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Comment: Re:What's the problem? (Score 1) 142

by cyberchondriac (#48905589) Attached to: Secret Service Investigating Small Drone On White House Grounds
Anthrax would be scarier and more damaging than a small explosive. I still remember the postal scare from 2002. If a hate/terrorist group manages to fly a drone or three through a window, (not sure if the White House allows those, at least, without bars), with a payload of anthrax, and that could get real ugly. Perhaps even ricin, though then again that seems to be nigh impossible to aerosolize. In any case, I don't think it's wise to get too wound up about them, but OTOH, it's not wise to get completely complacent either and trivialize the damage a drone could potentially do; people get creative.

Comment: Re:No way! (Score 1) 508

I Common sense is wrong more than it's right. It's only good for making guesses about things you don't understand, and is worthless for evaluating things you understand.

You either don't understand what common sense is, or perhaps possess little of it yourself then. It's related to basic, common experience based judgement. I've known people who were math whizzes but had no common sense, and did really bone-headed things in regular life. Without a book or instructions to tell them how to proceed, they seemed a bit helpless, like a musician who can sight read perfectly but can't improvise a few measures.

Comment: Re:Beats using bullets (Score 1) 206

They're not all that backward, unfortunately, that they don't have a dedicated hacking group or two. ISIS is considered plenty tech saavy as well. Centcom's twitter was hacked a week or two ago.
AQ and ISIS have sites for their fellow jihadis-in-arms, there are definitely targets anonymous could choose to attack, but I won't hold my breath that they'll actually conduct the attacks they promised.

Comment: Re:Academic wankery at its finest (Score 1) 154

Is there a generally understood tolerance, plus or minus a century or two? Because I think it's fair to consider that humankind had transformed the planet before 1945 , with the industrial revolution, the span of railroads across continents, flight, building huge cities and skyscrapers and lighting them up at night with electricity (visible from space), etc..

Comment: Re:Therefore justifying the killing of others (Score 1) 890

by cyberchondriac (#48834005) Attached to: Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression
It's not that you know what you're talking about, it's just that you're an apologist who is willfully blind to the modern, recent reality of islamic extremism. Maybe before throwing the door wide open and embracing islam, we should wait until it's cancer is in remission. Oh, and comparing modern day islamic extremism with modern christianity? That's a really, really, bad caricature of xtianity.

Comment: Re:Therefore justifying the killing of others (Score 1) 890

by cyberchondriac (#48831875) Attached to: Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression
You are obviously retarded, and the coward... at least I posted with my username. Oh, and your gratuitously obligatory "Fox news" comment is fucking laughable, it shows total lack of self thought, it's just something on your checklist you must bring up in every conversation. It really doesn't have teeth, you know, it just kinda reveals you as a pretty poor troll. Keep working on it.

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