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Comment: Cook together as a family, pass on the recipes (Score 1) 527

by cyberassasin (#33260762) Attached to: Preserving Memories of a Loved One?

One thing I would suggest.... Get your wife and daughters to cook together, film or document the recipes. Make those meals as many times as you can with them. It's one of the things that continues to live on after a loved one leaves us, the memories of making meals together, combined with the family recipes that make them unique and special. Every time your daughters then cook that meal or recipe, they will be reminded of their mother.... And as they pass those down, they will pass down the stories as well.

And as others have stated, keep up hope. Miracles do happen.

I wish you all the comfort that your family will be able to receive in these trying times for you.


Living In Tokyo's Capsule Hotels 269

Posted by samzenpus
from the living-in-the-hive dept.
afabbro writes "Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510 once offered a night’s refuge to salarymen who had missed the last train home. Now with Japan enduring its worst recession since World War II, it is becoming an affordable option for people with nowhere else to go. The Hotel 510’s capsules are only 6 1/2 feet long by 5 feet wide. Guests must keep possessions, like shirts and shaving cream, in lockers outside of the capsules. Atsushi Nakanishi, jobless since Christmas says, 'It’s just a place to crawl into and sleep. You get used to it.'”

No problem is so large it can't be fit in somewhere.