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Comment: Re:Genius. (Score 1) 247

There's "gaming the system" and there's fraud.

That's a very, very, fine line. Gaming the system is in many ways fraudulent.

This isn't clipping Home Depot coupons and taking advantage of Lowe's willingness to accept competitor coupons.

Not sure if this is your example of gaming the system.. because it's not, it is the system, as intended. Lowes does that to attract more business.

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Thanks for trying to destroy the country, because with your logic, businesses would fail all over. ("amoral-by-definition"???)
I get so sick of this "Walmart is big corporate evil" mantra. The very fact that Walmart has been taken in by this scam several times only illustrates that they make a good faith effort to honor their deals.
I'm not thrilled with the whole stockholders model anymore either, (customers and employees should be more important) but Walmart is no worse than anyone else.. why isn't Target a target, for example? or Macy's? or Lord and Taylors? They they treat their people any better, or have fairer prices? The only reason Walmart is attacked so much is because the family are known conservatives.

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If you think you'll come out ahead by suing for $100, you're sadly mistaken.

Well actually, they'd be suing to get the game console for $100, so the assumed net gain would be the difference between the bogus advertised price and the real price: closer to $300 or so; but yeah, that's still not even close to worth it.

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by cyberchondriac (#48429453) Attached to: Does Being First Still Matter In America?
No, it's about the Constitution. The US (as in United States) was never intended as designed to become ruled by some huge, monolithic federal governing kleptocracy. The Federal government was to provide for the common defense, and currency, primarily. The rest was supposed to be up to the States themselves. The role of the federal government has grown consistently over the past 200 years, to where now the States are little more than puppets with a tiny bit of autonomy.

Comment: Re:Bill Rejected with Bi-Partisan agreeemnt (Score 1) 418

by cyberchondriac (#48419347) Attached to: Republicans Block Latest Attempt At Curbing NSA Power
You're not saying anything everyone didn't already know. Yes, NSA surveillance went crazy after 9-11. But yet, from 2008 til the present, Obama and the democrat led Senate (and close to parity in the House, until this January) could've put their money where their mouth is and scaled the Patriot Act back, or expired it even if the republicans fought to keep it alive, yet it was always renewed with non-partisan flying colors.

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by cyberchondriac (#48417565) Attached to: Rooftop Solar Could Reach Price Parity In the US By 2016

They're most definitely both of those things.

Thank goodness coal-fired power plants are so aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to live around.

True, but coal produces much more energy, energy which is needed. If wind turbines produced more output, they might be more tolerable, but they aren't even close. And, as parent noted, they aren't even all that environmentally friendly when you take all things into consideration. I think they're better used in more extreme latitudes, where solar isn't as viable, and where the winds may be more regular.

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by cyberchondriac (#48398315) Attached to: Alleged Satellite Photo Says Ukraine Shootdown of MH17

Overall, the case is getting stranger with every relevation.

Giving this any credence by saying the case "gets stranger" is like reading some 9/11 truther's article and saying that it makes the truth behind the attacks "more puzzling." It doesn't. It just shows that some people are either disconnected from the truth or (in this case) willing to actively fabricate things to obscure it.

Well, there's no shortage of those kinds of people, including here. It makes life more "interesting" for them, I guess, to keep alive some mystery enveloped in a puzzle wrapped in an enigma.. it's like some kind of "X-Files Syndrome".

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by cyberchondriac (#48383375) Attached to: Overbilled Customer Sues Time Warner Cable For False Advertising

Comcast is deep in bed with the Democrats, not the Republicans. GE is the same. Educate yourself a little before spewing your kneejerk rhetoric. They donate heavily to the left, not the right. Just google, "comcast democrats".

That's because you only have to make donations (bribe) the people who aren't already on your side. Corporate political donations seldom have anything to do with elections or supporting the candidate they hope will get elected. It's all about buying access when they don't already have access.

Democrats are just as big on corporate business when it suits them, just refer to the MPAA and the RIAA; or Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or George Soros.
Donations are often used to lobby for specific favors. The whole "Rs are only for big corporations while the Ds are for the poor downtrodden, common little guy" is a biased myth, prepackaged thinking for those who like things black and white.

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