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Comment Re:That there is some industrial strength projecti (Score 1) 125

Oh, I'm perfectly willing to learn. In fact, I enjoy it.

Your comments and JEs suggest you haven't learned anything in a very, very, long time. You refer only to texts that support your worldview. You quickly dismiss any texts that challenge your worldview; how can you possibly learn anything that way?

Comment Re:"Giant steps are what you take. . ." (Score 1) 28

The topic of this thread is your apparent fascist lust to be a speech regulator in the case of Scott Walker.

I have made no attempt to regulate any speech from any people. The Kevlar Kandidate can say whatever stupid things he wants. Just because I pointed out how ridiculous a wall between the US and Canada would be does not mean I am trying to stop him from calling for it. If he wants to use such a wall to permanently destroy our nation, he is free to explore that possibility.

It's kind of like the decay of freedom of speech on college campuses that has some comedians refusing to play them.

A constitutional expert such as yourself should be well aware that freedom of speech does not guarantee the speaker any right to be listened to. If a comedian really wants to be heard on campus but gets a negative response in an auditorium they can go speak somewhere else. As you pointed out, the comedians are refusing to go to campuses, the campuses are not refusing to allow the comedians to go there.

Comment Re:Facts? Who needs em?? (Score 1) 53

Any system involving people is inevitably going to be imperfect. Please explain how you think ANY system could be otherwise.

I never made any such claim. If you go back and try reading what I have written, you will see that I have consistently said that no system is perfect. You certainly seem to feel that your preferred system is somehow "less imperfect" than others, based in no small part on your intentional and proud lack of understanding of other systems.

As you have abandoned trying to defend the claims in the bit you linked to, can we now agree that the claims are complete bullshit with no factual basis existing to support them?

Comment Re:That there is some industrial strength projecti (Score 1) 125

Or you can just pick up your end of, for example, The Communist Manifesto.

Don't blame your unwillingness to learn on me. You demonstrated plainly that you were not reading the manuscript and had no intention of reading it.

Show me something that does a better job of explaining what the meaning of "is" is than, say, the Gospel of John

Those are two very different requests. The Communist Manifesto does not attempt to explain the meaning of life.

More so, your claim of

I'm actively seeking alternative worldviews.

Is very thoroughly rebutted by quite nearly everything you have ever posted here on slashdot.

Comment Re:"Giant steps are what you take. . ." (Score 1) 28

You'll reach for just about any excuse to avoid actually discussing the topic, won't you?

I've seen the comedians ranting about visiting certain college campuses. Everyone has audiences they really enjoy and others they don't. If their booking agents can help them figure out where their best audiences are they should find new agents.

Comment Re:"Giant steps are what you take. . ." (Score 1) 28

I gave you a long list of why a wall between the US and Canada would be a terrible idea, quite nearly impossible, and would have a real chance of actually bankrupting our country. You responded by attacking me.

Applied Fascism

... and then you went for more ignorance to wrap it up.

Comment Re:Facts? Who needs em?? (Score 1) 53

Here's the point: any system is open to abuse.

How did you come to that conclusion from what you posted to? It was not the point you seemed to be trying to make when you originally posted the JE, and does not seem to be the point he was after. Furthermore, if

any system is open to abuse

as you just claimed, then you are also admitting that you system wouldn't be perfect either - presumably you just are more fond of the people who would abuse it than the people who you think are best positioned to abuse the current system.

For the linked thought experiment

How did you conclude it to be a thought experiment, when the author claimed that millions were doing it?

to the "complete BS", there would have to be zero (0) abuse going on.

You are applying a vastly different criteria for this system than what you would accept in yours, there.

As a side note, you are making more grammatical errors lately. Perhaps you should take some time to think through what you are typing.

Is that what you're saying?

Of course not. I am stating that the bit you linked to is so twisted and fact-free that even you should realize it is fantasy and not a reflection of reality. It claims things that it cannot possibly even begin to support.

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