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by cyberchondriac (#48467105) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?
LTO is not dead. There are backups, and there is DR, and they are two different things. Plus, you have structured data (databases) and unstructured.
For a database, or DR, I do agree backup to disc is fine. You typically only need the latest version with the most (and most up to date) data.

For backing up disparate documents, however; xls, docs, pdfs, etc.. you wind up with a ton of different versions of the same file, often changed daily, which can be corrupted at any time. (Interestingly, where I work, our users often don't seem to notice this however for weeks..!) I see this from time to time. Even with dedupe, if you have enough versions of all these files and have terabytes - petabytes of data to backup, a totally disc solution would be very pricey as the capacity requirements skyrocket. Tape also has the benefit of being extremely portable, as well as long life. (Granted, speed is a disadvantage).
We're strictly tape at the moment, but we are moving towards a hybrid solution shortly, incorporating into our environment either Data Domain or Quantum's DXi.

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by cyberchondriac (#48459551) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

We'll be happy that the accountability has stopped them from beating and killing people without cause.

Grammatically, you didn't say, "some" people, "sometimes", or make any other suggestion that there are exceptions. Worded as such, it implies that cops do this as a common matter of course, particularly in the current context.
Sorry you can't write more clearly.

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by cyberchondriac (#48459399) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Presumably you agree that the police should not be shooting unarmed teenagers (of any race).

You presume wrong, IF the teenager is attacking the police officer and trying to grab his gun so they can shoot said officer, then the officer has every right and responsibility to respond with lethal force.
This is beyond idiotic. You DON'T try to grab an officer's gun! Period. That right there is grounds for lethal force, regardless. That's an overt lethal threat.
Not to mention this guy was practically twice the mass of the officer. But even without a gun ("unarmed") you do know you can still kill or seriously injure someone, right? (well, if you're a gun grabber, probably not). You can punch someone in the throat and collapse their windpipe, for example, or just plain strangle them, or even snap their neck - this dude was big enough to do that. But apparently, he was trying to change that "unarmed" situation by acquiring the cop's gun by force.

I get that some people are armchair cops and just can't empathize enough in their situations to see how quickly you could become dead, leaving your family fatherless and spouseless, thanks to a useless criminal thug, but get it through your heads you're not that damn brave or smart on your feet. Armchair cops think they'd be all Hollywood cool as a cucumber, and give the assailant time for full assessment.. but by then, and history bears this out, even if you could, you could be dead. Real cops get shot all the time, even so.

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Why, the unchallengeable phantasmic aura of his bias.

Christ, there are enough real examples of police brutality against minorities without having to resort to one that appears so dubious.

There are more than enough real examples of criminals fighting with the cops (take a look at some DIVR videos sometime) without having to resort to an excuse that appears so dubious. Besides that, the scientific evidence backs up Wilson's account.

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You mean the "witness" reports that turned out be fabricated out of bias? Several of the so-called eye-witnesses who initially filed a report ( and I believe there was a ridiculous number who claimed to be eyewitnesses, like nearly 60 people) admitted to lying when it came time to testify under oath.
The forensic evidence and autopsy indicate differently from surrender as well. The dude was a huge, arrogant juggernaut (as shown on the store video tape) who just minutes prior robbed a convenience store .. and yet he's made out to be some kind of lamb. The scientific evidence debunks any of those "surrendering" witness accounts.

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by cyberchondriac (#48457789) Attached to: Does Being First Still Matter In America?

I'm bemused by his answer to be honest. I was making a light hearted comment about someone's attempt to justify a party position ("Against big gubmint") by launching into a dubious official-justification "Trying to protect the constitution" rant.

If you are in fact referring to me, I was only replying to the anti-GOP trolling above my post. But I love how a member of the supposed party of anti-racism and equality makes stereotypical comments like the one above, and then claims to be above it all. When's the last time you mocked someone as speaking ebonics?

FWIW, yes, the founding fathers WERE against big government, that's why we were set up as individual states, and the constitution is written as it is. To argue against that obvious reality is to to deny reason. I'm not quite as anti-regulation as the GOP typically seems to be, but the country was supposed to be a collection of federated states that exercised a fair level of autonomy, not subservience to DC. That was my point.

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Well, we'll see how time plays out on this post, currently modded "troll".. but I think that just proves his point. I think this post was eloquent, intelligently worded, and fairly spot on, except for the somewhat harsh characterization of Scandinavia which was a bit over the top. World-wide, there's a whole lot of self righteousness going around, and blaming America for everything, without looking inward or seeing the bigger picture. Other countries citizens/subjects are often just as jingoistic, and often reveal ignorance of the true nature of the US. It's trendy nowadays to just blame the US for everything; and apparently we're the only nation in the world now that is not allowed to exercise border control either, because somehow the fact that colonists came over hundreds of years ago when the country was a wilderness populated by no officially recognized nation but by native Indian tribes, means the US has no right to exercise a naturalization policy.

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There's "gaming the system" and there's fraud.

That's a very, very, fine line. Gaming the system is in many ways fraudulent.

This isn't clipping Home Depot coupons and taking advantage of Lowe's willingness to accept competitor coupons.

Not sure if this is your example of gaming the system.. because it's not, it is the system, as intended. Lowes does that to attract more business.

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