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Operating Systems

+ - Tutorial: How to upgrade Apple Boot Camp install t

Submitted by
d1taylor writes "If you're running an Intel-based Mac, you've probably already installed the great Boot Camp application from Apple and then installed Microsoft Windows XP "just in case". With a new release of Boot Camp from Apple, beta 1.2, you need to upgrade, and this detailed, illustrated tutorial will show you step-by-step exactly how to do just that: mp_bootcamp_install_1.2_beta.html"
PlayStation (Games)

+ - Article: How to run Linux on a Sony Playstation-3

Submitted by d1taylor
d1taylor (613599) writes "More than just a detailed and illustrated tutorial on how to download and install Yellowdog Linux on a Sony Playstation 3, this extensive article also explores how it works and where it might just be a cool replacement to WebTV and other lightweight Internet access devices. It's fun, educational, and sure to stir up some controversy with its included criticism of the state of Linux distributions too. Check it out: ony_playstation3.html"

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