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Comment: Who uses putty that way? (Score 1) 215

by damn_registrars (#49726979) Attached to: Trojanized, Info-Stealing PuTTY Version Lurking Online
I use Putty plenty, but I haven't had a time yet where I have needed to use it on a new system and needed root access on the system I am logging in to. If I'm using it on a new box, I am logging in with my usual non-root account on my remote system. How exactly would they use that to gain root access?

Comment: Re:Another Assumption (Score 1) 598

by damn_registrars (#49726737) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties

Obama has signed into law - including during the time when Pelosi was leading the house - bills that Reagan and both Presidents Bush could have only dreamed of

I don't recall Pelosi or Obama advocating anything more than not raising taxes as much as some wanted. What laws are you referring to?

What they advocated for, and what they actually did, were two very different things. I'm talking about the budget proposals that they actually signed into law (in the case of Obama) or voted for (in the case of Pelosi). These were really not even close to reflections of what they said they were campaigning for. Even more so, they resulted in higher government handouts to wall street and the military-industrial complex than the GOP presidents had ever dared dream for, and larger tax cuts to the wealthy as well. The cherry on the sundae comes in the continued dismantling of workers' rights.

Another way to put it in perspective is to look for any bill that Obama signed that Reagan, Bush, or Bush Jr. would not have signed. I can't find a single one.

Comment: Re:Another Assumption (Score 5, Informative) 598

by damn_registrars (#49725631) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties

After the 2008 elections everyone realized the Democrats under Pelosi and Obama were too far left

Really? Obama has signed into law - including during the time when Pelosi was leading the house - bills that Reagan and both Presidents Bush could have only dreamed of. Under Obama - regardless of who controlled either chamber of congress - we saw huge tax cuts to the wealthy, and continued marginalization of the middle and lower classes.

Essentially, while the GOP was marching further to the right, the democrats decided it would be a good idea to follow.

Comment: You get old, you get scared... (Score 3, Insightful) 598

by damn_registrars (#49725563) Attached to: The Demographic Future of America's Political Parties
... you buy a gun, and you become a republican. That's been the cycle for a long time. Yeah, lots of republicans have croaked lately but they're being replaced by democrats shifting over.

Besides, as we've seen the last 6 years there isn't much difference between the two. One party is right-wing, and the other is 1 order of magnitude further to the right. Either way the republicans and their supporters win.

Comment: How many hours? (Score 1) 12

by damn_registrars (#49723691) Attached to: She's so false, even her ASCII 32 characters are lies
You will likely claim I am being pedantic about an unimportant detail, but this does matter in this case. The first attack started a bit before 4am Washington time. Hillary gave her response the following day. The question then is how much time elapsed between when she would have received this information and when she gave her speech to the press.

Had she waited longer to give that speech, you would be bitching that she was waffling and ineffective. Instead she took what she thought to be the most credible intelligence at the time and spoke about it.

And hell, it's not like we wasted 6 trillion dollars and over three thousand American lives on the mistake.

Comment: Re:DHI (Score 1) 10

by damn_registrars (#49721431) Attached to: Dice Holdings Inc is now "DHI"

I noticed it a few weeks ago, and figured that finally they realized that "Dice" as a name for anything outside of gambling was kind of down-market.

Unless, of course, you're talking about Andrew "Dice" Clay, right? Really, can you be more up-market than him?

That said, I've been around here a lot less in the past few weeks. I get more useful and current tech news through google news and if I want to know what conservatives are yelling in an echo chamber I can witness that through other places as well. The utility of this site is dwindling rapidly.

Comment: Re:Sudafed (Score 5, Interesting) 331

Forget morphine - could I just get a way to simply, legally obtain sudafed without rigamarole at the pharmacy?

I recall someone posted the directions for how to make sudafed from crystal meth. Being as the latter is easier to buy than the former, you could start with that. For obvious reasons I'm not going to search for that method myself.

I don't recall if you get drain cleaner back out of it or not, though.

Comment: Yeah, good luck with that (Score 1) 331

The world should take steps to head that off, they argue, by locking up the bioengineered yeast strains and restricting access to the DNA that would let drug cartels reproduce them

How would they restrict them to something that someone with enough money couldn't buy their way around? Being as the drug cartels have no shortage of money, it seems like a pointless move.

Comment: Don't bring up that "e" word (Score 0) 120

by damn_registrars (#49718343) Attached to: Learning About Constitutional Law With Star Wars
To the conservative majority here on slashdot, few things are scarier than the notion of something evolving. They are extremely selective about acknowledging changes to the constitution as being valid at all - notice their new war on the 17th amendment as one example - even when they are ratified by congress through the proscribed methods for amending the constitution. The idea that the constitution could itself evolve is nothing short of heresy for them.

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