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Comment Re:Etymology of Pwned and Pwnie (Score 3, Funny) 41

Long, long ago in the murky and misty history of the early internet, a young script kiddie, (most likely with an overinflated ego), tragically mistyped "Owned", probably due to having excessively greasy fingers, as is common with many basement-dwelling connoisseurs of junk-food.

Instead of "Owning" his opponent, he "Pwned" himself!

Word spread rapidly, generating much mirth in the community, and a meme was born.

Comment Re:Did they break any laws? (Score 1) 716

Indeed, and I'm sure the IRS has the power to audit them if they suspect wrongdoing, much like HMRC will do in the UK. If they are found to be breaking the law, throw ALL the books at them.

What I have a problem with, is what seems to be happening in the US and the UK, where large companies are being summoned to explain their tax activities in front of a congressional/parliamentary committee. This is just plain wrong. By all means prosecute them if they are found to be breaking the law, but these "hearings" are not they way to check the legality of their actions.

It seems to me that the elected representatives are making a big fuss to try and shame these companies into paying more tax, and and at the same time, make the electorate think that something is being done. What they should do instead, if they feel the current system is not working is: fix the broken tax laws.

Comment Re:Did they break any laws? (Score 1) 716

Even though I agree with you point that (Legal != Right && Illegal != Wrong), cayenne8 still has a valid point.

Everyone's moral code is different, which is why we have laws, so that there is a firm reference to what is allowed, and what is prohibited.

It might be wrong for me to date two women at the same time, but it's not illegal. As such, I could perfectly understand anyone calling me a prick for doing it, but that's about as far as it should go.

I wouldn't expect to be called in front of the authorities to explain myself, which is what is happening to Apple, and other companies around the world. If they have broken the law, then there are systems to deal with that, but if what they are doing is perfectly legal, then leave them alone, and change the law if their actions bother you so much.

Comment Re:Children don't like their parents music (Score 2) 191

I listen to music from my parents generation, it brings back lots of (mostly) happy childhood memories, and as I've listened to more of it, I've learnt to appreciate it, and have made my own discoveries of good music from the same era. As a teen I had different musical tastes, that my parent's couldn't stand, and I went through a phase of not wanting to hear my parents music, but one grows out of that.

My 19yr old daughter, recently said "I wish I was alive in the eighties, you guys had the best music" I was flattered, but I also know that she only gets to hear the good music from back then. I have my parents music collection, my daughter wants mine*, and we both wish we had my grandparents collections.

* Sweets, if you read this, hopefully you still have a loooooong time to wait before you start prising it from my cold, dead fingers

Comment Re:C++ (Score 1) 240

Another "human" language can be a great help as well.

I am fluent in English and Shona although I spend most of my time "in English mode". I have found that thinking through a difficult coding problem in Shona works wonders. I have been doing it for years, but only recently realised that it was happening.

I think it has something to do with the different grammar and sentence structure forcing the brain to think in a different way.

Comment Re:Arson, terrorism and jaywalking (Score 1) 82


The stolen CSS in question: Cascading Style Sheets (used for styling web pages)

DVD CSS: Content Scramble System (used for protecting content on DVD's)

Also making a movie entails much more time, effort and manpower than either of the CSS's above which could feasibly both be created by a lone coder in a dark basement ;-)

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