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Comment Re:Taken to police station as part of investigatio (Score 1) 785

He was told not to show it to people by one teacher yet he kept doing so

Irrelevant. Hoax requires intent. No intent, no hoax.

This is something the police do every day.

They freak out over supposed bomb threats at schools, while not evacuating the school, every day? The district and the police were incompetent reactionaries no matter which way you try to polish this turd.

Comment Re:Step to the right direction (Score 1) 785

So no, you didn't leave your brain by the door - you stuffed it down the garbage disposal and flipped the switch.

Does it leave a permanent arrest record that he has to mention every time he fills out any government form?

He's a minor. He wouldn't have to do that even if had jumped up on his desk screaming 'it's a bomb, it's a bomb', then been tried and sentenced to juvie. Christ, you wingers are stupid.

Comment Re:GG is owned by Sony (Score 1) 141

Snowed himself has called that idea a "suicide switch". It would be idiotic. It means that anyone who wants those documents merely has to kill him, and boom, instant access to the whole deal.

Which also gives the US incentive to make sure that nobody hurts a hair on his head.

Either way, I don't think Snowden's even been in control of those archives for years. There's a reason he turned them over to journalists and kept them somewhere that's even out of his own reach.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 84

We also know that Hillary Clinton, should she be elected POTUS, would never sign single payer into law either. Those are non-negotiable facts.

How do you refer to a potential future event as a non-negotiable fact?

Because there is no potential future event where she would do anything else.

First of all, she has many times taken a stance against single-payer. She is very clear on this, she does not support single payer.

Second, she is very heavily funded by wall street and insurance interests, who all oppose single payer. She would not dare take an action that would be so opposite their stands.

But even if she were to get hit in the head by a flying toilet and forget how she got there (assuming she ever were elected POTUS, which is far from certain), there is still the fact that there is almost no chance of single payer ever being presented to her as a bill. Look at the US senate election for 2016 (in spite of your consistent opposition to letting people vote in this themselves). There are 34 seats up for election in 2016, of which 10 are democrats. If the democrats completely swept the election (not a chance in hell), they would end up with 68 seats in the senate. The GOP would still be able to hold up bills like this as long as they want, and would still be able to terrorize democrats by calling them "Un-American" for proposing anything they don't agree with. Even then, the democrats would need to pull it off before the 2018 senate elections and they'd need to win enough of the house to make it happen. There is a better chance of you being named the next Tzar of Russia than those events happening.

Comment Re:The two principals are Russia and Europe (Score 1) 7

The real escalation comes from that place that nobody can touch.

Israel, Iran, or Saudi Arabia?

"Mafia driven", gangsterism is an excellent description (another mark of, ugh!, progress on your part, or is the wife subbing for you today?).

Gosh. Thanks. As though the intersection of organizational behavior and politics is mysterious or something.

The article is working off of press releases (as all the papers do), not intelligence, or any other knowledge of what really is taking place

Well, sure. And yet the countries, actors, and goals aren't exactly new or unknown. So the "intelligence" angle is substantially tactical.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 84

namely single-payer healthcare and a lawnchair-driven attack on Benghazi - have never happened

And it will take continual vigilance (the price of liberty) to maintain this assertion.

In the case of the former, we already know with absolute certainty that single-payer health care at the federal level won't happen under the Lawnchair Administration; we have known this since at least 2010 when HIIBA 2010 was signed into law. We also know that Hillary Clinton, should she be elected POTUS, would never sign single payer into law either. Those are non-negotiable facts.

In the case of the latter, as you are now admitting that indeed there was no lawnchair-driven (or lawnchair-sponsored) attack on Benghazi, why do we need to keep wasting money on additional "investigations" in to it?

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 7

Within the scope of Syria, Turkey is a major regional power, supporting their Turkmen allies, as the article points out.

Sure, but the Turkmen don't seem to aspire to take over all of Syria - and indeed many are known for avoiding engagements against the Syrian army. It would seem that at most the Syrian Turkmen just want to be able to retain the parts of Syrian where they have lived for the past several centuries. This seems to make it hard to really say that Turkey has strong interests in Syria as a whole (aside from preventing ISIS from taking over the whole place).

Comment Re:GG is owned by Sony (Score 2) 141

By the way, where are the leaks? Cryptome has been keeping track, and on any scale, he hasn't "leaked" more than 1% of what snowden gave him.

And that's probably why Glenn Greenwald hasn't suffered a "fatal accident". Because he, along with Snowden, Poitras and others, have probably created a "dead man's switch" that releases everything if any of them die in suspicious circumstances.

That's what I'd do, anyway.

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