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Comment: Hardware is required for US to have a future (Score 1) 630

by cylcyl (#38917491) Attached to: America's Future Is In Software, Not Hardware

Reason why US has software design / implementation advantage is because more grew up with computers. US grew up with computers because they were designed here. Computers are designed here because they were made here, and young designers learned with prototypes and readily available parts from the extra production.

The current crop of designers came from US advantage in past half century in electronics. Notice how digital cameras are not designed in US anymore? Computers (other than apple) are not designed in US anymore? Best selling cars not designed in US anymore? These are all industries where we exported the manufacturing. Without manufacturing, you lose design, after you lose design, you lose software. So, the key is to actually get sustainable manufacturing back in US.

Comment: it's not about percentage, it's about 1M jobs (Score 1) 320

by cylcyl (#38515658) Attached to: i-Device Manufacturing Unprofitable To China

While it's only 2% of the revenue of the i-Device, it pays over 1 MILLION people a living, middle class wage in China. Foxconn (i-Device maker) employs over 920k directly (wikipedia). They also get components which are also China made, not to mention how the wages stimulate local economies. Foxconn has supply chain requirements which effectively requires payment of living wages. Without i-Device, several million jobs would be lost.

This also doesn't factor in how China forces Foxconn to effectively bring prosperity to poorer parts of China. There are many parts of China where people are under-employed and Chinese govt effectively dictated to Foxconn to create factories to train worker, to bring wealth to stimulate local economy (building factories, employing people, etc) and every few years kicking them further inward while the local govt run factories take over the trained employees to make mature products and fulfill internal demand

China is all about the 8% growth, without i-Device, and foreign input, it simply would not be possible. The local corruption is too inefficient to maintain the growth.

Comment: Re:Apples and Oranges (Score 1) 276

by cylcyl (#32870508) Attached to: FCC Dodges Pointed Questions On US Broadband Plan

I'm sick and tired of comments using the pop density excuse being an insightful.

Newsflash: fast broadband did not appear in the entire country overnight. Countries started with the largest cities, giving the maximum number of people access. South Korea has 80% urbanized population, same as US. If all urban areas has broadband on par with South Korea, the average speed would be similar to South Korea. But it's the people saying that we shouldn't do everything unless we can get 100% in one shot that's holding us back

Comment: Re:1990's? (Score 1) 1213

by cylcyl (#32524212) Attached to: Time To Dump XP?

In my experience, in the world of business, it is when someone in management finally snaps that you'd get the computer upgrade. If you write the business cases now, they'll just sit around getting outdated until the snap. Might as well wait for the snap, so you can write more updated business cases.

It is not best to swap horses while crossing the river. -- Abraham Lincoln