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Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1305

I don't believe it. What about the relentless left-wing social justice stories that blame nerds for everything wrong in the world? What about constant news-today-gone-tomorrow political stories that are general news, at best?

When did the left-wing blame the nerds? Usually they target the anti-nerds: those pegged as right-wing, old, white, anti-science, religious, "out-of-touch" fossils.

Comment Re:9/11 was an inside job (Score 1) 303

No government would be competent enough to pull off a conspiracy of that magnitude (except maybe DPRK), and not many would be that callous as to kill to their own people in cold blood either, nor do that much damage to their own infrastructure. There's no real gain from something like that, even with increased government oversight. Neither Bush nor Cheney were planning on being in power the rest of their lives, unlike, say, Kim Jung Il. (Though shorter/fewer term limits for Congress would help to prevent such a conspiracy too). But the "truthers" will keep going on with their incredibly ignorant "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" strawman.

Comment In other words, duh? (Score 2, Insightful) 60

Not surprising at all, especially the depression. A major component of stress is realizing or feeling like you don't have control over your life (due to your job, boss, spouse, financial situation etc.) so naturally that can lead to depression. What's the point of living without free will, feeling trapped? Gone on long enough, with cortisol eating at your innards, you'll gain weight too, which can just feed into more depression, as it lowers your health and self-esteem. Dementia seems a bit more complicated, but not I can't say I'm surprised, as paranoia and cynicism, an outcome of the depression, would be likely gateways.

Comment Re:Penny (Score 1) 702

Did prices tend to round up, or down, or some of both? I'm 99% in favor of getting rid of the 1 cent coin, but I doubt items will go from say, $9.95 to $9.90, and instead will go to an even $10. Which sounds minor but adds up eventually. Retail should love it though.

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