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Comment My neighbor has a dog (Score 1) 388

Yep, I have a neighbor who has a cute little beagle. He will leave it outside and leave. The dog barks (cries) non-stop until he returns. Dogs are social animals. What did I do? I first got heavy curtains and such and increased planting. This will muffle the sound, but you will end up using ear protection when awake (just like the type that people use at the hunting range. If you own your house, buy some Plexiglas, the thicker the better (Plexiglas is acrylic). You can make your own window inserts to put inside of your windows. Neighbors don't know you have them. There is a you tube video of this guy in a high rise in Canada. Check it out.

Comment Get a book (Score 1) 205

Python is a good language to start with. There are some Python books for pen test you should look for. It would be best to get a full grasp of the language with the ORiley tome. As you are Windows-centric, you have the best development environment available to you: Visual Studio. Download the free version and then install Python Tools for Linux. There is a Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) course to get you started.

Submission + - No big bang after all (phys.org)

cyberspittle writes: "The universe may have existed forever, according to a new model that applies quantum correction terms to complement Einstein's theory of general relativity. The model may also account for dark matter and dark energy, resolving multiple problems at once."

Comment Re:Crusty Hardware (Score 1) 189

I have a NICE Super EISA with plenty of EISA cards in it. 2MB ATI Mach32 EISA. 3COM 10/100 EISA, Adaptec EISA, additional Mach64 on the 1 VLB slot. RAM maxed out to 256MBs (16 16MB SIMMS) with interleave enabled. It was meant to run Netware 3.12, but I used it for IBM OS/2 Warp (version 3), until I downloaded original Slackware floppy images via the ISA 33.6 MODEM (in EISA lost). Have a Crystal Semi sound card (ISA in EISA slot). CPU been upgraded to a Trinity Stacker 133Mhz from the original 486DX2/66, which was upgraded from a 486SX25. I keep this old beast in a full AT tower (has the large L-shaped power supply).

Comment Leviton VPT24-1PZ (Score 1) 189

I use the above for external lights to come on automatically at sunset and turn off at specified time. It requires your location as the sunset and sunrise change everyday, which makes it a great product. It works with CFL and LED bulbs. Internally, I have lights with switch to turn them off after 15, 30, 45, or 60 mins (bathroom fans, etc.) and others with motion detection. The above is a great intro to electrical wiring. I prefer anything that is not connected to TCP/IP, as WIFI and internet are both dangerous attack vectors. Internet of Devices are dangerous!

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