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Comment: Re: That's great news! (Score 1) 508

As if being a computer nerd is in any way a cultural expectation for a man. Men are expected to be strong and confident and good at sport; nerds are usually the target for those men. But then that's the shitty narrative now isn't it. Life on easy mode. What a bunch of pricks the new left are.

Comment: Re: That's great news! (Score 3, Insightful) 508

This is why you SJW types are going to lose in the end. You want to us white males to rally to your cause but all you do is insult and patronise us and all you have to offer is criticism. Life on easy mode my arse. Go tell that to the homeless whites, the poor whites, the whites that suffer from mental illness. You want to win the argument? How about giving a shit about men committing suicide in record numbers as a starting point. How about recognising that everyone has problems and not marginalising a single group based on their genitalia and skin colour (see the irony?)

Comment: Re: imagine sharing your dishwashing loads (Score 1) 105

The interface is a pretty major part of the OS. Expecting people to modify their workflow for Microsoft's marketing department was always going to fail when the previous OS does exactly what the users want. The underpinnings of Windows 8 are better than 7 but the interface gets in your way more than I should.

Comment: Re: Reason: for corporations, by corporations (Score 1) 489

by cyber-vandal (#49444713) Attached to: Reason: How To Break the Internet (in a Bad Way)

In the UK we have tax funded health care and a thriving private insurance market. They compete by a combination of cherry picking and providing faster access to care. The private ISPs could compete by providing better service to those willing to pay. At the moment they are private monopolies (or duopolies) which is the worst of both worlds.

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