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+ - License blues

Submitted by El Lobo
El Lobo (994537) writes "Since many years ago the Delphi community has been using a great set of components to add unicode support to the Delphi VCL. The TNT components have been used in a lot of important projects (from the top of my head, Skype, Cobian Backup and others). Many open sources projects and derivated components were based on the Tnt components since their original license was very permissive (BSD like). Now the components have been adquired by TNS Software and they are charging 30 euros for them. That's fine and dandy, but the original author and the new owners are trying to revoke the original license and are disallowing people to freely distributing the old libraries. Of course the existing Open Source projects will kind of die if this happens.

So the question of the day between Delphi users is: Does the copyright owner have the right to change the license? OTOH, making arbitrary changes like this, could potentially destroy whole projects that were based on this set of components. Where is the limit here, legally and morally, for an author to change or revoke a license?"
The Almighty Buck

+ - IT Rates in US compared to UK

Submitted by
da_Den_man writes "I am currently a consultant in the United States. I am looking to take on an opportunity in the U.K., and was wondering what type of pay scale would be appropriate to set for myself. I currently average about $65.00 / hr with a standard 40 hour working week. In looking at just doing a straight conversion, does the pay/wage scale exist in GBP or Euro's? What is the average salary for a programmer in the U.K.? Is there a chance of medical / dental, and if so, is that amount just pulled from the wage earned? Would these services be a bargaining chip in the contract, or just taken as a given that they would be available? What type of rent scale is present in London and the surrounding area (what should I expect to pay for a 2 bdrm flat a month?) and are the utility services provided, or would I as the renter be responsible for them?"

Journal: How Much Traffic Do You Need to Become A Web 2.0 Millionaire

Journal by Karyn Little
Surprisingly, not as much as you might think. eBizMBA has compiled traffic data from Compete & Quantcast on the Top 25 Hottest Web 2.0 startups & though some of them like FaceBook are on fire many others are not doing as well as their hype might indicate. So if you can add 500K monthly visitors to your site you could be the next Kevin Rose - LOL! eBizMBA 25

Telcos' Biggest Marketing Strategy: Inertia->

From feed by techdirtfeed
A new study says that half of the US households that moved in the fourth quarter of 2006 dropped their landline service. A quarter of them went wireless-only, 13% switched to cable operators, while 6% chose another type of VoIP provider. The trend away from landlines has been visible for a while, but it's interesting to note how moving accelerates it -- making it appear that many people hang on to their landline just because they already have it, rather than because they really want or need it. For many people, landline service isn't something they want or need, and moving appears to act as a prompt to make them consider that. The stat also helps explain why telcos do so many things they do, like hamstring VoIP providers with patent suits, resist naked DSL, and sell bundles geared towards forcing people to buy landline service they don't want.
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Nintendo working to boost Wii production->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Gaming

While it should hardly come as a surprise given the demand, the AP is reporting that Nintendo is currently working to increase its Wii production in an effort to satisfy as many patiently-waiting gamers as possible. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata also admitted that the company has not been able to properly foresee demand and said that the current lack of stock was "abnormal." Of course, they aren't sayin' exactly how much they'll be increasing production by, nor are they willing to disclose what the current monthly production capacity is. Nintendo is slightly less secretive about it's other hot-selling console, however, boasting that it's now churning out 2.5 million DSs a month, making it the highest production ever for a Nintendo game console.

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