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Comment: Unfair (Score 1, Insightful) 235 235

We must fair and egalitarian. There can be no losers, it's just not the modern PC way.
I propose that if we cannot retard the aging of those who age more quickly, then we must work to accelerate the aging of those who appear younger, to level the playing field.
We'll call it, "Redistribution of Health". (insert the obligatory "thanks Obama" here )

Comment: Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 1) 1266 1266

So much for the myth of the "nice" Canadian, that was an unnecessary potshot, eh?
The USA banks type of irresponsibility is a different situation from that of Greece. They still suck, yes, but most of our country's debt is to ourselves at least. And we don't all expect to retire at 50 with a fat pension.

Comment: Re:Shocker... (Score 1) 278 278

Though I think it should be said that there are times when "weasel" words like "most" or "some" are absolutely appropriate; to not use such a qualifier is to see everything in black and white, and assume a statement is all inclusive when real life is rarely that cut and dried.

Comment: Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 278 278

I'm just surprised that only 54% of democrats apparently believe in evolution, if I get the gist of this article right.
I know that doesn't translate to claiming that 46% are creationists, but still, that's hardly grounds for all the stone throwing at conservatives over it.
FWIW, I identify as a very moderate conservative, (with several things on the right I don't agree with) and even I don't dispute evolution.. nor for that matter, believe in the Biblical god except as a complex mythology, like so many mythologies before it.. most of which are rather fascinating as such.

Comment: Re:"as a means to raise awareness ..." (Score 1) 76 76

I'd say yes, we do. We've seen at least one major asteroid impact before that precipitated an extinction event, or at the very least, greatly contributed to it. Statistically, it's likely enough to happen again, even if it's hundreds, thousands, or millions of years from now... or it could happen in our lifetime. Space is large, even in our own solar system, but there are also a lot of asteroids out there.

Comment: Re:Evidence? (Score 1) 302 302

Granted they've got a weird way of wording it, but essentially it means your workstation will begin downloading it early, or at least a portion of it, so that their servers don't get quite so hammered on the official release date, and you don't have to wait with disconnects or incredibly slow download speeds on July 29 and the days immediately following it. The earlier you reserve, ostensibly, the sooner you get the last bit downloaded so that come July 29, you can just run the install and be off and running.

Comment: Re:Shades of Methuselah's Children (Score 1) 57 57

He might not have trolling, just relating how he stopped donating to the American red cross when they made those requirements. Frankly though, it's just about impossible, realistically, to "live off the grid' anymore, not without being a hermit in a hidden cabin in the mountains in the wilderness, so, he'd have to not do much of anything then.
Anyway, why so quick to label as an, "American troll"? --sounds like an axe to grind there.

-Your partner in hell, ;)

Comment: Re:What an amazing surprise! (Score 5, Insightful) 181 181

You're right. I followed the relevant links in that article (and several were pointless primers) and none of them including mlab pointed to the study claimed, not even indirectly. I can't find it either. I have no love whatsoever for Verizon or Comcast, but it makes you wonder.

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