than the initial yellowing - and it's doing it even if the computer was stored in an opaque cardboard box.

Weirder, if the original yellowing was uneven - say, if there was a sticker on the case that blocked light, so that spot was less yellowed - Retr0brite would make the whole case the same non-yellow color.. and when it re-yellows, the 'less faded' marking is back!

(And as far as RTC batteries: Most Amigas sold didn't have battery-backed clocks. Some models did, but the 500 / 600 / 1200 didn't. You could get a cartridge that added one, but the battery in that crapping out would just ruin that cartridge.)

Comment Re:How about a Raspberry Pi case for an emulator? (Score 4, Informative) 128

I'm not sure about where to get Amiga Populous legally, but you CAN buy an emulator:

Of course you could just download WinUAE by itself, but Amiga Forever includes licensed ROM and Workbench disk files for most versions of AmigaOS. It's also got a wizard for setup; handy if you're not used to fiddling with emulators. WinUAE has a lot of obscure, arcane, and weird settings. (Amigas had a lot of obscure, arcane, and weird hardware to emulate.)

If you just want the original Populous and don't much care that it's the Amiga version specifically, has the PC port of the original game for $6.

The Playstation game was a later sequel, not a port of the original. Give the GOG version a shot.

Comment Other Amiga casework? (Score 1) 128

I'd kind of like an ATX-compatible clone of an Amiga 2000 case. Or an Amiga 4000 Tower.

I have a Sam440ep-flex board that I'd love to put into something that looks more Amiga-ish than the generic black case it's in now.

And putting a gaming-grade PC in one would have amusement potential as well.

Submission + - Commodore smartphone hits trademark opposition (

damnbunni writes: As reported on, it appears that Massimo Canigiani didn't license the Commodore trademarks before announcing that Commodore PET Smartphone. The company that actually owns the mark, Commodore Holdings, is not amused.

It's not like it would have been hard to determine who owns it and try to license. The C= Holdings trademark is registered with the same EU agency 'CBM Limited' applied for a new mark.

I can't see much of an excuse here. The company holding Commodore's trademarks is literally Commodore Holdings. They can't even go "We had NO IDEA who to contact!"

Comment Re:LG G4 (Score 2) 208

Dunno about Android phones, but when I bought a brand-new spare battery for my Blackberry Q10 - which was about $30-ish - it came with a little charging adapter. In fact the charger encloses the battery completely and has a tiny short MicroUSB on it, so if I don't want to pull the battery from the Q10 and replace it, I can plug the charger into the phone and boost the battery.

They also sell the battery without the charger, but it was only a few dollars less.

Comment Re:Oh, editors! (Or lack thereof...) (Score 1) 485

I have no idea if it's what they're actually doing, but before the launch it was reported that it'd be rolling out in waves, so their download servers didn't get absolutely hammered.

When you get it depends on how early you reserved it, supposedly. If you don't want to wait, you can download the .iso and update that way.

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