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Mediterranean Undersea Cables Cut, Again 329 329

miller60 writes "Three undersea cables in the Mediterranean Sea have failed within minutes of each other in an incident that is eerily similar to a series of cable cuts in the region in early 2008. The cable cuts are already causing serious service problems in the Middle East and Asia. See coverage at the Internet Storm Center, Data Center Knowledge and Bloomberg. The February 2008 cable cuts triggered rampant speculation about sabotage, but were later attributed to ships that dropped anchor in the wrong place."

Submission + - The cause of Skype outage

Van Cutter Romney writes: "A post on Skype's website has detailed the cause of last Thursday's outage. It seems that a Windows Update trigged a large number of computers to reboot within a short timeframe resulting in a flood of login requests. This combined with a lack to P2P network resources caused the disruption. The outage brings to question the reliability of VoIP and its ability to replace POTS."

Journal Journal: Please don't spoil Harry for everyone 6 6

Just a polite reminder that if you want to review Order of the Phoenix in your journal please mark clearly in the title that you are reviewing and if you are spoiling the plot. There are still some of us who haven't gotten the book. In my case the local bookstore didn't order enough for its reservations.

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Journal Journal: More musing on the friends system 1 1

I noticed something odd today. ObviousGuy is now my friend, fan, friend of a friend, and foe of a friend. Its quite quite amusing now to look at his posts and see that half the line is taken up by his indicators. Also I've begun to collect some non-troll freaks making my freak total than my fan total.
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Journal Journal: First Freak 4 4

I acquired my first freak recently. Everyone give pcs305 a hand, I'm flattered that people actually dislike me enough to add me as a foe.
Which got me thinking, do people actually like the friend/foe system. What do people think of the new friend of friend, foe of friend?

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Journal Journal: Proud to be a feminist 2 2

This got me thinking.

Why do people dislike feminists? Why do women get sexist and harrasing comment on slashdot? Hell why do we get stared at in CS classes.
No I don't have an answer, all I know is that eventually you can be accepted as "one of the boys" but usually only if you act like one of the boys. Thats not quite a good thing.

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