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Comment Re:Competitions, trading (Score 2) 257

Also check out the Forex markets. Brokerages like use MT4 which has an open API of sorts. (I am just beginning to look at this myself... For similar reasons to the OP). Some nice things about Forex is that most brokers use the spread for their fees, no other fees or commissions. Also, forex has some nice margins. (50:1 leverage). Together, this means that you can trade for much lower investment than in markets like NASDAQ.

Disclaimer: as I mentioned, I am just now beginning to look into / learn about forex, so I may have completely mangled things.

Comment Not the Banks Really (Score 1) 289

I would think that the banks would have dedicated systems that would not even know how to go to such an infected site. Just because a device has an operating system and programs running on it, doesn't mean it has the ability to interpret a url and use it to retrieve content from the internet. (For example, my 2003 Taurus is not at risk of getting an infection from a malicious web site, but yes it has a computer that processes input from the outside world.)

On the other hand, I could see small businesses using said QR codes to authenticate larger bills. But they would probably do so with some software running on a PC, iPad, etc....

Comment Just a reminder: Evolution != Natural Selection (Score 1) 1226

Natural Selection is a mechanism that results in Evolution. Though they are related, the debate over Evolution is very different from the debate over Natural Selection in a religion vs. science context. I think that both sides tend to forget this in their enthusiasm.

Comment Re:Typical Geek Mentality (Score 1) 968

Yeah, my frustration was more in response to some of the other comments. Reminded me of similar attitudes that I see on other tech forums. Like the kind of thing where someone asks how to do something in language X and the responses are that language X is dead and useless and that they should be using language Y instead. If you don't know the answer to the question, there is no need to reply. If you can't imagine why someone is STILL using language X, it doesn't mean that there isn't a legitimate reason.

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