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Comment: If their netbook releases are any indicator... (Score 1) 281

by czehp (#37895700) Attached to: Ubuntu Heads To Smartphones, and Tablets

then I don't think Canonical will provide any significant competition any time soon. I've used their preinstalled images on my decently powered Pandaboard and the performance just blows. Best of luck though, it'd be really nice to have a portable device with a touchscreen AND ssh enabled right out of the box.

Comment: Fortress-style Security (Score 1) 440

by czehp (#33666086) Attached to: Are Desktop Firewalls Overkill?

Build a city surrounded with the tallest, thickest, and strongest walls you can think of (or afford). It's great security, but only from the outside world. Since its impossible to guarantee every citizen isn't a mass-murderer or kleptomaniac, we also have to have locks on individual houses.

Build a network with the nicest firewall/IPS/IDS/whatever you can thing of (or afford). It's great security, but only from the outside world. Since its impossible to guarantee every guest laptop isn't loaded with viruses or malware, we also have to have firewalls on individual workstations.

True story:,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,5220.msg26559/topicseen,1/

Comment: Zynga Helped Me Quit Facebook (Score 2, Interesting) 319

by czehp (#33564168) Attached to: Copying Trumps Creating For <em>FarmVille</em> Creator Zynga

Zynga was actually the tipping point for me closing my Facebook account. The privacy issues didn't harm me since I didn't put in any information you couldn't find in a phonebook, but the endless stream of "Alice reamed Bob's mafia in AssWars!" messages killed it for me.

The Courts

Jack Thompson Disbarred 522

Posted by timothy
from the it-burns-it-burns dept.
Sockatume writes "The Florida Supreme Court has approved Judge Dava Tunis' recommendations for the permanent disbarment of John B. "Jack" Thompson, with no leave to reapply and $43,675.35 in disciplinary costs. The ruling is a step up from the enhanced disbarment that had been suggested by the prosecution, which would have forbidden him from reapplying for ten years. Thompson has 30 days to appeal the ruling before the disbarment is permanent. Thompson responds to the ruling."

+ - KDE publishes 4.0 roll out time line

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elkosmas writes: "Desktop Linux reports: On March 21, KDE e.V, the non-profit organization behind the popular KDE desktop environment, announced its schedule to complete its next version, 4.0. If all goes well, we should see a release of KDE 4.0 this Fall. As the schedule stands now, on April 1, all KDE subsystems will be frozen. Then, on May 1, KDE will release the first Alpha in source-code only format. At the same time, the kdelibs API will be "soft-frozen." By this the developers mean that changes can be made to this cross-platform library, but only with the consent of the core developers. Presuming that no show-stopper bugs appear in these close-to-final test releases, KDE 4.0 will appear on Oct. 23, 2007."

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