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Comment: Re:Just damn (Score 4, Insightful) 336

by damn_registrars (#49148635) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83
I loved his acting as much as anyone, but I disagree that it was necessarily a sad day. He was, after all, 83 years old. He beat the average life expectancy in this country by a wide margin. He made an impact on a huge number of people, as well. He was ready to check out and move on. Really, what could you reasonably expect an 83 year old man to do beyond this point anyways? I'm happy for him and all he's done.

Comment: Samzenpus reminding you to hate the unions! (Score 4, Insightful) 249

Because it would, of course, be a terrible thing if drivers were well qualified, reasonably paid, and respected by their employers. Really, who doesn't wish they could work 70+ hours a week for 35 hours of pay? And job stability is so 1950s...

Comment: Re:file transfer (Score 1) 425

by damn_registrars (#49145875) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem

Don't order it, go to your local computer repair shop.

Who has one of those? Most of the local computer shops have been snuffed out by Best Buy and the Geek Squad. The few that survived that have been killed off by Amazon. You're likelihood of finding one anywhere that can help with older stuff is very very low.

That said, you might have some luck with placing a want ad on craigslist. Every town has old codgers who use to work at (or run) said old computer shops and they have all the adapters for this stuff that you could ever want. Several years ago I used craigslist to acquire what were likely the last 5.25 (and 5.25 / 3.5 combo!) floppy drives in the county I lived in.

Comment: Re: People don't do this anymore? (Score 2) 36

by damn_registrars (#49139019) Attached to: Lizard Squad Claims Attack On Lenovo Days After Superfish

The fact that it was not onstalled in the "business line" machines indicates that they KNEW it was crooked before they did it. They just hoped the I mean consumers wouldn't notice.

That is one way to look at it. A competing hypothesis is that the business line systems are more profitable in general, while the consumer lines are subsidized by the software that they install on them before shipping. Hence the consumer level ones were being consistently filled up with an ever-increasing load of crapware to make them more (if only marginally) profitable. Whether there was ever any ethics considered by the company is not clear.

Comment: Re:People don't do this anymore? (Score 1) 36

by damn_registrars (#49138303) Attached to: Lizard Squad Claims Attack On Lenovo Days After Superfish

I've never met anyone with a lenovo for their at home use, always dell's or hp's.

Well, some people really love to embrace mediocrity.

And anyone that I've met that did have a lenovo used it just for business.

The business Lenovo systems - ThinkPad laptops and ThinkStation workstations - were not part of this as Lenovo never installed superfish on any of them. This only applied to their mediocre consumer-level units that were sold as Lenovos with other model names.

Just another reason why I only buy ThinkPads for my own use. Home, work, etc; I won't buy anything else. Lenovo knows better than to risk that golden goose.

Comment: So THAT is what that was (Score 1) 36

by damn_registrars (#49138267) Attached to: Lizard Squad Claims Attack On Lenovo Days After Superfish
I was trying to load a lenovo forum on the superfish situation yesterday and was puzzled why it was just showing me G-rated pictures of teenagers staring at cameras. I figured something had gone amiss with the code running the forum, or something was weird with my browser that moment. I then found the information I wanted elsewhere.

In other words, this wasn't a very impressive hack.

Comment: Re:First Fascist! (Score 1) 36

by damn_registrars (#49130085) Attached to: Welcome back, SlashPot (thank you failure machine samzenpus)
I'll leave it up to any other readers to tally up the unsupported claims in that comment you just made. There are at least three that I can plainly see in just that one comment of yours that are completely counter to reality.

Since you seem to love the sound of your own words, go ahead and say something else stupid that is counter to reality. I'll let you have the last word again as I'm tired of your nonsense. Should you ever decide to let up on your trolling and try an actual discussion, you know where to find me.

Comment: Re:First Fascist! (Score 1) 36

by damn_registrars (#49127017) Attached to: Welcome back, SlashPot (thank you failure machine samzenpus)
I've dealt with stoned people before who I am perfectly fine associating with when they are sober, but I find obnoxious when they're stoned. I don't give a damn how stoned they want to be when they are alone, but they don't have any more of a right to interfere with society than any person under any other substance. Just because they aren't violent - and not every drunk is violent, either - doesn't mean they need to be welcomed into society.

And you know I don't support outlawing pot. I have said that many times. I want to see it treated exactly the same as alcohol.

Comment: What happened to the free market? (Score 1) 315

by damn_registrars (#49124715) Attached to: FedEx Won't Ship DIY Gunsmithing Machine
It sounds like someone is trying to force a company to transport a good to a customer. That sounds counter to the free market as I understand it. Under a free market isn't a company free to turn down any business they don't want to be involved with? If FedEx doesn't want to handle and deliver this product, why are people trying to force them to?

Journal: This Town Deserves A Better Class of Troll

Journal by damn_registrars
It's rather sad that this is the best we have now. Granted, the other guy could dramatically improve his act by following all his comments with fart jokes, but the better act sucks too. Comparing these two is somewhat like comparing the kid who calls a random number on the phone and asks about their refrigerator to the kid who calls numbers he knows and recites Bart Simpson prank calls.

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