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Comment: Re:Bitter chocolate tastes bad? (Score 1) 129

Yes! I have never understood this modern obsession with hops. Myself, I prefer a dark malty, fruity ale with some body, something like a good Belgian Dubbel is awesome. Only that's probably even more fattening than chocolate. That said, I do prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, the former being a little less sweet.

Comment: Re:And what about the infrastructure issues? (Score 1) 284

by cyberchondriac (#49783077) Attached to: Amtrak Installing Cameras To Watch Train Engineers
That in no way absolves the driver if he's actually at fault, though no one really knows just yet (though an examination of the signals systems has revealed no anomalies or malfunctions). He is paid to drive the train safely and responsibly, and being that he's unionized, he's likely paid fairly for that. Workers can do damage no system can bypass, consider the pilot that crashed the Germanwings airlines flight into the French Alps some months back.

Comment: Re:Is it on the main download page? (Score 2) 216

by cyberchondriac (#49728141) Attached to: Trojanized, Info-Stealing PuTTY Version Lurking Online
Fair enough. But still, if someone installed a vulnerable version of openSSL I suppose they might start using it for other things than openSSH in their Cygwin environment, where HB might still rear it's head. An iffy, minor point, I concede.
In any case, I never really had an issue with puTTY if I had to SSH on Windows, but then that's not very often. It's not my preference. I usually use my linux box for SSH, it's just more comfortable. All of us in our workgroup have 1 win box and 1 linux box, and it baffles me to see that some of my coworkers seem to prefer puTTY. But then, some people have no problem working in a window the size of a postage stamp when they could easily drag the window larger too, so.. I dunno.

Comment: Re:not the real question (Score 1) 200

Even more than just seems like.. if actually true that these systems are not physically separated, that's careless design. It's naive and well, arrogant, no matter how good the firewall supposedly is, especially in this post 9-11 era. It'd be just another example of how broken and meaningless security theater is.

Comment: Re:Well you want offensive ? (Score 1) 613

by cyberchondriac (#49707415) Attached to: A Plan On How To Stop Sexism In Science
It's certainly likely some are, but I don't automatically equate the two or think of it as a huge problem. Though this article did qualify with use of the word "some", the tone seems to indicate that the author feels people mostly only get ahead by stepping on others, instead of maybe hard work, investment, and dedication. Sounds like sour grapes. You could run an experiment where complete wealth redistribution was conducted, and everyone in the country (or world) had the exact same amount of money, assets, and access to education. Within less than 10 years, that faux state of "equality" would disintegrate again as a great number of people would squander their assets and opportunities while others invested and worked hard. Anything else is a fairy tale.

Comment: Re:Well you want offensive ? (Score 1) 613

by cyberchondriac (#49698483) Attached to: A Plan On How To Stop Sexism In Science

Those who contribute less or who don't at all contribute to OSS are judged to be without merit, regardless of the fact that they have less access to opportunity, time, and money to allow them to freely contribute.

This guy forgot to add other very real world possibilities: inclination, desire, motivation, ambition, aptitude .. etc. Those who under-perform do not always do so merely because they are victims of circumstance or others, and sometimes that's why they're judged. He thinks of successful people as bullies? lol

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