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Comment: Re:We warned France not to follow our mistakes (Score 1) 179

by Zontar The Mindless (#49634713) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law

Not that it's at all relevant to the topic at hand, but I was born in the US, although I've not lived there in a long time, as a quick check of my /. profile would have told you. But are you sure you're not American? You seem to have that annoying American trait of being chronically unable to spell things correctly, even when they're right in front of you.

My sarcasm detector seems to work pretty well most of the time--better than average, I daresay--and I found absolutely nothing in the post to which I originally responded to indicate sarcasm.

Comment: PCA, Patient Controlled Analgesics (Score 1) 54

The device at hand here is designed to allow for the patient to administer - while in the hospital - the analgesics (pain medication). It isn't described well in this summary how the patient is supposed to interact with the pump in order to dictate when the medication is administered.

While this security is indeed abysmal, patients who need PCA aren't likely capable of hacking their pump via telnet; think of the last time you needed narcotic pain medication and try to imagine yourself pulling a laptop out of a bag, connecting an ethernet cable, starting telnet, etc...

Comment: Re:and all three users will be overjoyed (Score 1) 91

by BarbaraHudson (#49634103) Attached to: Ubuntu May Beat Windows 10 To Phone-PC Convergence After All
Win 8.1 is very decent. You never have to see the tiles UI from the moment you log in to the moment you shut down. It is also far and away better when it comes to assistive technology compared to even specialized distros such as Knoppix Adriane. And getting rid of Aero (which was a waste of cpu and made it harder for those with low vision to use Vista/Win7, as well as adding to the feel of desktop clutter) is great.

Comment: Re:Libertarians are to the right of Republicans (Score 1) 228

Authoritarians, of both the "left" and "right" wings, love to use government force

Agreed, look no farther than reactions to the war on drugs. A local government banning Big Gulps because it's bad for you is government overreach into areas of your life and people should have the personal responsibility not to overuse, but we need to spend billions of dollars at the federal level to prevent people with no personal responsibility from smoking a plant they grew in their own backyard because it's bad for you.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?