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Comment: Re:How about... (Score 4, Interesting) 101

This is true. My in-laws told me they would call Comcast when they had a problem like getting Word to come up on their laptop, my jaw dropped. I have no love for Comcast, but I told them comcrap has nothing to do with an issue like that and to stop abusing their service contract. Older people (60+) seem to have the hardest time grasping the the difference between the concept of the Internet and a local hard drive.. no matter how many times you explain it.

Comment: Re:Stupid (Score 1) 590

Meanwhile, you can definitely tell the death penalty works as a deterrent. You can tell it works so well because all of the crime has completely stopped in the states that have the death penalty as punishment. Right? So I guess it's all worth it, somehow.

Well, prison and jail terms obviously aren't working either then, by that standard, so why not just do away with prisons? Hell, let's get rid of cops while we're at it. Crime is going to happen anyway, right?

Comment: Re:That's great news! (Score 1) 517

The idea of equality and balance is -to use a somewhat flawed analogy until I find a better one- to have the pendulum neither swing nor stay to one side, but to hang straight down the middle - that is true balance. "Balance" conceived of through averaging isn't true balance or equality at all, it's merely alternating imbalance at best. Pushing it into an opposite side to "balance" for time spent on the other smacks of revenge.

Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 1) 676

by cyberchondriac (#49463885) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid
Right.. Of all the shitty candidates this election, she's actually one of the worst.
Here's a starter for you.

Fired from the WaterGate investigation for unethical behavior
Benghazi coverup.
Email Scandal, she hosted her own server for government work (!) and then wiped the server before the emails could be retrieved... oopsy? Yah, right.
Claims her and Bill are "broke"..and claims to be in touch with the common citizen. Royalty complex.
Vince Foster
There's more I just haven't dredged up yet. She is clearly unfit for presidency. No more Bushs or Clintons, thank you.

Comment: Re:Never read the book, but (Score 1) 113

by cyberchondriac (#49388553) Attached to: Coup in Arrakis Capitol Leaves Region in Flux
Well, name any other big ticket movie where you actually hear the character's thoughts as a voice over (disembodied ObiWan doesn't count, special circumstance there, he's a ghost) and constantly throughout the entire movie, at that. Not as narration either, that too is different, that's story telling, not actually hearing inside someone's head in real time. The only other place I ever see that happen is in comedy, like SNL.

Comment: Re:Never read the book, but (Score 1) 113

by cyberchondriac (#49387993) Attached to: Coup in Arrakis Capitol Leaves Region in Flux
You're going to miss some stuff, sure, but it's been done. A few of the Harry Potter movies did just that (several were over 700 pages) and they were pretty well done. Even Lord of the Rings, though okay, they were maybe shorter (I don't recall exactly). Gandalf, and Frodo and Boromir had things going through their heads, but they didn't require a voice over to get those across to the audience. That said, Gollum sort of cheated by being schizo and talking to himself, but that was excusable because he's stone freaking nuts.

Comment: Re:Never read the book, but (Score 1) 113

by cyberchondriac (#49387971) Attached to: Coup in Arrakis Capitol Leaves Region in Flux
Because books are a different medium. They're not visual like movies, except for what you picture in your head. Books lends themselves better to having characters' thoughts heard, because books can be written in third person or "God" mode, among others, but expressions and actions are only described, not seen.

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