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by cyberchondriac (#46779423) Attached to: Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk

No. Tall chairs exist. We used them all the time at our benches in the research labs. Part of the time you stand, part of the time you sit. Whichever is comfortable and works with your current activity.

Personally I'd love this. I always prefer to sit "up high" anyway, like a tall "bar" or restaurant stool. Sitting all day long is definitely not healthy but at least with these it's easy to go back and forth.

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by cyberchondriac (#46770029) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy
That's one way to skew it. But this is flatly oversimplified, I'm surprised intelligent people take this for reality, that people x or y are simply good or evil, as if this is an epic fantasy story. The truth lies in the middle, as usual. Republicans may tend to be less than empathetic about people down on their luck, but not entirely. Unemployment benefits have been extended how many times now? How many people in this country are using food stamps now? It's a disturbing trend. You're not doing people any favors with endless handouts.

One could argue that it's exactly the same way that Democrats/liberals frame and abuse the term "compassion" to get people to vote for more spending and taxing, presumably on social programs, portraying ever more and larger groups as victimized and utterly helpless, when a good deal of that targeted tax income goes into government bloat. Taking into account the fact that the country is already $16 trillion in debt; yet 29% of the budget was spent on welfare and health in 2013. (Military was 13%) this hardly smacks of incompassion, except maybe to future generations who have to incur this debt. The irony is, the more taxes go up, and Democrats know this, it's the middle class that suffers, which in turn makes more of them fall into that lower class needing help; the cycle continues and results in more money and power to the government, and more dependence by the people. The middle class is stuck in the middle.
If Republicans pander to the rich, then Democrats pander to people who believe they will "get something" from the government, whether compassionately justifiable or not, in order to secure more votes. How ironic is it then that more Democrats in congress are millionaires than Republicans?

To reiterate my first paragraph, I don't believe all democratic politicians are like this. But many are.Same with republicans, they're not all old evil white men. But some are. Absolutely some people need assistance. Shit happens.
But if you think the system isn't rife with abuse and waste, and couldn't use some trimming, you're kidding yourself. Every government program is, including the military. It's a game to both parties.

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Yeah, and supposedly this school has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying.

All that means is that their policy is to ignore bullying and pretend it doesn't exist, to do otherwise would admit a problem exists which tarnishes the public image of the school.
It should read, "zero tolerance policy towards recognizing bullying".

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That's dark. I like it. 7 [i]billion [/i]people on the planet, a number of whom are just shit (as is evident in this story), we don't need them; they're part of the problem, not the solution. Some may change for the better eventually, but some never will.
I'm just surprised that here on "capital punishment is wrong" slashdot, you're modded up to the max for suggesting 86'ing someone.

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I think you hit the nail on the head. This bully was clearly protected. I want to see every school official who went along with this fiasco fired with extreme prejudice, and the judge should be reprimanded or even disbarred. Anyone have the name of this Pennsylvania school?

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That's how the entertainment industry would LIKE people to consume their media. Paying them directly, then supporting them indirectly through ad revenue as well.

So, in other words, exactly like a cable subscription.

Exactly this. Double dipping bastages. I feel like I pay $100 a month to watch a few hours of commercials every week, and maybe a few hours of actual show.
Every single time I surf the menu and see something that looks appealing, and change the channel, it's right to 5 minutes of commercials. Every. Single. Time.

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I'm about 15 minutes from you, but I'm not aware of any other options than Verizon or Comcast; they're competitors but sometimes it feels like they're one big monopoly. Right now I have DSL w/ verizon, and Comcast for (way overpriced) cableTV. Our cable TV drops out and glitches a lot, and Verizon will never deliver FIOS in my town. I suppose it could be worse though.

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by cyberchondriac (#46758003) Attached to: IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt
Oh woe is them, the IRS, an innocent government entity whose sole purpose of existence is to merely collect money for the benevolent (since being headed by Obama) US government, and the poor things are so unfairly villainized by us selfish, self important American people who expect due process of all things; why, the nerve!! Clearly this is all the Republicans fault. But wait, isn't collecting money for the government more consistent with big government and by extension, socialism? Yes, yes, must be the republicans behind that...

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by cyberchondriac (#46749301) Attached to: The Best Way To Watch the "Blood Moon" Tonight
You'd think they could manage the weather better too. I won't see squat because I'm on the East coast. I think we get more precipitation around here than Seattle anymore. I didn't place an order for this!
It's just plain thoughtless and inconsiderate!
Actually I wouldn't be surprised if I could find an American lawyer who would actually take my case if I said I wanted to sue Accuweather . ;-p

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Beat me to it. These things are probably cyclic: Massive breakthrough(s), rapid acceleration of learning and application, long period of plateau; breakthrough, etc..
Or so I hope. Every learned person in history that has said, "man has learned everything he is going to", or "that is just ridiculous/impossible" should know better, and were proven wrong time and again. The next plateau could last a long time, decades, centuries, even a millennia.. but eventually, there will be a breakthrough, maybe how to manipulate gravity, and the the process repeats.

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My thoughts exactly; Otherwise, mathematics proves you can get something from absolutely nothing - IOW, magic. . In the words of Grace Slick, logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead. If this were truly the case, it'd be as supernatural as the God explanation.
For there to be "fluctuations" there has to be something to actually fluctuate.

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by cyberchondriac (#46715129) Attached to: New French Law Prohibits After-Hours Work Emails

French companies can have 24x7 coverage, however they cannot force people to work after hours. Those people who elect to work odd hours or overtime are paid for doing so. Sounds just fine to me: it prevents a race to the bottom, and looking at the statistics French workers do just fine in terms of productivity.

Well, since this law just passed (?), there are no useful statistics on it just yet.
If they have people 24/7 with those being "normal" hours for some, then yeah, they should be okay; but if the corporations start getting stingy(er) and start laying off people, or people quit, and the boss expects others to pick up the workload, then they'll have a problem.. at least, that's how they operate around here!).
Presumably this law would probably prevent that, so I guess that's a good thing!

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