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Comment: THQ at least knew when to put pencils down (Score 1) 325

by cyberguyd (#30525500) Attached to: The Nuking of <em>Duke Nukem</em>

I remember when I first heard about S.T.A.L.K.E.R:Shadow of Chernobyl. Especially after I saw the movie that inspired the game ( I was giddy with anticipation like DNF. I followed the development but kept getting disappointed because they kept delaying as new engines came out and they rewrote the game to use those engines. At some point you have to say, OK choose a branch and run it out and stop making changes. Ultimately, this is what THQ did and they did produce an amazing game. I think 3DRealms could have learned a lesson from them. My number one rule of engineering: "You are never done, you just run out of time and/or money to make changes."

Too bad, when DN-3D came out it was my favorite replacing Doom II, but at least they both live on in the community. The Duke will always be around FOREVER!!!

Comment: Re:The cameras do nothing (Score 5, Interesting) 311

by cyberguyd (#26940851) Attached to: A Surveillance Camera On Every Chicago Street Corner?

It's not that people don't have the opportunity. You have to change the culture. For those in the 'hood, if you study, do your homework, work hard, etc., you are trying to be "white". Most want to be a rapper or ball player. The role models that they had until this time is Jesse and Al who continue to preach that they are being put down. Even though I may not agree with everything that Obama is doing, more role models like him are needed.

On a note about surveillance, I am a civil engineer and every city and state building now you have to sign in, show ID, and/or go through a metal detector now. They do it slow, one building at a time. They put up "red light" and intersection cameras which may only have a limited resolution now, but all it would take is quiet change during the nights and then you have system in place. They need the backbone in place. Doing it in the name of public safety is the way they do it.

In seeking the unattainable, simplicity only gets in the way. -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982