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Journal Journal: $fans++

Relationship Change
sent by Slashdot Message System on Thursday October 01, 2015 @12:05AM

Phil Urich (841393) has made you their friend.

I'll admit this hasn't happened in a while, I was really expecting that this was going to be someone instead either foe'ing me or dropping me as a friend. Welcome to the mess, Phil.


Journal Journal: Least Shocking News of the Week 13

become a Republican after "the Democratic Party left me."

Who said it? None other than the thrice-divorced symbol of traditional marriage inequality Kim Davis, that's who

Same article also mentions:

the Family Research Council honored her with the "Cost of Discipleship Award"

That sounds important, for sure.

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Journal Journal: The Shortest/Longest Kampaign Ever

Officially, The Kevlar Kandidate sought the oval office for only 70 days (by comparison his friend The Teflon Candidate hung in there for all of 83 official days back in 2012).

That said, we knew The Kevlar Kandidate started his actual Kampaign over a year ago now but usually only the days after the "official" announcement count. It is also worth noting that Teflon Tim started his campaign over three years before election day .
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Journal Journal: Conservative Logic For the 2015 Cycle

If a video exists, and it supports your worldview, then whatever you want to be in it is certainly it.

Example; Carly Fiorina making stuff up about the Planned Parenthood videos.

The corollary to this is that videos you don't like automatically contain whatever you think they have. Examples include watching most of the GOP shit themselves over The Day After Tomorrow or all the people who incorrectly stated that Bowling for Columbine was intended to drive the government to take everyones' guns away.
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Journal Journal: Can This Save The Kevlar Kandidate?

While his poll numbers are in free-fall, the Kevlar Kandidate may need a miracle to save himself from complete irrelevance. He recently mentioned that he might support completely and utterly destroying our nation for no good reason, which might or might not help him. However, he might look just ever-so-slightly-less-stupid with that now that the border patrol recently caught a Canadian swimming in to the US.

If that doesn't work, he is soon planning to give a speech attacking working people across the country.

Journal Journal: Where do conservatives think fetal tissue goes? 11

When the latest cleverly-edited video on planned parenthood came out - attempting to push a belief that planned parenthood was getting rich off of abortion - I expected that even the people who bought into its distorted narrative were smart enough to realize that the tissue being "sold" was going for research. It appears, however, that I was likely overestimating the ability of such people to view this matter logically (one great example of this is in Real Time with Bill Maher, where California representative Dana Rohrabacher exactly claims otherwise).

This leaves the question - where do conservatives think fetal tissue is going?

Journal Journal: Kevlar Kandidate Goes A Little More Krazy 62

Since he can't get traction on any existing issue right now, The Kevlar Kandidate has opted to propose a new wall. This one, however, isn't on the US-Mexico border. This one, would be on the US-Canada border. It is unclear what he thinks this would accomplish - beyond bankrupting our country in construction costs.

If I could post pictures directly to slashdot, I would post a picture I took a while back of the US-Canada border at a point where there are just posts every mile or so, with American and Canadian farm fields butting up next to each other the same as anywhere within the country.

Journal Journal: Who Screwed Up Rendering This Week? 3

My browser didn't change (firefox 38.0). My OS didn't change (ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS). My internet connection didn't change (nope, not telling you who). I was travelling this week and thought maybe the craptacular rendering of slashdot was the result of it detecting me to be coming from some place else. Now I am back home and the page is still rendering poorly.

In particular:
  • When I view a comment there is no right banner, and the "the fine print" message is printed twice
  • When I click on messages (from the front page) it renders a mess as well; the right banner renders above the rest of the text and there is a nonsensical grey bar going across the screen left-to-right near the middle

I just love the arbitrary changes that they launch here all the time. It's like bug hunting, but without bugs ever being resolved or any bounties for the people who find them.


Journal Journal: Another fine front page fail from Samzenpus 1

Our dear friend "failure machine" samzenpus is never hesitant to expose himself as a die-hard GOP loyalist, but today was a dramatic failure even for him.

Donald Trump talks about going to Mars was the article, but the hyper-editorialized summary is the real headline:

Donald Trump, the mercurial real estate tycoon and media personality who, much to the surprise of one and all, has become the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president

Samzenpus might be surprised that Trump is leading in the polls - likely because his party told him that he should be surprised by that - but plenty of other people are not surprised in the least.

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