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Comment: Re:Oh, Lamar Smith... (Score 2, Insightful) 134

by daath93 (#40610141) Attached to: SOPA Provisions Being Introduced Piecemeal From Lamar Smith
I have to agree with this. As a Conservative myself, It continually pisses me off when I see some congressman with an (R) espousing conservatism while wanting to enact legislation that takes away ANY kind of freedom. Be it freedom of marriage, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, expression, etc. In this case he wants to take away my freedom to download something i've already purchased and make it a criminal and not a civil action. These fucks are just as bad as the (D)s who want to take away my right to bear arms, my freedom to disagree with "scientific consensus" and my freedom to call the President an asshat without being a racist.

Forty two.