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Comment: Re:Ms. Ginni Rometty - a tard (Score 1) 68

by cyberhooligan77 (#47424439) Attached to: IBM To Invest $3 Billion For Semiconductor Research

Right. IBM is a shadow of a former self. But, in many countries outside U.S., IBM, has locked customers, big companies, that still use IBM old machinery.

IBM, is one of those companies who will still loose a lot of its customers in the U.S., but, will keep on going, in other countries for decades.

In my country, IBM people is famous for been "old grumpy" men, like Steve Jobs, describe them. They do have junior executives, but, they are really "disguised old men", that come from Ivy League schools. They have some outsourcing companies, that pretend to be "cool" & "open minded", but, the old folks, are the ones who give the orders.

I have been in their offices, the senior ones, look taken from a movies fro the 70's. The rest are cubicles, and, their chairs, have holes of cigars, or moths. No kidding, I was there, I expected their offices, to be more clean.

Comment: Re:The brain has multiple neural nets (Score 2) 230

by cyberhooligan77 (#47099083) Attached to: The Flaw Lurking In Every Deep Neural Net

It would be interesting to learn how does this neural networks interact. Is it a single neural network, are several independent neural networks, that have points where they interact. Or are they interdependent neural networks, where some parts are fully independent, and other, where they mix with others ?

Comment: Javascript vs ECMAScript (Score 1) 112

by cyberhooligan77 (#46574953) Attached to: JavaScript Inventor Brendan Eich Named New CEO of Mozilla

I frecuently have to explain to "HeadHunters" that Javascript & Java aren't the same thing. Sometimes, to I.T. students or undergraduates.

In many forums the name change is debated, but, many people is too used to the "Javascript" brand. There are also developers who argue that there are so many versions or implementations of Javascript, that does not conform to the ECMA standard, that believe its areason not to support the "ECMAScript" name.

Comment: I.T. Job Skills as Sweetshop (Score 3, Informative) 303

You are right.

He wants highly skilled cheap people, as many I.T. companies business people.

But, there is a problem, I.T. jobs, specially programming, ARE NOT FACTORY jobs, altought many CEO's want to treat it, lik that.

The "here's a spec, generate code that executes this spec using the algorithms you've been given" talk given from architects, or project managers to coders, doesn't work well. I known it, because I did tried, and went back to the good old Analyst-Programmer way of solving problems.

The funny thing, is that I have worked with I.T. students or undergraduates, and there are situations where they worked well, but, usually, this scenario works well when playing "fair":

Been directed by unleast one patient senior developer
Not expecting to do the whole project by themselves, without supervision
Teaching stuff the students don't know, and not expecting them to learn by themselves
Don't expect they
Provide some payment, tuition, food, school, ...

There are situations when taking undergraduates, or students instead of senior developers work well, and viceversa, taking senior developers instead of junior developers.

But, not because ageism, or looking an excuse for paying less.

Something similar happens with offshoring, I have met companies that has offshore offices or factories, and sometimes, a branch has problems because they have to wait the main company to deliver some software or hardware, instead of having their own I.T. people doing the job.

Just my 2 spartan silver coins (2 cents)

Comment: Guidelines not Software Tools (Score 1) 88

by cyberhooligan77 (#46420173) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Reviewing 3rd Party Libraries?

You mention "Tools", did you mean "Software Tools". And, you have to use a decompiler.

I think, "Reviewing", in this case, means more like guidelines & I.T. (rules) policies.

Things, you may want to consider:

* Does a library provides source code ? (No Source Code, preferably, avoided) If you have to pay a extra, for the source code, then choose no library, or pay for the source code, but, dont buy propertary libraries without source code or support.

* Does a library is for a particular programming language or programming enviroment, or several ?

If it's for several programming languages, make sure can be compiled, loaded, or integrated to other languages.

* Does a library provides documentation, both, as files, and web ?

I have deal with several libraries whom lack one or another. Don't trust a library that doesn't have files independent of web. There are many great software libraries, where it only has web documentation. When a winter storm arrives,say "good bye" Internet, and say "good bye" to documentation. The same goes if a hacker or virus attack the documentation server, or a technical malfunction at the network or server.

Web documentation is good, because sometimes its updated regularly. But, don't count to have available all time. Some developers just take the comments of the source code & generate both, we pages, & local files. And, sometimes, this is helpful.

* Does a third party library provides support ?

The answer is similar to the previous answer. Open & Free Software can be great, but, sometimes, lacks this, because, many developers cannot provide full time support. (Unless paid by companies or groups like Apache or Google ).

* Does a third party library provides an A.P.I., or its structured. ?

A good software can be difficult to integrate with other software if its not structured, by classes, modules, or functions.

Just my [spartan] 2 silver cents [coins].

Comment: Re:You gotta be kidding me... (Score 1) 139

by cyberhooligan77 (#46409363) Attached to: 'Data Science' Is Dead

Data Scientist, may sound Statistics to some of us, and Data Base related to others. Maybe you are right, and we are wrong.

Could you provide a link to a web site, where Data Science could be described ?

I do believe that concepts like Data Statistics, Relational Algebra, SQL, could be consider part of a Data Science diploma, but, none of this concepts should be consider individually Data Science, by themselves.

Maybe, a new proposal for a Data Science diploma, could be created from this post.


Comment: Theory vs Real World (Score 1) 139

by cyberhooligan77 (#46409241) Attached to: 'Data Science' Is Dead

There are several subjects disscused in this post.

* First, wheter there is a "Data Science" career. Since, I discover how math can be applied to handle data, when learnt Relational Algebra, & Data Normalization, in Collegue, I realized there could be a "Data Science" school diploma. And include OLAP, Key-Value, NoSQL, Statistics data handling, with their respective math theorical support.

* Second, like any other career, there is a diference in how is taught in school, & how is applied in business.

What about the Data Analysis software, the employers require a job candidate, to know before. Reporting Software, OLAP, SQL, other.

* Third, how interesting could be this job positions for a Mathematician, or Data related Programmer ?

I have received several Data Statistics or Data Bases, or Data Analysts, job offers, all of them, just boring, no future, dead end jobs. Sometimes, well paid, sometimes not.

* Extra Point.

Data Programmer, here, that has some knowledge on Human Resources, & Psychology. I have applied for several (Data related) Programming & Analysts jobs, where I had to solve some (Data or Statistics) Math Evaluations. More than 10 years in the field, & didn't pass them. Many of these H.R. tests are complex, and not related to real world experience.

* Summary. Data Science is not dead, in fact there are two kinds of Data Science, the one that is taught in school, and the one that employers expect.

Just my 2 cents.

Comment: Physical Test does matter (Score 1) 65

by cyberhooligan77 (#46281179) Attached to: DARPA Training Cadets and Midshipmen As Cyber Warriors

Agree, two of the main things that get into conflict, in having goverment cyberwarriors, are mindset & physical fitness.

Even than the goverment could built a goverment a desk job cyber unit, sooner, or later, may need a cyberwarrior unit, where people does know how to hack a network, run some miles carring 40 lbs, and, so on, Geek soldiers, that does do geek stuff, and does do military stuff, at the same time (not just playing Medal of Honor video games).

As a geek whom got interested in the military, can say that the physical stuff wasn't easy, and, the only thing thing that keep me going, is that I am very stubborn.

Comment: Hacker vs Good Programmer (Score 1) 65

by cyberhooligan77 (#46280707) Attached to: DARPA Training Cadets and Midshipmen As Cyber Warriors

I personally disagree on matching "Hacker equals Good Programmer", there are several things that may match, while others don't.

I consider myself a good programmer, I hate the hacker stereotype, yet, I constantly get labeled as a Hacker, even, if I have never cracked a password, and never enter on a network, or any of that kind of stuff.

But, I agree than both hackers & bright programmers, require certains skills that a Collegue or University, cannot provide. And the "out of the box" or "Daredevil" mentality that Goverment institutions mindset crash.

I never consider the existance of the "semihackers", before, but, i got the idea.

Comment: Both (Score 1) 65

by cyberhooligan77 (#46280551) Attached to: DARPA Training Cadets and Midshipmen As Cyber Warriors

I started wih programming, at 14, while most of my classmates at Collegue, even touched a computer. They just hear the "Computer Science" hype. I.T. wasn't considered a well paid career, yet.

Interest in programming, is as good as years of experiences. It does help to some extra years of experience, than others.

By the way, even that I was fascinated by computers / programmers, I do have certified short atention problem: ADDH. Cheers.

Comment: maybe (Score 1) 212

by cyberhooligan77 (#46091999) Attached to: Edward Snowden Says NSA Engages In Industrial Espionage

I know, It sounds weird, and I dont have ways to probe it (And I do believe I should have), only some "hunchs", and observations.

Im a developer outside U.S., I have reasons to believe, that some U.S. companies such as M$ & I.B.M., togheter with U.S. goverment, does practices industtial spyonage, sometimes aided with local goverment agencies.

The story is like this. I have work in several companies with Internet access. Sometimes, I do some software, used by my employeer.
Sometimes, at my employeer's, company, I have some free time, & I develop some libraries, controls, utilities, that may be used,
later, for my employeer's software, or as free-or-open software, or other programs, all with my employeer's approval.

Some years ago (about 10), I a started to make some control library, where a local copy of a database,
in a Desktop Application, was stored, including queries, & relationships.

The main idea is having a partial, dynamic copy of a database, based in queries & views,
instead of static tables. This occured when .NET, I called my controls "DataGroups",
basically too much similar to .NET "Datasets".

Maybe coincidence. There is more.

About the same time, I wanted to emulate a Web Explorer.
It was done, at free time, in a PC with internet access, with Delphi 4 & Dephi 6.
I develop the HTML scanner & parser, & used a Client-Sever, Desktop Application, not a browser.

The application took the controls from a dynamic HTML like file, at running time,
and put controls in a form, like a web page. It was meant to be an HTML editor, & viewer,
altought, I consider it, to use it, as dynamic control generation, but, discarded, because it required,
too much resources.

To make short the story, it was like Windows Presentation Foundation,
been a Desktop Application, using a dynamic HTML tags file.

Sorry, I knows it sounds too much "conspiracy paranoid".
But, when it happens too often, & heard or read similar stories,
You may think: "Something fishy is going on here" ...


What is worth doing is worth the trouble of asking somebody to do.