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Comment: H1-B out of date and no longer needed (Score 1) 341

by cyberspittle (#47336475) Attached to: If Immigration Reform Is Dead, So Is Raising the H-1B Cap
There really is no need to import foreign work anymore as most of it can be done in their own country. India is a good example, where employees abroad are able to work remotely. Most companies know and do this due to VPN to sponsor company in US. That is why Virtual Desktops is a growth industry! As an added bonus, they can be paid in native wages for their local country. Why would companies bring employees to the US, except if a physical presence is needed, i.e. farm work., etc.?

Comment: Did anyone read the article before posting (Score 1) 102

by cyberspittle (#47283607) Attached to: Supermicro Fails At IPMI, Leaks Admin Passwords
In the article, SuperMicro has fix in update. However, the key takeaway is that thousands of people decided to not patch their SH1T. "This means at the point of this writing, there are 31,964 systems that have their passwords available on the open market. It gets a bit scarier when you review some of the password statistics. Out of those passwords, 3296 are the default combination." "Besides flashing, there is another (albeit unsupported) temporary fix. Most of the systems affected by this particular issue also have their “sh” shell accessible from the SMASH command line. If you login to the SMASH via ssh and run the command “shell sh”, you can drop into a functional SH shell. From there you can actually kill all “upnp” processes and their related children, which provides a functional fix. That is of course until the system is completely disconnected from power and reconnected, during which the IPMI module will reboot. This is what I have done for our own systems that were unable to be permanently fixed at this time. After continual monitoring, I am satisfied with the results and there has not been any noticeable impact on functionality."

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