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Comment: STOL aircraft are the hottest selling aircraft (Score 1) 211

by cybrthng (#45388111) Attached to: LeVar Burton On Google Glass

STOL aircraft are the hottest selling GA aircraft there is right now, the "CUB" variants from super cubs to pipper cubs to the dozen other builders / models are selling like hotcakes and doing great in both certified and sport aircraft models and the Zenith STOL's are being built by the thousands.

They were never designed to take off on the street like out of ones neighborhood, but people with a few hundred feet of grass can certainly do it. They're used for hunting trips, bush pilots, search and rescue, leisure flying and much much more.

Also, STOL aircraft are some of the most economical to operate - often designed around automotive (mogas) and now with diesel (jet-a).

Comment: Re:All in favor of Elop getting the job? (Score 1) 292

by cybrthng (#45371519) Attached to: Stephen Elop Would Pull a Nokia On Microsoft

Sony isn't doing too hot in Revenue and their stock went up over rumors of splitting / spinning off as well.

Microsoft on the other hand makes exponentially more revenue and the XBox is part of their 3 screen initiative. The largest share holders of MS aren't going to allow a complete outright sale of Xbox, but maybe it could be innovative being less tied to MS corporate.

Comment: Re:Trainwreck waiting to happen (Score 1) 164

by cybrthng (#45233649) Attached to: Microsoft Makes It Harder To Avoid Azure

Like the other poster said, you're making a religious argument. I was mostly showing how a mess up of epic proportions could happen regardless of the platform but at the same time, i wouldn't doubt that if Knight Trading *DID* run Windows you would happily use it as case of epic failure of the platform..

Comment: Re:Same tactics for lots of businesses (Score 1) 164

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That is not the way it pans out.. You can run Windows on almost every cloud provider there is out there and you can run Linux on Azure too. In fact, Microsoft's licensing is fairly well priced that its either included in your pre-pay budget or billed so cheap its the same price as getting an RHEL license or any OS with support.

Rackspace and Amazon have millions in revenue from Windows customers, if not billions.

All hell froze over when Oracle certified its entire app stack and database system on azure.. i think HyperV is the only non oracle platform certified to be virtualized on.. Microsoft isn't the same company you

You can get a 120 day free account and try out azure for yourself.. I'm running a few debian boxes on there, but there are some pre-built Centos and other linux systems as well. It's pretty easy to build a VM on windows 8 as well and publish your own VHD/image (pro includes hyperv..)

Comment: Re:Trainwreck waiting to happen (Score 1) 164

by cybrthng (#45231065) Attached to: Microsoft Makes It Harder To Avoid Azure

You guys hold some weird grudges.. There have been billions lost on companies running every OS under the sun out there.. lots of people lost great fortunes for many an absurd cock up or failed IT project.

The trading company that recently lost half a billion dollars because they couldn't code right ran linux.. is that a fault of linux? nope.. so not sure what your case has any bearing or relevency of.

Microsoft's Bing, Xbox Live and Cloud services already host something like a million servers across its datacenters.. they had some growing pains over the years and they finally dogfooded everything they use so windows is maturing much more in line with the market than ever before.

Nope.. don't work for Microsoft.. nope, don't run many Microsoft servers.. I have tons of linux vms running on vmware internally but i know lots of people having great success with azure and i know people working at Microsoft doing some great things that would make any IT nerd jealous.

Time to grow up and move on.

Comment: Re:Options are good but... (Score 1) 164

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Who in their right mind would buy hardware today if their apps are so easily hosted? Why have the headache of data center cooling, data center security, data center facility maintenance, data center redundancy, data center capacity and everything else that goes along with it? The cost of the servers have really little to do with the overall cost. Electricity, support, maintenance & everything else add up.

With azure and services like azure i can scale in many ways much more easily too. I can scale up load balancers, i can scale out mirroring and regional file access (content delivery) and i can do everything through an API so i can spinup/shutdown services dynamically..

If you're the owner of a line of business app that you can host on azure, isn't a 110 bucks a month a bit easier to budget than say trying to get capital approval on a server, server support, server installation, provisioning and bandwidth and capacity/power/cooling research done? Also, if you want to scale up on demand where only 10 days a year you need a second server, that is easily done without having to deploy your own infrastructure.

If you have your own local virtualized infrastructure and services, i'm sure your local costs are still probably as high or higher than the costs outsourced to azure, amazon, google, ibm or whomever you choose simply because they have economies of scale most could never dream to achieve internally without spending hundreds of millions to mimmic..

Comment: Re:What is old is new (Score 2) 164

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It's not very locked in at all. Anyone moving to the cloud will use SCCM, Chef, Ansible, Puppet or whatever desired state config system and provisioning platform they want and provision & deploy environments on demand. You simply run your Windows / Linux VM's or deploy your apps to the app services and scale out as needed. If you get tired of azure or find something cheaper, you edit your provisioning & deployment to deploy elsewhere.

Comment: Why do people think windows is impossible to debug (Score 1) 419

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Have you ran windows in the last 10 years?

It's probably been that long since i've logged into slashdot, but supporting windows isn't that hard. In fact, many times its easier than supporting a linux distro.. Windows by and large has uniform logging, debugging, profiling and eventlogging services that spit out almost every minute detail and its uniform from server to workstation.

I agree with what others have shared before in FOSS, if something doesn't work, it's a bug for the developers to fix and not everyone is a developer. Sure, with open source you "can" fix the bug and with windows, you're at the mercy of someone else fixing it but the purpose of actually supporting and reporting bugs on windows is much more uniform, objective and clear cut. With linux and all its distros and all its quirks about who is cool enough to fix a bug, i find most of my reports sit for months if not years before they're mainlined and by then, Microsoft or its partners have long since fixed my bug that i just reported and went back on my marry way with.

please not, i have like a 200 to 1 linux to windows support / platform implementation where i work and play but just came to say windows isn't that hard and binary isn't hard

Comment: Re:The entire credit history thing is stupid (Score 1) 196

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I find this hard to believe. After taxes your take home is less than 2k/month. Rent/mortgage for a 6 person family in even the most dire of all places in the US would be 1000-1200/month. That leaves you 800/month to feed, pay utilities, pay bills for a family of 6 and you say that you save 400 of that? really?

Did someone give you your house/property?

Comment: Re:Some people don't need this (Score 2) 321

by cybrthng (#38796073) Attached to: Google Updates Algorithm To Punish Websites With Excessive Ads

This won't differentiate google though unless you're already wearing google glasses. If someone can afford better content because they're monetizing it more efficiently - or differently than google THINKS they should, then google is playing a dangerous game of feeling conceited enough that it knows best.

Competition is a good thing. I love it. I'm glad BING is still in the game.. was a terrible joke. I just think its a dangerious slope for google to follow especially since there is no standard to adhere to. In a word of x resolutions, x browsers, x customers, who is google to decide "above the fold" or even "this much is too much"??

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