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Comment This is "If you have nothing to hide" again (Score 2) 264

I've heard this argument a lot over the years. In roughly chronological order:
If you have nothing to hide then...

  • you won't mind the hidden microphone at work
  • you won't object to random drug tests
  • you don't care if we search you every day when you leave the office
  • you won't mind if we monitor your email and eavesdrop on your phone coversation
  • you won't mind supplying your real name

...and on and on. Personally, this argument always fails for me.

Comment Re:Right... OtherOS removal continues to cost Sony (Score 1) 321

My wife & I are in the same boat.
I sit and marvel at Sony's approach to public relations. Exactly how much would leaving OtherOS in place have cost them? How much would restoring it cost them? Compare that to how much the lawsuits and these attacks cost them.
Plus the lost business from people like us who can no longer purchase DLC or even new games that require firmware updates.

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