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Journal Journal: Prepare for a new record in un-productivity

Now that Scalia is dead, the GOP-run congress has something else to try to prevent from getting done for a year. They've shown that they are willing to leave appointments vacant for long spans of time before, but can they leave a SCOTUS seat open for 12 months?

That said, if they do then the GOP could face a new nightmare situation next February, when President Lawnchair becomes SCOTUS candidate Lawnchair, under the new President Clinton.
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Journal Journal: Rudy Giuliani Prepares to Enter the GOP Race 1

Apparently he figured since there won't be a clear leader after Iowa and New Hampshire, he might as well jump in as well. With nothing else useful to say, Giuliani decided to attack the Super Bowl Halftime Show . As much as the current crop is a big crowd of idiots, Giuliani does have one thing the rest of the idiots don't have - a day on the calendar set aside to honor his infinite awesomeness. That must be an instant +10 delegates, at least.
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Journal Journal: Cruz won't even worry about truth this early 76

Did Ted Cruz gin up Iowa voter histories?
That is actually one of the kinder reviews of the campaign mailers that the Cruz campaign sent out. One of my favorite bits so far on this is that apparently the campaign arbitrarily picked either "55%", "65%", or "75%" as a voting "score" for the people they mailed these out to (some say this may have been in part because the state voting records don't have enough information to calculate this number).

The reply from Cruz himself is interesting:

Cruz himself said in Iowa: "I will apologize to no one for using every tool we can to encourage Iowa voters to come out and vote."

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Journal Journal: GOP operatives celebrating their own stupidity 15

Republican Operatives Try to Help Bernie Sanders

Apparently some of the GOP brass have drank enough Jesus Juice that they believe they can beat Sanders, in spite of

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds him leading Trump nationally by 15 points, while Clinton leads Trump by 10 points.

The GOP fail spin is indeed quite amusing to watch. It's unclear how they will ever make it back out of the woods a second time. If Sanders won the nomination, the GOP would need more than their usual strategy of voter obstruction to keep him out of the white house. If he won the white house, they would only make themselves look even more ridiculous and hypocritical to keep with their strategy of congressional obstruction as a platform.


Journal Journal: Nope, the GOP has no problem getting women in to the tent... 2

Report: Cranston seniors director resigned after having man dress as woman for press conference

Cranston's director of senior services stepped down last week after she had a male bus driver for the Cranston Senior Enrichment Center masquerade as a woman to improve visuals at a press conference.

The man was wearing a dress, earrings, lipstick, and a wig, according to the report.

Stenhouse's last public appearance (the one featuring the man dressed up in drag for the conference)?

an initiative that Stenhouse had put together: the creation of a student snow-shoveling brigade to help poor and infirm older people. Students receive high school community service credits for their efforts.

There was an announcement at the Cranston Senior Enrichment Center, in which some students gleefully shoveled snow from a pile Stenhouse arranged despite the lack of snowfall.

But, of course, Republicans wouldn't waste money like this, would they?

Stenhouse, 56, of Warwick, is a former Republican member of the Warwick City Council and a current member of the Warwick Planning Board. She was the unsuccessful Republican candidate for Rhode Island secretary of state in 2006 and was an aide to Donald L. Carcieri when he was governor.

Ooops, scratch that one.

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Journal Journal: Macy's to Close 40 Stores nationwide 4

This week a list of 40 stores that Macy's will close in 2016 was announced :
  • Irvine Spectrum, Irvine, Calif.
  • Country Club Plaza, Sacramento, Calif.
  • Westfield Century City, Los Angeles (This store will be closed in January 2016 and replaced with a new, larger store to open in this same shopping center in spring 2017)
  • Enfield Square main store, Enfield, Conn.
  • Enfield Square furniture/home/men's store, Enfield, Conn.
  • North DeKalb Mall, Decatur, Ga.
  • Kailua, Hawaii
  • Palouse Mall, Moscow, Idaho
  • Northwoods Mall, Peoria, Ill.
  • Cortana Mall, Baton Rouge, La.
  • Valley Mall, Hagerstown, Md.
  • Berkshire Mall, Lanesborough, Mass.
  • Eastfield Mall, Springfield, Mass.
  • The Shoppes at Stadium, Columbia, Mo.
  • Middlesex Mall, South Plainfield, N.J.
  • McKinley Mall main store, Buffalo, N.Y.
  • McKinley Mall home store, Buffalo, N.Y.
  • Arnot Mall, Horsehead, N.Y.
  • Hudson Valley Mall, Kingston, N.Y.
  • Eastern Hills Mall, Williamsville, N.Y.
  • Cary Towne Center, Cary, N.C.
  • Chapel Hill Mall, Akron, Ohio
  • Midway Mall, Elyria, Ohio
  • Quail Springs Mall, Oklahoma City, Okla.
  • Pony Village Mall, North Bend, Ore.
  • Roseburg Valley Mall, Roseburg, Ore.
  • Suburban Square, Ardmore, Pa.
  • Century III Mall, West Mifflin, Pa.
  • Ridgmar Mall, Ft. Worth, Texas
  • Chesapeake Square, Chesapeake, Va.
  • Virginia Center Commons, Glen Allen, Va.
  • Peninsula Town Center, Hampton, Va.
  • Military Circle Mall, Norfolk, Va.
  • Regency Square main store, Richmond, Va.
  • Regency Square furniture/home/men's store, Richmond, Va.
  • Downtown Spokane, Spokane, Wash.

This little snippet is interesting as well:

Macy's also announced Wednesday that it has engaged Eastdil Secured in conjunction with Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs to approach potential interested parties to form joint ventures to utilize the company's mall-based properties as well as its flagship real estate in Manhattan, San Francisco, Chicago and Minneapolis.

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Journal Journal: Is slashdot mangling underscores in user names now?

It's entirely possible that I didn't notice this before. What I see today is odd, though. If we look at my friend smitty we see that for some reason the underscores in his name are no longer recognized. I say no longer as my browser still remembers looking at his JEs or comments with underscores (ie, smitty_one_each) even though if I try to do that now it comes up telling me that user does not exist.

Equally peculiar, the underscore in my user name still works. Is it something with the fact that his name has two underscores, and mine only one? Was this part of the "fix" to the login problems we were having over the past two (or so) weeks?

Journal Journal: I see I'm not the only one with login problems here... 1

Back on Monday I mentioned a problem with the comment system , which I'm pretty sure is actually coming from the login system more specifically. Interestingly others are also bringing it up in the front page story on predictions for 2016 .

For as much as makes no difference, my prediction is that this site won't make it to Dec 31 of 2016. Leadership is gone, there is no sign that any actual programmers still work here, the editors have been phoning it in for years, and the site has been up for sale for some time now. New bugs keep popping up, and old ones just remain.

If you haven't had the bug yet - and in my case it comes up in both firefox and chrome - it works like this. When you first load the page, you find that it doesn't show you being logged in. Then you hit F5, and you are logged in. Then you go to a front page story, and you are logged in. However you try to post a comment or reply in that story, and suddenly you are no longer logged in.

One new feature with this one is now when I try to post a comment (even though it will only allow me to do that as AC) the submit and preview buttons are eventually not rendered. This makes it particularly difficult to finish posting the comment.

Whoever leaves last, I hope you remember to turn out the lights. It would be a shame to keep wasting all that electricity.

Journal Journal: Anyone else having problems with the comment system? 5

Not sure if there is something wrong with my browser or what, but I've had a few times where I've gone to send a comment and found that slashdot has mysteriously logged me out in the process. Then I start a new tab and things are OK again. A few times the main page has shown me not logged in as well, only to refresh and find myself logged in. It seems that stories are still be posted as usual right now, so the whole system doesn't seem to be down as it was last time...

Journal Journal: Conservative tactic of the day: Anger Wherever you Can 35

I was reading through google news when I came upon a Reuters article about Ted Cruz claiming the media is "taking aim" at this children . It was mentioned that the cartoon he is up in arms over was in the Washington Post, but had been removed, so I looked briefly for it.

The first hit for it in a google images search came from Breitbart , pretty well guaranteeing the least-favorable depiction possible of the cartoon.

The response from the cartoonist is that indeed they were depicting Cruz's kids as being manipulated by him for his campaign. I will say, though, that before seeing it I didn't even know he had two kids. Had I seen it before the outrage I would have thought it was saying he was manipulating the GOP electorate as if they were a couple of small monkeys.
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Journal Journal: Why conspiracies won't be detracted by their certain failure 120

In the matter of the array of anti-Obama conspiracies, the simple fact at this point is that January 20 2017 is less than 400 days away. The glass-half-full side of the conspiracy buffs should be celebrating at this point as it means they are that much closer to the end of the administration. Naturally, the glass-half-empty side of the same group is angry because they realize they cannot reduce that number any quicker through action than through waiting out the clock.

The fact of the matter though is that the conspiracy crowd wins either way. When President Lawnchair leaves office the conspiracy buffs will tell us about all the conspiracies that were not "investigated" and how they are indication of terrible things that could have happened.

Journal Journal: has nothing on 4

A lot of politicians - and people who want to become politicians - like to claim that was a disaster. They like to claim that it demonstrates any of a number of evils associated with the Lawnchair Administration.

Yet by my experience it is far from the worst major web site out there. can't possibly be as useless as If I was inclined to endorse conspiracy I would suggest that is actually intentionally misleading and designed to drive customers away.

That is a pretty lofty accusation but based on what I just went through I think an argument along those lines could be made.

I have a multifunction printer/scanner/copier/fax/deep-fryer that we purchased back in July of 2014. It is almost certainly out of warranty on its own but that is not the full story. I went to because the ink cartridges have dried up ahead of time, to see what they could do about that (a lot of people don't know this but the cartridges often have "ink warranty" on them). So I went ahead and tried to see if I could make their web page useful as I don't have a phone number to call.

That was a rather awful mistake.

I started at their support page. I entered my model and serial numbers. It helpfully told me my warranty ended in June of 2013. Yes, claims my warranty ended over a year before I bought the product. They helpfully have a link you can click to start a warranty dispute (perhaps I'm not the first to run into these absurd problems?). Except tonight that link doesn't work.

I know with a different HP device I had, I was able to get to a chat session with an HP employee. But not this time. Since I can't get it to accept that my printer indeed wasn't even made before they claim the warranty ended, it won't let me get there.

They keep wanting me to go read forums, as if they will magically produce working ink cartridges for me.

Did I mention these cartridges are reporting basically empty after only printing 28 pages - the vast majority of which were printer status reports, cartridge cleanings, and print head alignments?

Well, at least the scanner works pretty well and it makes decent onion rings.
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Journal Journal: How Useful Is a "Good Guy With a Gun"? 3

Few statements come up more often than the myth of stopping a "bad guy with a gun" by way of a "Good Guy With a Gun". This is often used to inspire people to join the NRA, get a concealed carry permit, join the NRA, buy guns, join the NRA, vote republican, join the NRA, vote republican, and join the NRA. Few people have actually put much thought into the utility of Joe Six Pack hoping to stop a situation with his licensed weapon.

So the Daily Show opted to test it with approved shooting training a simulations. They also cited some interesting data on shooting events:

The results explain why it's so rare for "a good guy with a gun" to stop active shooters. According to the FBI's report on active shooter events between 2000 and 2013, only about 3 percent were stopped by a civilian with a gun. Unarmed civilians actually stopped more incidents - about 13 percent. Most of the incidents - more than 56 percent - ended on the shooter's initiative, when the shooter either killed himself or herself, simply stopped shooting, or fled the scene.

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Journal Journal: $freaks++ (don't ask questions) 14

As the official slashdot message of it hasn't yet come, go ahead and read the other person's celebration of it first.

Why ask why, try bud dry!

I am also enjoying the new abuse of "arguing in good faith" coming from various people as a response whenever they are faced with a question they don't want to answer - even if it directly follows their own writing. Of course now in the same thread I get the

They don't want you in their sandbox.

Which is quite appropriate, although I would say it would be even more so if it was instead "echo chamber" (which is what slashdot largely has become).

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