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Comment Re:Who says we're not? (Score 1) 565

Good point, but there may be no way around that. One thing people definitely need to be careful of, is who you donate to. Being rich doesn't translate to no work, or it shouldn't; in fact, I'd be studying my ass off learning finance so I would have a clue what's going on. I'd probably get a bit paranoid too. How would I know if my accountant and lawyer were skimming off the top? I wouldn't know if I was ignorant of the whole system.
I'd research and investigate every charity I looked to donate to, and anyone who sought me out with their hand out (besides the normal automated stuff everyone gets) would automatically get on my "no" list. I'd probably start my own foundation, really.
On a more personal level, if I hit it big, my dream is to build a sweet recording studio and finally start laying down original tracks. That would be the dream. I'm working on it now, but it's slow going. I'd be happy with that. IT pays the bills, but the stress is also taking years off my life.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 174

We've got a neighbor who does this to us now, but we haven't identified the SOB yet. Twice now recently, on a Sunday or Monday morning, we walk out to a huge steaming pile on our lawn. When I found out who the slob is, I'd delivering it to his house via airmail.. all over the windows, walls, door, porch, etc..

Comment Re:Sure it's expensive (Score 1) 174

FWIW, (anecdotal bit here) Back in the mid eighties, I had an (ex)girlfriend (we're from the US) who got a to take a class trip to Greece, Rome and Paris, and when she got back she said Rome and Paris were filthy, that the streets were gross, she saw things like people peeing openly on busy street corners (Paris), boys heckling the group in Rome, trash everywhere, one toilet for an entire hotel floor, etc.. She did not come back very impressed with Europe. This was, however, decades ago; but it seems perhaps some should mind their glass houses.

Comment Re:80GB still being sold? (Score 1) 275

And the funny thing is, the buy-only-on-contract only thing was supposed to somehow level the playing field, and and get the lowest bidder, but all it really seems to do is establish virtual monopolies, as not that many vendors have contracts; further, with the purchase approval system we have in place, there is no petty cash to speak of. Merely ordering more Cat6 cable is a major undertaking. Buying anything is an ordeal. Forgot to order a SAS adapter for that new server for backups? That'll set deployment back 3 months. It's horrible.

Comment Re: Metabolic rate doesn't vary that much (Score 2) 381

Anytime somebody is biased towards their pet it-looks-good-on-paper-and-I-want-it-to-be-true theory, and feels the need to deny actual real word experience, they trot this "anecdotal" rebuttal. In a few cases, it's a valid rebuttal, but it's incredibly overused here.

Comment Re:Blind squirrel finding an acorn (Score 1) 492

Note to mods: modding something "troll" just because you disagree with the politics is in itself trolling. My points are valid, but apparently I pointed out something about your idols that you didn't like being pointed out. Perhaps you should look up the definition of "troll", and try to grow up a little bit.

Comment Re:Blind squirrel finding an acorn (Score 0) 492

Haven't seen a lot of dignity for the office of late anyway. Obama speaks well but thinks he's a celebrity that should be regularly doing the talk show circuit, and has treated the military with disdain on occasion; Clinton used the Oval office like a brothel. Say what you want about Bush. And what is "nuance", anymore, but more political double-speak, or bowing down to the political correctness fascists. Trump is terribly rough around the edges, and I'm not sure he's presidential material either; but then, IMO, no one right now is. We'll have to find the lesser necessary evil, yet again.

Comment Re: Capitalism is killing them (Score 1) 182

This is true. The Left always often the Right of moving far to the Right, which in some cases is true, Nixon would've been hung out to dry for talking to China in today's world; but they fail to acknowledge how far to the left things have also moved. The congress of the 1970s would never have considered touching the subject of gay marriage,or allowing illegal immigrants amnesty; if someone had said "son of a bitch" during prime time on TV, or shown the suggestive scenes that are so commonplace today (fine by me), they would've flipped their lids, so things have definitely loosened up. The truth is, we (the US anyway) are separating further and further apart, like oil and water, and the reasonable moderates in the middle are the losers; instead of seeing the common ground they can provide, everyone focuses on the where their differences lay.

Comment Re:No Theora? (Score 2) 145

Plus they had issues with the other codecs they were writing.

ODIN: Great audio but missing half the video.
LOKI: The resulting video was always a rickroll.
HEIMDALL: Good video but the DRM was harsh.
JOTUN: Kept freezing up.

BALDUR: Looked so good they kept it proprietary. And then it died.
FREJYA: Only worked with porn.
JORMUNGANDR: Grew too large and bloated, development kept going in circles.

Comment Re:Showed too much of his hand (Score 1) 458

I think we need a tyrant every now and again. They can still be removed by the people ..

No, that's one of the things about being a tyrant- you don't give up your power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Tyrants are only removed by revolution or war, or serious threats of same. I don't usually believe in absolutes, but I've never seen evidence to the contrary in this case.
At the risk of making a strawman, I'm willing to bet you believe that no one human being deserves to be a billionaire, or even a multimillionaire; why should one have that much unchallengeable power over other human beings?

"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history." -- George Bernard Shaw