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Comment: Did you aspire to go in to management? (Score 1) 384

by damn_registrars (#47980255) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Finding a Job After Completing Computer Science Ph.D?
The trait of a PhD that is most marketable in industry is project management. As a grad student you had to see through your project all the way to its end. You should be selling that part of your training in your applications. If you wanted to do 9-5 programming, you probably should have gone for a Master's instead.

Comment: Back to their original reputation (Score 1) 93

by damn_registrars (#47980235) Attached to: Now That It's Private, Dell Targets High-End PCs, Tablets
Those of us who remember the first time Dell hit the market - as a mail-order company with little to no retail presence (except perhaps Sam's Club?) - remember they were the first one to really make a big run at it with all off-the-shelf parts. The earliest Dell PCs even had standard ATX motherboards in them that could be easily upgraded if the owner so desired. This was a huge improvement over the rest of the PCs on the market at the time, which were mostly Packard-Bell systems that were a nightmare to repair and nearly impossible to upgrade beyond adding RAM. If they're going high-end now, it sounds like a return to how they got going.

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Be passionate about anything, no matter how important, and you're "one-dimensional", with "a one-item agenda", "not capable of seeing the big picture."

That was what really ground my gears watching Dean get pulverized. He wasn't even getting excited about an issue; he was showing enthusiasm for the primary process itself. He basically said "we did great in a previous state, OK here, but we're going to states A, B, C, ... then eventually to the white house, yeah!". That seems pretty big picture to me. Nonetheless the media latched on to it and successfully painted him as some kind of unstable mental patient (with an MD, no less, but whatever...).

(I'm probably the only person in the western world who, if you showed me pictures of 3 women, would not be able to identify Kim Kardashian)

If I were forced to answer such a query I would select the one who seems to have the least attachment to reality.

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That sounds like a crappy way to end an evening; my sympathies. It doesn't sound quite as dire as the guy in Sicko who accidentally cut off two of his fingers with a table saw and was forced to choose which one he wanted reattached as his insurance wouldn't cover both. Nonetheless I hope you heal up.

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It looks like I accidentally mangled my comment there while talking about Howard Dean. I was attempting to use greater-than and less-than brackets to show emphasis but neglected to realize that the less than would be interpreted as the opening of a tag. If you don't remember how Dean was assassinated in the media for being enthusiastic, here's the "Dean scream" - which ultimately led to his political demise. Some claim that he might make another attempt in 2016 but I'll believe it only when I see it. I fully expect that if he did try for it the conservative media would promptly start showing doctored photos of him with a Hitler mustache.

Perhaps more so to the point, I was not correct in associating Vermont's single payer directly with Dean. He did establish a more uniform care system for children, the elderly, and pregnant women, but single payer came to Vermont several years after he left office.

Comment: No reason to be surprised (Score 1) 314

by damn_registrars (#47971357) Attached to: US Revamping Its Nuclear Arsenal
Our current president will be remembered at the most conservative president to date in American history. So far the president who his playbook of actual actions has most closely resembled has been Reagan. Being as Reagan got us through the cold war by convincing the Russians that the Star Wars Missile Defense was real, we should expect a similar moonshot approach from Obama when he seeks to cement his own legacy.

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What would happen if individual states decided to offer a single-payer option?

I think it happened in Vermont, if I'm not mistaken. Not sure if it is still in effect or not. I believe it happened when Howard Dean (who was assassinated by the media during his attempt to run for the democratic presidential nomination - for being >gasp!

Is there the will to do it?

It is generally viewed as political suicide anywhere else in the US.

I do think it could be offered, though. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing in the ACA preventing it from being done. Of course being as the insurance industry owns the government, at all levels, from top to bottom and every sideways tangent as well, it would be quickly killed off (likely along with the person who dared offer it).

The only politician at the national level I have heard dare suggest single payer is Bernie Sanders (of Vermont). He is technically listed as an independent, though he caucuses with the democrats. He has at times self-identified as a socialist; which would of course also be political suicide in any state other than Vermont. Remember Vermont gave us those commie bastards behind Ben & Jerry's ice cream; they learned how to make ice cream through a correspondence course and then eventually found themselves running a giant corporation selling a premium product at market prices just like all communists aspire to do :)

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The "Affordable Care Act" doesn't go at all far enough.

I agree with you on that one.

at least SOMETHING was done

Indeed something was done, but it was of almost no value. All it really did was demonstrate how much power the insurance industry has over Washington DC.

health insurance industry is no longer quite the untouchable sacred cow it was.

I could hardly disagree with you more on that one. The ACA is, from my vantage point, the largest handout to industry in the history of government. The ACA makes very nearly every American citizen an obligate consumer of for-profit health insurance. It didn't even include a single payer option for those who would want to be able to buy it.

And yet if you ask residents of countries with single payer plans if they'd switch to a US-style plan, they cringe.

Well, duh. I have been yearning for a single payer option here for decades. I am one of many people who have been quite nearly driven bankrupt by the for-profit model here. Even more so, I was nearly forced out of college and driven bankrupt by one arbitrary decision that my insurance provider of the time made in the interest of improving their bottom line.

Comment: Re:It was all a river of lies (Score 1) 14

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Some doctors are against single payer because they can no longer prescribe higher-markup drugs and let the insurance companies pay.

I can't speak for all 50 states of the country I live in, but I have lived in two that have addressed that matter in a way. Both states have a check (or initial) box for "dispense as written", ie no generic substitutions allowed for a given drug. The default behavior - with the box left alone - is to allow pharmacists to provide the patient with the generic substitute of the drug if it is available.

Not once have I seen a physician fill in that box, and I've had a fair number of prescriptions over the decades.

Granted, that only applies to generics when they are available. It doesn't apply to similar drugs; for example if you're physician prescribes you the sexiest new antidepressant the pharmacist does not have the ability to substitute generic prozac in its place. However this seems to suggest, at least based on my experience with health care professionals, that there are not as many doctors on the cut as some would have us believe.

It works because it provides more care for fewer dollars ... if the insurance industry had their way, we'd all still be paying them premiums for running our fire departments like in the bad old days before municipal fire stations.

Not sure if you've seen other discussions I've been in here on slashdot or not (and I know your reply was to smitty but I opted to chime in anyways), but I have been campaigning for single payer for a long, long, time. I was actually pushing for it before slashdot even existed. I am one of many American Liberals who find the "affordable care act" a travesty for not doing enough.

Comment: Wait... registrars DOING something? (Score 1) 141

by damn_registrars (#47964089) Attached to: The Raid-Proof Hosting Technology Behind 'The Pirate Bay'
Interesting that registrars will threaten sites that assist in obtaining illegal copies of software or media, but will do nothing whatsoever when they are shown that their customers are selling kiddie porn, illegal / counterfeit drugs, counterfeit anything else, etc...

Comment: Re:Patch? (Score 1) 6

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just edited the title field.

If all they did was edit the field then it should have still not been able to make it through, as it still would have exceeded the length limit. The new title is longer than the original truncated version.

Regardless of how they did it, though, the point remains that slashdot was willing to go the extra mile to excite the conservative base and propagate another anti-Obama conspiracy theory on the front page of what used to be a tech news site.

Comment: Re:It was all a river of lies (Score 1) 14

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Culminating, of course, in the one that the ultimate goal of it all is other than Single Prayer.

Yawwwwwn.... Can't you find a different conspiracy theory? The Lawnchair Administration has been moving at glacial speed since inauguration. If they were going to make a play towards jettisoning the Health Insurance Industry Bailout Act of 2010 in favor of something that isn't pro-business, they would have needed to do it before now. You need to either accept that your FUD on the matter is baseless or find someone else to magically pin it to.

Of course, the latter would require you to forecast a future president who is also not from your party.

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