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Comment: What about Opus? (Score 1) 103

by cynicist (#49787185) Attached to: Microsoft Edge To Support Dolby Audio
Where is Opus support? It's a royalty-free, open standard, and one of the best performing codecs available, especially when it comes to low bitrate streaming. It's also already supported by two major browser vendors. Of course you can't lock people into your platform with it... but that shouldn't matter, right?

Comment: Re:Stupid reasoning. (Score 1) 1091

by cynicist (#49732119) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

Yes, because mathematically it makes no sense. If you take money from a business to give it to employees, who then return it by buying products, then at best you are breaking even.

On the other hand, if they aren't buying everything from their employer, then it is simply extra cost that must be made up somewhere, either by hiring fewer employees, reducing hours, or charging more for their products, among other measures.

Proponents of the minimum wage are ignoring the fact that businesses adapt, which means that the extra cost of this legislation will not be paid by them but by either customers or potential employees in one way or another.

Comment: Yet another attempt... (Score 1) 333

by cynicist (#49720459) Attached to: Genetically Engineered Yeast Makes It Possible To Brew Morphine
to deal with symptoms instead of causes. The drug cartel is only so powerful and dangerous because the laws banning these drugs make it extremely lucrative to trade them. Although... legalizing would be easier said than done, given that you would make a number of law enforcement personnel entirely redundant if you could achieve it, not to mention piss off many misguided people who still think they can impose control of these things through law. When will they see that their short-sighted views are responsible for this monster? Probably never.

Comment: Hypothetically... (Score 1) 618

by cynicist (#49714203) Attached to: Editor-in-Chief of the Next Web: Adblockers Are Immoral
Here is a serious question for those that are asking how sites could obtain revenue in lieu of ad-blockers:

If all websites displayed the simple textual ads that Google does, even if they weren't targeted enough to appear useful, do you think anyone would bother going through the effort of installing an addon to block them?

Comment: Re:He also wants to roll back civil rights too. (Score 1) 438

by cynicist (#49589145) Attached to: Rand Paul Moves To Block New "Net Neutrality" Rules
Let me see if I understand this correctly. You think that feudalism, a system where the land is wholly owned by a king and merely "held" by others like nobles or knights, is an example of a totally free economy?

Tell me something, if everyone was so free, what reason was there for restraining the king's power through the Charter of Liberties or the Magna Carta? And have you never heard of the Guild System? You are talking about a time where people weren't free to work/own the land as they chose or even decide their own occupation.

How do people come up with this nonsense?

Comment: Re:from the don't-be-too-good-at-what-you-do dept. (Score 1) 247

by cynicist (#49483123) Attached to: EU To Hit Google With Antitrust Charges
Are you seriously comparing Google to a Monarchy? The only way that comparison could have any validity would be if they legislated for a competitive advantage, but so far their services just seem to be more popular by virtue of being more useful to people. When you talk about 'network effects' entrenching Google's position over a competitor such as Bing, are you referring to first mover advantage? If not would you care to elaborate? As it stands now your post amounts to an aspersion with no supporting evidence.

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