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Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 256

Its not kid turning gay because of the colors but the entire premise behind using the rainbow in the first place. It was picked as the symbol for gay rights specifically because god said it was a sign that he would never destroy the world by flood again in genesis. The usage is to say your god will not do anything.

Religion attempts to teach children how to act often by using fear. The gay rainbow more or less is intended to say there is nothing to fear.

Comment Re: Seriously?? (Score 1) 178

>I really don't see what advantage a pager has over a phone these days

Look at the Verizon coverage map. You only exist in the red areas. Some of us need to exist in the white areas.

But be sure to multiplex all alerts to pager and SMS - pager frequencies have fewer holes but they can exist. I've never missed an alert that went to both.

Comment Re: But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 256

That's one of the faults with being Pentecostal apostolic. Anyone can claim Christianity. This is also where people look like idiots when they attempt to attribute actions or claims of a subset to the actions of the entire group. They often are opposed which is why there are subsets of groups - they do not all agree on everything except that of Jesus Christ. Technically, all you need is to believe in Christ to call yourself a Christian.

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 256

But why should that matter to anyone?

I post AC every once in a while specifically because of karma. Sometimes I have things to say that i know will be down moderated because the truth hurts people's feelings. Sometimes the comments are attempts at humor but might be slightly offensive. Sometimes I am on another computer (untrusted) just reading and do not want to drag my log in onto it but want to comment on something.

Comment Re: Then what's the point? (Score 1) 223

Obviously Firefox wasn't shamed last year, or they would have tried to improve security.

It is a bit premature to say this. Mozilla has been working on some major security enhancements, it is just not done yet.

Rust is a language with heavy emphasis on security, among other things it guarantees memory safety, and threads without data races, which are 2 of the most common sources of security vulnerabilities in every software. Mozilla is building a new rendering engine called servo in Rust, with an explicit goal of enhancing security.

Comment Re:well, until it's amended. (Score 2) 92

I think the idea behind calling it permanent was that it remains law without any further action from congress as opposed to sun setting and needing renewed.

But yes. I thought the same thing. No law or constitutional provision is permanent in the strict sense because after some arbitrary time in the 1800s, it can all be amended.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 264

I see..

So was changing the focus from Hillary maliciously attacking victims of Bill's sexcapades to Bill and everyone else having affairs supposed to distract from the issue of Hillary or do you just like talking about people having sex? I mean Bill cheating on Hillary doesn't really matter outside of her not being able to satisfy Bill or that he tried to escape often. And that could explain her being bitter but i don't think it excuses her.

Oh, and speaking of sex and they all do it. Did you know that the Watergate break in was claimed to be about gathering evidence on a prostitution ring run by the DNC in attempts to get donations by 2 of the 5 convicted participants? This was before the funding from Cuba story and G Gordon Liddy used to tell of sex parties at DNC fundraisers on his radio show which segmented into his claims about the prostitution ring.

Comment Statistics you don't see (Score 1) 528

So a few people have died by GPS because they drove to the wrong place.

What the moronic article fails to take into account is how many deaths have been prevented by GPS.

How many deaths have been prevented because without the GPS they would have driven to the wrong place?
How many deaths have been prevented because the driver was not distracted looking down a map instead of keeping the eyes on the road because they had turn by turn instructions?

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 4, Insightful) 528

You're better off having GPS than not having it

Depends on how you're defining it. Following word-by-word directions as seems to be so popular today--you're better off without that. Having a map, on which GPS will show you where you are, that's great. You know where you are and what's around you. But following directions blindly--and you don't have any choice but to follow directions blindly if you don't have a map--you're not better off with that.

So, you are saying we are better off taking the eyes off the road to look down on a map while doing 70 mph?

Have some people died because the GPS took them to the wrong place? sure, I have no trouble believing it.
But how many deaths have been prevented by GPS because drivers were not distracted trying to figure out where to go?

Comment Re: Makes sense (Score 1) 170

Yep, that has been my experience. When I was in high school, in an accelerated/advanced science/math program, most of the kids were cheating on their lab reports. I had one teacher, in biochemistry, who really taught me the value of personal integrity. Most kids that was lost on, unfortunately. Surprisingly enough that lesson is what taught me to rely and adhere to principles, rather than doing whatever it takes to get ahead - I may not be rich, but I'm happy with who I am as a person.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the kids who went on to mostly cheat became ardent socialists, and I wound up an ancap.

Comment Re: Why is this a story? (Score 1) 85

New stories with back and forward references would make more sense. If you pull up a Slashdot story from Google and read it you'll never know there's a Slashback with an update or correction. A filter could be applied for exclusion or presentation changes based on tag from that point forward.

Put a feature request into the Soylent github - hopefully /. will finally go open-source under @whipslash's leadership.

[I'm expecting these tags will magically start working one day.]

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