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I should have mentioned also that the AC response to your comment, which listed an alleged list of other sites the certificate was valid for, was interesting:

The certificate is only valid for the following names:,,,,,,,,,,,,

I haven't bothered to look to see if that is the case or not as I don't plan to use anyways, but it could be an interesting story if it is true...

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Hopefully they'll read the comments ...

Read the comments? Why would they start doing that? Hell, they don't even read the text of the articles they post to the front page (or, for that matter, sometimes even the summary)!.

That said I was mostly mocking the very idea that they'd be able to make money off of this. Hell I would wager most slashdot readers are using ABP to block all the conservative advertising that pollutes the front page, so their further attempts to sell stuff through here would not likely be more successful.

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Everyone at my workplace hits reddit in lieu of the places us oldtimers visit.

I actually get most of my tech news through google news now anyways. I come here mostly when I want to see what the latest conservative spin on reality is, and it rarely disappoints. Watching those same slashdot conservatives proceed to stuff their fingers in their ears when actual information is presented to them reminds me why there is no point in signing up for an account on newsmax, townhall, or any of the other conservative sites.

Hence slashdot is saving me time, in a roundabout way.

It's funny.  Laugh.

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Journal by damn_registrars
I see on the slashdot front page there is now a link to Certainly, this was worth the new problems we've had in the past 2 weeks with the messaging system, and solves every problem we've ever had! After all, all the other "deals" sites out there have these problems, which I'm sure will solve for us:
  • It was too much effort to type in their addresses after spending all my time at slashdot!
  • There were

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Jesus said much about helping out the less fortunate. On an individual basis. As one should, for spiritual growth.

To the best of my knowledge there is no record of Scott Walker helping the less fortunate on an individual basis, either. Meanwhile his actions are directly hurting the less fortunate on a much wider basis. Walker is supposed to be a leader, but he is not presenting any examples of helping the less fortunate. Rather, he is presenting examples of helping himself.

This whole business of confusing God with Caesar (a chronic Progressive error) is the source of much, much woe.

There's a whole lot of conjecture, there. It does seem I have made the mistake of confusing this particular politician with being an actual leader of men, though. You don't have to be Jesus to help people.

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Are the bourgeoisie scattered, or concentrated?

The point was in his statement on the Bourgeoisie building the entire planet into a series of identical nation-states.

Communism seems to want a Rousseauian melding of everything into One Honking State

No, they actually do not. In fact here Marx is damning the Bourgeoisie for doing exactly that.

Either the jape is eluding me, or Marx just seems contradictory.

The contradiction lies between your assumptions of Communism and what Marx has actually written. Marx does not aspire to the creation of a giant homogeneous state.

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It's OK to try and harm someone just because they are wearing a badge and talking to you?

Equally disgusting...

Because that's what the physical evidence, and now a grand jury who had ALL the facts, said.

Have you heard a statement from anyone who was on the grand jury? I know I haven't. Just because the grand jury reached a verdict does not mean they endorse the sentence you just wrote. I haven't seen all the evidence that was presented to them, either; I don't know how much you may have seen. We need to close the tabs to the various spin sites we each prefer for the case and wait until we actually hear more from the jury and the lawyers who presented to them. The decision of the grand jury is not the final word in this case, it only means that these charges will not be going any further.

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We the public don't yet know all the facts. Nonetheless, it was an immensely difficult case to build for the prosecutor as the only person alive who knew what happened was the one who pulled the trigger. Obviously the cop isn't going to say anything against his own case, and in the fog of the moment he might not remember the course of events accurately anyways. We can armchair quarterback this all we want but in the end it was extremely unlikely for any other result to come out; and that would have been the case regardless of the races of each person involved.

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Well, we treat them like crap. On top of that they come here and find that they have very few opportunities to advance any more. Why would they want to come here? They'd be better off going to a civilized first-world country rather than the third-world construct we are trying so hard to make the US into.

What this country needs is a dime that will buy a good five-cent bagel.