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Comment Re:2035?? (Score 1) 91 91

Enough with this shit. The "gold standard" Google cars aren't even close to being able to drive themselves autonomously today. WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP THINKING THIS IS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN???

I would venture to bet things like lane guidance and the ability to drive a straight line on a limited access highway will be required by 2035, but if anyone thinks cars are just going to magically drive themselves everywhere in 20 years, they're out of their goddamned minds.

And I'll still be driving my manually driven car. Fuck you if you think I'm going to let Google drive for me, they can't even build a usable fucking smartphone in'll be a cold day in hell before they're responsible for safely piloting me around in a 2 ton death machine.

Comment Re:When do I get to be a multinational corp? (Score 0) 254 254

Of-course people have these rights. You, as a person, have the right (meaning that you cannot be oppressed by government) to move out of a country and do your business in such a way as to minimise your taxes. Not having an entitlement to do that does not mean you do not, as a person, have the right (protection against government oppression).

Not being able to afford something does not mean you don't have a right to do it, having the right to do it does not mean you are also supposed to be given an entitlement to afford doing it.

Your lack of understanding of the concept of rights is not unique, most people don't get it.

Comment Re:The Onion had it right (Score 1) 84 84

Hey, the malaria vaccine that was proven safe and effective in the 90's just finally got out of UK regulatory hell last week. About a million kids a year die from malaria. In the time they were bickering about the typeface on the label about 330,000 kids died from malaria. But we need that kind of officiousness and palaces and such for "civility". Those kids weren't white anyway.

Now it goes WHO regulatory hell, but if we're "lucky" the bureaucrats there will only let a quarter million kids die while they get their paperwork in order.

Oh, but a rival gang leader kill three hundred kids in Africa and Twitter loses its shit.

Comment Re:When do I get to be a multinational corp? (Score 0) 254 254

That lack of global jurisdiction is used by both the rich and the multinational corps to skirt laws and taxation that are unfavorable to them in their home country.

- which is an extremely important right of people, the right not to be enslaved and kept in any particular country against their own will, the right to freedom of association, of private property, liberty and life.

Comment The World is Scary, Film at 11... (Score 2) 318 318

If this wasn't more blatant political pandering and yet another attempt to censor the Internet by the fucking Brits, I would ask whether or not anyone is smart enough to realize that the world is a scary place. We don't let kids wander around aimlessly in real life, we have designated areas, usually our own homes, the homes of trusted friends and neighbors, schools, etc. where children are allowed to be and operate with minimal controls.

When we take children to the city, or the store, or anywhere else that Bad Things Can Happen(tm), they are closely supervised and monitored. Now, I realize that that's impossible on the Internet. So, instead of trying to get some kind of verification method, tld, or whatever not-gonna-work flavor of the week they can come up with, why not just have a ".kids" tld or something that only has approved kiddy-friendly bullshit then set up your connections so that's all the kids can get to? All the big sites could set up .kids friendly pages, so there wouldn't be a need for anyone under, say, 12, to go anywhere else. And 13+, they're practically adults anyway and can handle the unfettered internet.

It would be so much easier to set up a whitelist than any of these half-cocked identity schemes for political brownie points, but again this is all about pandering and censorship, not protecting children, so no real solution will ever be put in place as the regulators don't want their favorite bogeyman to disappear.

Comment Re:So much stupid (Score 4, Interesting) 92 92

How do these writers make it to mainstream media.

Uh, that's a skill required in mainstream media. "The Officer's pistol discharged." Obfuscate and decline to the passive voice. Don't rock the boat and always demur to power. Keep the corporation highly profitable.

It's indy media that says, "yet another cop shot an innocent fucking black man in the head," not establishment.

Comment Compassion in exchange for rationality? (Score 0) 105 105

Compassion very often requires that rationality is disregarded and even thrown away. Also ideas of compassion are often used to play the mob and destroy individual human rights. Compassion is a very dangerous emotion that leads to conflicts and wars in real life. Maybe AI and robots should be instructed to follow a Constitution instead, that would define individuals as the highest form of life and individual rights as absolute (right not tone murdered by government, right not to be imprisoned by government, right not to be robbed by government). Then criminal code could be added (authority of justice system to isolate a violent individual to protect against murder, assault, rape, robbery).

Compassion will lead to conflict, class warfare, violence. Constitution and criminal code will lead to some form of peace. Be careful with compassion, it is used to justify most vile acts on this planet.

Comment Why animals can't be given human rights. (Score 1) 160 160

Humans have a right to life. If I see someone getting attacked on the street by a human predator I have the right to act in defense of the person being attacked up to and including killing the attacker. If we give animals the same rights then logically anyone can act in defense of prey animals by killing predatory animals. This would lead to ecological disaster. Also the logical conclusion would be that the dentist that killed that lion would be a hero for all of the prey animal lives he saved.

Comment Re: Wow (Score 2) 84 84

One of the early postulates was that a software bug caused the autopilot to fly along 90 E towards 0/0. If it ran out of fuel on that course ... I wonder what Indian Ocean currents look like. Given the time and some current mapping it might be possible to estimate the splash zone now.

Comment Re: Bravo (Score 5, Informative) 177 177

I take some of that back. It seems the real credit for digging in goes to these guys. Samsung came in a month ago after they were provided a test suite and then gets credit for finding the kernel code path that caused the problem. An Oracle engineer provided a more-correct patch.

Comment Re: Bravo (Score 4, Interesting) 177 177

Yeah, the outcome is great. I just wonder why they waited more than a year to look into it. Maybe this will set a good example for the industry that with a little bit of effort you can take care of your customers and sell more product.

If this were the 80's and a hard drive vendor had more than two reports of data loss under, say VMS, there would have been engineers on a plane to DEC by morning to get it solved by the coming weekend.

Now we have thousands of users with reports and millions of units sold, and a wealthy vendor, and it's all crickets, leaving some kernel hackers to half-ass a blacklist. It's not like this is BeOS - there are millions of servers running in the target market. I don't mean to absolve the bad troubleshooting by kernel devs, but want to know what drove the apathy at Samsung (and other vendors behaving poorly). It's obviously not profit motive.

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