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Comment Re:First impressions of X11/Linux count (Score 1) 267 267

I always thought Gnome looked a little more polished, and KDE a little bit "Fisher Price", but I'll still take KDE, far more configurable. My son started to mess with linux a little, I tried to impress on him that linux is the kernel, and the GUI is something that is interchangeable, but that's a lot more important on a desktop than a server, my linux boxes are servers.

Comment Re:Homeopathy Dilutions are not Dilutions (Score 1) 273 273

Dilution is dilution is dilution. Water does not "absorb" the "properties" of other compounds inside it's molecular bonds, that's called magic. If you really believe that silliness, then go water down your beer or vodka ,even using the "homeopathic technique", and see if you actually feel anything from that (other than placebo).. then see how quick you pour it down the drain and grab a proper bottle!
It's a way for scammers to stretch their supplies of actual medicine ridiculously thin to make obnoxiously huge profits. And people complain about the pharmaceutical industry! That said, holistic medicine is not homeopathy, though it's alluded to in the summary.

Comment Re: broad concepts that bind... (Score 1) 273 273

If chiropractic limited itself to minor "adjustments" and such, it'd be okay, IMO. When I was 7 years old I twisted my neck and slipped a disc; the only guy open that late at night was a chiro, my mom took me to him, and he gave me a twist (scary!) The pain reduction was immediate, though not total.. it took a few days for the muscles to heal, as they'd spasm'd badly when I hurt myself.
But if they claim to heal all other kinds of issues, they're getting into quack territory. A pinched nerve in your spine can affect things like digestion, but I'd rather have a regular MD look at that.

Comment Re:Acquired skill (Score 2) 159 159

Similar here. I usually get about 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep during weekdays, but I'm all in for 9 hours on weekdays if I can do it. Too much is a bad thing too, but 6 hours is just not nearly enough for me. I wonder what a long term study - something like 25 years- would reveal? Do people who "need" less sleep tend to age quicker, or become more susceptible to any autoimmune deficiencies, or cancer, etc.. ?
I believe those who say and live by the motto, "I'll sleep when I'm dead" will find themselves getting that sleep a little sooner than they anticpated.

Comment Re:Don't be fooled... (Score 1) 339 339

This. How far can the technology be trusted? Is it foolproof? Is anything? Lie Detectors are largely discredited (not even admissible in court), it's questionable to believe this new tech (eye movement) is any less fallible. Then you have situations where some people may be technically lying but unknowingly; they may even believe their lie (psychosis), or was told the lie and are simply propagating it. Tech can't solve everything.

Comment Re:Harry Shearer wanted more money (Score 1) 100 100

In short, he was just trolling to elicit a response, whereas the the parent most likely had a valid point. Harry Shearer comes across an an angry/whiny old man to me, I've seen him on Graham Norton. Anyway, we known for a fact that anonymous trolls are over this place, and love to stir up discord. I asked a few point blank last year, who admitted they troll, but they wouldn't explain exactly why they do it; but it seemed like there was more to it than just kicks for a 14 year old.

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