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Comment unbelievable, yet very believable (Score 2, Insightful) 492 492

Apple makes some of the dumbest moves in regards to the lifeline of their app store - the developers! Boy are they good at pissing people off! I'm a very happy shareholder (picked it up at 27 back when...!) but every day there's some new twist that they've pulled and alienated this group or that. I think parental controls and allowing any app that doesn't do harm to the phone itself would be their best stance - how many sales are they missing because of these China-like rules?

Comment Foxfire! (Score 1) 876 876

I get it all the time - nobody can say Firefox, it's always Foxfire. Drives me nuts. I've been doing on-site service with the company I started for 10+ years and I really would love to be insulated from the customers. I don't want to deal with them on the phone or via e-mail, I want to show up and fix what needs fixin' or whatever else I have to do. Babbling on the phone about the same thing over and over again is driving me crazy.

Comment I'm so sick of this... (Score 0, Troll) 864 864

Vista SUCKS. Period. It is an annoying kink in the neck. It's not just hype, it SUCKS. They can try all the spin they want "oh the bloggers gave us a bad rap!" BS If you create an operating system and purposely make it to annoy the users, what do you think you'll get?

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