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Comment Re:The last Windows version ever. (Score 1) 319

The Steam controller is an attempt to make some of the functions of a keyboard available on a controller. ITs not a keyboard killer by any stretch, its just an option. My hand-built Steam Machine has a Steam Controller, an Xbox One controller, a kb/m and a Flight Stick attached to it. You missed the point of the controller completely. I dont play games on my work computer, i dont do work on my gaming computer...

Comment Re:anti-business liberal scoring points (Score 0) 277

My answer to this is very simple actually, if there is no business case to go to Mars I don't want any government stealing money from people to go to Mars because at that point it is all it is: theft.

Eventually a business case for Mars may become real and then businesses will find a way to get there. Today it is likely not the case at all that there is any sort of ROI on going to Mars except for raising spirits of those, who want to see it happen.

Well, if the people who WANT to see it happen actually PAY for it by BUYING bonds that would pay for it, then a private business can do it without government! That's because a private business can print bonds that can be sold (tentatively) to people and if enough money is raised then actually collect the money and start building.

To do it otherwise is to steal, but that's nothing new, that's what all governments always do.

Submission + - Will you be able to run a modern desktop environment in 2016 without systemd?

yeupou writes: Early this year, David Edmundson from KDE, concluded that "In many cases [systemd] allows us to throw away large amounts of code whilst at the same time providing a better user experience. Adding it [systemd] as an optional extra defeats the main benefit". A perfectly sensible explanation. But, then, one might wonder to which point KDE would remain usable without systemd?

Recently, on one Devuan box, I noticed that KDE power management (Powerdevil) no longer supported suspend and hibernate. Since pm-utils was still there, for a while, I resorted to call pm-suspend directly, hoping it would get fixed at some point. But it did not. So I wrote a report myself. I was not expecting much. But neither was I expecting it to be immediately marked as RESOLVED and DOWNSTREAM, with a comment accusing the "Debian fork" I'm using to "ripe out" systemd without "coming with any of the supported solutions Plasma provides". I searched beforehand about the issue so I knew that the problem also occurred on some other Debian-based systems and that the bug seemed entirely tied to upower, an upstream software used by Powerdevil. So if anything, at least this bug should have been marked as UPSTREAM.

While no one dares (yet) to claim to write software only for systemd based operating system, it is obvious that it is now getting quite hard to get support otherwise. At the same time, bricks that worked for years without now just get ruined, since, as pointed out by Edmunson, adding systemd as "optional extra defeats its main benefit". So, is it likely that we'll still have in 2016 a modern desktop environment, without recent regressions, running without systemd?

Comment linux based POS (Score 0) 91

One of the benefits and reasons why we build Linux based systems for retail chain management, store management, supply chain management, e-commerce and such is ability to secure against these types of attacks better. Beyond that we came up with a new way of protecting credit card information by tying it to the location of the user's phone, but we are not a nominal 'fintech' and those guys are too hard to approach (for now at least).

Comment Difference between this and SpaceX (Score 1) 121

The real difference is that in order to get a payload into orbit you need enough thrust to move the fuel required to get you there. This means powerful engines. This rocket had a small engine that is capable of hovering. On an orbital class rocket your engine will have too much thrust making it impossible to hover. That is what SpaceX is trying to do. Land using a thrust to weight greater than one. This is much more difficult than a hovering landing which SpaceX has already done multiple times, along with other test craft decades ago.

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 5, Insightful) 255

"Rationally speaking, there is no reason to pay more for something than you have to. If I can get someone from (or in) India to do something about 80% as well for 50% of the cost of an American worker, then why wouldn't I do it? The only reason not to is a moral argument; there's no financial reason to do it unless doing it results in a boycott of my company and products (it never does). And when you're a financial institution, that's what you follow."

This amoral bullshit only works when you forget that companies are supposed to be SYMBIOTIC with their communities. ITs not rational to promote a 'profit only' mentality, in the end it destroys the nation. We need to get back to the idea that workers and the business are one, and live and die together. You are dressing up sociopathy as business and calling it good. Companies are superposed to have a DUTY to their workers and community and you dont understand this AT ALL.

Comment Re:I hope... (Score 1) 191

If the government wants to do that, it is certainly within their authority.

No it isn't. The constitution only grants a handful of powers to the federal government listed in article 1 section 8, everything else is reserved for the states or the individuals. Education, healthcare, transportation, and yes, aviation are nowhere mentioned in the constitution, and are strictly jurisdiction of the states or individuals according to the 9th and 10th amendment.

Not that that has ever stopped the federal government from doing whatever they want. Most of what the federal government does is unconstitutional, but it is justified by a loose interpretation of the "general Welfare" and "regulate commerce among the serveral states" that is not supported by the federalist papers. But by law, this is outside their authority.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!