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Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 203

Not entirely true. While some North Carolina municipal networks have done well, (Wilson), other were not so lucky. The TechJournal did some extensive reporting on both sides of this. When the GOP took over the NC legislature, it passed a law restricting municipal broadband networks. The same is apparently true nationally. While a number of municipal networks have been successful, some struggled.

Comment: The industry responds. (Score 3, Informative) 252

by daleallan (#40995865) Attached to: Widely Used Antibacterial Chemical May Impair Muscle Function
The industry responded today with this, saying the research distorts the real world use of triclosan based on faulty comparisons to overdosed test subjects :

+ - Widely used antibacterial chemical may impair muscle function->

Submitted by daleallan
daleallan (1543693) writes "Triclosan, which is widely used in consumer handsoaps, toothpaste, clothes, carpets and trash bags, impairs muscle function in animal studies, say researchers at UC Davis. It slows swimming in fish and reduces muscle strength in mice. It may even impair the ability of heart muscle cells to contract. The chemical is in everyone's home and pervasive in the environment, the lead researcher says. One million pounds of Triclosan is produced in the U.S. annually and it's found in waterways, fish, dolphins, human urine, blood and breast milk. The researchers say their findings "Call for a dramatic reduction in use. It's in my Colgate Total toothpaste, and in fact, preventing gingivitis is the only use that may be worthwhile, although this makes me think twice about continuing to brush with it."
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+ - Is it ok to kickoff Fantasy Football play at work?->

Submitted by
daleallan writes "Some workers get fired for playing Fantasy Football while on the job (, but not all companies think it's a bad idea. While a Challenger survey found that one in five firms block access to fantasy sports websites, nearly half say they don't care if it doesn't affect a player's work. Some limit play to breaks and lunch, but a few even encourage it via company leagues to boost morale."
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+ - 3D without glasses->

Submitted by
daleallan writes "MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture group offers a new approach to multiple-perspective, glasses-free 3-D. It's a video system using three layered LCD panels displaying bizarre patterns that collectively produce a coherent, high-resolution, multiperspective 3-D image. It's not exactly the holographic TV that would mimic realworld 3D, but it's possible now with LCD screens."
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