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Comment Re:It's the Smitty Time Machine! (Score 1) 15

Why don't you look at what I actually said: "She's a law unto herself." And

Your opinion on Hillary is at best a small part of why you so rapidly twist and turn on your "belief" in the rule of law. Your hatred of Democrats - and how enthusiastically you will shred the constitution to persecute them for being Democrats - is exceptionally well documented here.

Comment Re: Carly may have outfoxed of by Apple's late lea (Score 2) 294

Considering how far (R) has shifted to the right since the 80's the party would immediately declare the Ghost of Ronald Reagan to be a Dem.

That is logically sound, indeed Reagan is too liberal to be a republican. However one of the unshakable requirements for republicans is to praise him regardless; and they are not bothered by the hypocrisy (indeed they don't even acknowledge it). So while they should throw him out for being too liberal, they would be unable to bring themselves to do so.

Comment Re: Carly may have outfoxed of by Apple's late lea (Score 3, Funny) 294

She is gaining momentum in her campaign so we need to do something to slow her down

Slowing her down isn't necessary on slashdot. While we have a solid conservative majority in the slashdot user base, the overwhelming majority of slashdot conservatives will vote for whoever has the (R) after their name. In november if the ballot says Ghost of Ronald Reagan (D) vs Ficus Tree (R), the Tree will win the slashdot electorate by a landslide.

Comment It's the Smitty Time Machine! (Score 1) 15

At 4:19pm Friday October 2 you said:

pretending and protesting Her Majesty's innocence

Yet slightly less than a full 24 hours earlier, at 4:30pm Thursday October 1st you claimed:

Saying that I've called for assassinations, disregard of due process

I figured you could at least make it 24 hours without contradicting yourself, but apparently you cannot.

Comment Re:Just curious (Score 1) 60

Sorry, smitty, but I did not order Benghazi either. You won't find evidence in my private email server that contradicts that, as it was never there. I'm also not plotting a communist (for whatever you think that to mean this week) takeover of anything, nor am I planning to put you on the first rocket to Jupiter.

Comment Re:Strassel (Score 1) 15

You have already decided for yourself The Only True Answer to those questions, and you will accept no other answer. You are convinced that there is something terrible hidden in there, possibly connecting Benghazi to Monica Lewinksi to Whitewater to Obamacare and wrapping up with some NWO stuff as well. I'd have an easier time convincing the Pope that their might not be a god than I have had trying to convince you that your conspiracies on this matter might be stretched a bit thin.
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Relationship Change
sent by Slashdot Message System on Thursday October 01, 2015 @12:05AM

Phil Urich (841393) has made you their friend.

I'll admit this hasn't happened in a while, I was really expecting that this was going to be someone instead either foe'ing me or dropping me as a friend. Welcome to the mess, Phil.

Comment Re:Just curious (Score 1) 60

There has never been any lack of unsubstantiated accusation from you

If by "unsubstantiated", you actually me "substantiated directly by the comments written by smitty", then I would agree with you.

While eschewing the race card specifically,

Keep clinging to your conspiracy on that matter. Eventually one of your conspiracies will certainly come to have some merit behind it, right?

I've called for assassinations

We've gone over this one before, specifically in how you support it in your

disregard of due process

Which you have supported numerous times and arguably are still to this day supporting, every time you bring up another conspiracy about President Lawnchair and how you believe he must be immediately run out of town.


There is an important clarification needed here. You didn't call for plagiarism, you committed plagiarism. You eventually apologized for your offense, but not before desperately trying to see how many sympathetic ears you could round up to listen to you whine about "commie oppression" or some other such nonsense.

Comment Re:Just curious (Score 1) 60

I'm not claiming that you personally have ever labeled me a racist.

... Though you never stop trying to get me to call you one. You have accused people of calling other people racist far more times than I have ever heard people call other people racist.

cheap, baseless attacks

Your attempts to get me to call you racist are indeed cheap and baseless.

The message of our day seems to be directed more at the flesh than the mind. Why might that be?

You are free to imagine it that way if it makes you feel better about yourself and your own biases.

Two is not equal to three, even for large values of two.