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by cyber-vandal (#47799485) Attached to: Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails To US Government

I don't want either option but your simplistic solution has a number of flaws of which I've pointed out two. It's easy for you sit on the other side of the Atlantic and make idiotic comments with a world superpower just down the road and no serious danger of invasion, it's a lot harder for the people of the EU, some of whom share a border with Russia, to make knee-jerk bad decisions.

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That's largely irrelevant because they do enforce the data protection laws very strongly so anyone doing business with US cloud providers will effectively be putting themselves at risk of committing a beach of that law. Microsoft isn't fighting this out of the goodness of their hearts - they know that their whole cloud business - something that they're currently betting the business on - will be dealt a huge blow if they are forced to do this. Customers in their second biggest market will avoid US cloud services like the plague. As to the whole Ukraine situation what do you suggest? Invade Russia?

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I live in the heavily regulated UK and I have a choice of cable from one provider at 152Mbps, FTTC at 78Mbps from about 6 others or normal ADSL2 at around 17Mbps from about 40 others. The infrastructure (with the exception of cable) is run by the former government monopoly which is required by law to sell access to its network to other providers. The barrier to entry is the expense of creating the infrastructure in the first place which would exist even if there was no regulation.

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And they tend not to want to spend huge sums of money rewriting their custom code and rebuying all the third-party stuff, assuming it's even available for Linux or whatever else you think a competitor would be. What are the drop-in replacements for Exchange, SQL Server, .NET, Sharepoint, Dynamics and Biztalk? Migrating away from Blackberry is easy by comparison. There are plenty of MDMs available nowadays, including one from Microsoft.

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