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Comment Re:Looking forwards (Score 1) 181

Then there are already a bunch of sports (motor included) which are a joke to you:
- Formula 1 and pretty much every motor sport gear has limitation on tire grip, engine power, aerodynamics, brake/acceleration assistance, and much more
- cycling, where they have to actually add weight to the bicycles. Consumer bikes go faster than pro ones - swimming, where full body suits were banned
- in athletics, they forbid some special floor material which allowed to break records (I don't remember the year, though), some shoes are banned and probably much more, I guess
- golf, some type of clubs are banned
- skiing, some kinds of skis and suits are banned
- tennis, some kinetic energy-recovering rackets were banned, as far as I can remember.
And there are probably many more...

Comment Re:EVEN WHEN??!!!! (Score 1) 57

btrfs volumes allows you to share core files between containers and not waste additional disc space. If you use a standard template to make other lxc containers, it makes new containers real cheap as it takes almost no additional disc space for each new one. Yup, I know that Docker uses the same kernel-level isolation mechanisms as LXC. But looks like it is not exactly the same as I've heard of recurrent garbage collection (files) issues with some Docker stuff. I could not guess how a properly designed docker container, with volumes for growing data, could lead to docker image growth. I thought that Docker images were meant to be read-only. BTW, ff your want Docker prebuilt containers, but bare LXC, runc ( is a kind of Docker over LXC.As far as I could figure, it looks like it basically untars a docker archive in a lxc file tree. But it is still as alpha as one can do. I could not even build the damn stuff. Still, the core concept is really promising.

Comment Re:EVEN WHEN??!!!! (Score 1) 57

The main bottleneck of virtualization is not CPU, which is already optimized as hell, it's I/O. With virtualization you add additional layers to access storage and network devices, and thus destroying your random read/writes performances. Sure, that is not an issue for the average app, but virtualize your favorite brand of database server and you will enter a world of pain at the worst time ever possible (a high load scenario).

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 254

It should, but how? Do you actually know that several MS Office version are incompatible with each other? Sure, you can import your text but the formatting is off. What people are asking for is something that even Microsoft was never able to provide.
I got an example to illustrate that, when I did IT support in a small hospital. A secretary called me because her word documents looked different on her brand new computer, on Word 2000. It was, sure. She indented everything with the spacebar, but even if she had used proper Office 2000 formatting (tabs and stuff), it would not have looked the same; It never does. In the end, she had to repair the indentation from scratch on every single template she created.

What people want is MS Office, which LibreOffice will never be. Office is Office, just like Windows is Windows. If you want to do regular business things, it's MS Excel and MS Word on MS Windows. Habits die hard.

Comment You don't find these (Score 1) 318

You create them. All examples I have ever seen or heard about working from home were following the same pattern:
- A guy works in his company
- He builds lots of trust with his manager, boss, whatever
- (optional) he wants to move to another place for whatever personal reasons
- He asks if remote work is possible
- If enough trust was built, it happens. - If he dedicates a room to it, without distractions, he has a proper internet connexion (good enough for reliable teleconferencing), it works.

Comment Re:PHP is great (Score 2) 281

Points cannot be compared between teams, you know. That's like agile 101. Even if you try to standardize the scale through teams, you cannot prove that these points are the same thing.
If you start measuring productivity with points, your developpers are going to game the system and change their scale to achieve your said productivy. Sometimes, it happens unconsciously.
If you say "it's too expensive" then, they are going to game the system to reduce points. In either case, you lose.
Story points are just a way to know how much team-decided stuff can be done in a week for that same team. Do not try to put more meaning into it.

And java versus PHP means nothing. What kind of projects? Web? What frameworks? Sure, PHP has lots of pitfals, but some Java frameworks and some JDK classes have numerous too. What about functional complexity?Does JAVA means backend for you and PHP is frontend for you?
Comparing apples and Oranges, you are down to this.

Comment Re:The scam was found out (Score 1) 422

Alright, so you have a friend that accepts to go through the whole wedding while drinking no booze, doing pretty nothing else than taking pictures and not enjoying the moment. Taking pictures instead of praying for ceremony, not dancing for the first dance (and many others), just pictures pictures and more pictures.
I would not wish that for any of the friends I would invite to my wedding... they are friends, not slaves.
Wedding photography is a real job, not an overly complicated one, but it requires dedication and a bit of a mental distance to your subjects. You can have a friend with the glass, the camera and wanting, sure, enjoy all the nice photos you'll miss cause your friend is not a machine.

Comment No Catan, please (Score 1) 382

If you want to go for fun tabletop games, forget this smoking pile of s*** that is Catan. It was nice 15y ago, now it's just clunky, random and too complicated at the same time.
So, if you want all fun and no brain, Munchkin, Dobble or Smash Up. If you got time on your hands (2 or 3 hours), Talisman is still pretty intense. If you want something brainier, but still fun, 7 Wonders is a quick learn and fun. Rab and his cardboard children features on RPS would be a good pointer for other cool tabletop games.
For console party games, Mario Kart, Rayman Raving Rabbids, good ole Super Bomberman 4 or 5, or even Street Fighter IV will do the trick.

Comment Re:Took the USB organization close to 20 years... (Score 1) 191

I had a look at his, and 100W is only possible when the 20V mode is activated. So yes, there will be a power delivery negotiation.
Still, I am quite skeptical towards this standard and the ability of cheap chinese devices (understand ubiquitously rebranded devices) to conform to it securely..

Comment Re:Mental stack overflow of the driver is more lik (Score 1) 664

Sorry to affect your american centrism, but it happened in France, too, and the case is quite documented (pardon my french). The police -which were contacted by the driver- had to make room for the car on the motorway, and to find a solution to slow the car down gracefully. In the end, nobody was hurt, but Toyota...
While I do agree that in the litigation-driven country that became the USA, most of these drivers must be full shit, and surfing on the "it's not me, it's the machine" wave, it looks like there is a real software defect.

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