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by cold fjord (#48033799) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Very widely indeed, because it would be a major faux pas for one Hindu to ask a another "Do you really believe in all this? Say you do!" Instead, people are not asked about what they feel deep inside, so they are free to believe whatever they wish. This is what makes Hinduism so inclusive and, over time, so syncretic.

Not asking isn't the same as not making an evaluation. I'm also somewhat amused by the intimation that Hindus don't discuss religion. They certainly do evangelize.

What makes Hinduism so "inclusive" and syncretic is incorporating external religious figures or practices into Hinduism. Unfortunately this tends to distort the incorporated figure beyond recognition. The "Jesus" that is incorporated by many into Hinduism is not the same Jesus of Christianity. They are incompatible.

I think you are overstating the prominence of atheists as a component of the Hindu faith community.

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by cold fjord (#48033599) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Neither a plane ticket to India nor speaking with educated Indian atheists is necessary to understand social religion, or state religion. It's something that has been around a while.

"They will hold to an outward form of godliness but deny its power." - 2 Timothy 3:5

How widely do you think that Hindus accept their ritual without belief as Hinduism? I doubt it is universal. All they really are is atheists performing socially accepted rituals.

Hindu fundamentalists vs. Hinduism: Column

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An alien lands on Earth and finds it odd that all the scientists of our planet are trending towards atheism....

Maybe in the West, but not necessarily in the rest of the world.

Indian scientists significantly more religious than UK scientists

...interviews with scientists revealed that while 65 percent of U.K. scientists identify as nonreligious, only 6 percent of Indian scientists identify as nonreligious. In addition, while only 12 percent of scientists in the U.K. attend religious services on a regular basis — once a month or more — 32 percent of scientists in India do.

Science and atheism - correlation is not causation.

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NT 3.51 was one of the most stable OSes I've ever used, if not the most stable. NT 4 was still pretty good, minus the even number service packs. Windows 2000 was excellent, minus Explorer, which for me usually crashed within an hour of a fresh install. I always liked XP once you turned on the Playskool theme. Nothing since XP has impressed me. Just more bloat, and more effort to get it to look and act like it used to.

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Has he not [i]expanded [/i]the Patriot Act? Are we not lamenting some new loss of freedom daily here at slashdot? What about the NSA run amuck? The DEA may have lightened up a bit on pot but now they're cracking down on codeine and anything remotely related, as schedule 2, effective Oct 6.
How about the NDAA? Now he can kill American citizens without warrant or investigation, legally; Bush couldn't do that.
But the main thing is, Obama campaigned so heavily on transparency, and lighting up the "police state", yet he's done the exact opposite. Even more inexcusable, since he's claimed AQ to be decimated and terrorism to be on the wane. Then what's the excuse? At least Bush was reacting to 9/11.

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CloudFlare is a nightmare for anonymity

Not only anonymity, but privacy as well.

Try browsing around with your browser's Referer header disabled (or spoofed to be empty/google/etc). You'll run into sites that either (1) won't load at all, only showing a "CloudFlare security page" that totally blocks access, or (2) have content that won't load due to CloudFlare's default referrer blocking settings. I assume (2) is to prevent "hotlinking" (aka - "using the Web"), but it prevents scripts, styles, etc from loading. However the first behavior (blocking anyone without a Referer header) is complete bullshit.

Using NoScript on a CloudFlare site can also be a nightmare. They have their own absolutely batshit absurd scripting thing call Rocket Loader. The only impression I've gotten from it so far is that it makes script whitelisting difficult and user-scripts even worse.

I can appreciate the primary selling points of CloudFlare (CDN, DDoS protection), but they do a lot more to interfere with site web traffic. The default settings for a site are also probably too aggressive.

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