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damn_registrars's Journal: The Teflon Candidate Forgets His Role 4

Journal by damn_registrars
You, after running for president for some 6 years, resigned very early in 2011 in disgrace when you couldn't seem to decide which adviser to take advice from in the debates. In an effort to try to keep your face in the news as much as possible for a return attempt in the future, you have been travelling the world monitoring elections and doing other "democracy" things. You endorsed the front-runner for the nomination you wanted, in the hopes that perhaps he would extend a favor your way in the future.

Now, that candidate has come to visit the state that you (only in theory, really) were governor of for some 8 years. As previous mantle-holder for your party in your state, people expect you to share some kind words about him. You say ...

"I think he will do well, but I certainly can't predict who will win,"

Really? Nice one, there, Teflon Tim.

Tim Pawlenty on Wednesday could not guarantee that GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney would win the Minnesota caucuses next week.

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The Teflon Candidate Forgets His Role

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