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Journal cyranoVR's Journal: PHP and Java - Together Forever!!! :) 4

DID YOU KNOW...that PHP comes with a Java servlet that parses php pages? Which means...you can serve PHP pages from Tomcat?

It's true!

php.net | PHP / Java Integration

[Some Blog] | Running php 5.x on windows using tomcat 4.x or 5.x

In other news, I finally got around to watching the infamous Ruby on Rails "Blog in 15 minutes" demo video...holy crap, I needed that a year ago.

Too bad the guy giving the presentation has the communication skills of an 8-year-old:

Um, so like this is a blog, right? And you know what, we're gonna write some code and stuff? And - oh wow! Look there it is! Like we just wrote it and there it is and oops...I'll fix that...anyway, that's pretty neat.

If only there was a way to run Ruby inside Tomcat. There is JRuby, but unfortunately their milestone item "Ruby on Rails working" is slated for March 2006...

Maybe it's time to make my first contribution to Open Source development?

UPDATE: Yeah right, like I'll ever have time to learn about language interpreters...think I'll just post a whiney comment to one of the user forums instead.

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PHP and Java - Together Forever!!! :)

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  • Man, I am a *nix jockey, working security gigs for uncle Bill. But you go from access and VB classic to Ruby on Rails!

  • I'm lazy, is there a big difference between classic Ruby and Ruby on Rails? I know the basic interesting features of the language, but it seems there are many variants which all have their specific needs and benefits?

    Nice to see other people are also interested in language design.


    • Think of Rails as something of a code generation framework that works within the Ruby language. For instance by saying "generate controller Stuff" in rails (literally - that is the command line) you would produce enough Ruby code so that you could hit a web server with localhost/Stuff and get the equivalent of an index.html page. There'd be a "Stuff" object waiting for you, with an index method that produced the page, that you could then begin to hack.

      The more interesting bit comes with "generate model

      • Makes perfect sense, sounds like something of a crossover between a framework and a GUIBuilder for patterns and models, a template builder if you will. Though it's probably one of the better things to be invented, you can do the same with macro's in .NET. I guess RoRails is entirely written in Ruby?


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