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Comment Re: Subservient? (Score 1) 453

Is there any more evidence that people that ask Cortana rude questions are likely to treat real people like that? Are there more abusers amongst iOS users as Siri doesn't do this? This to me is more like looking up rude words in the dictionary and giggling than some normal person turning Jekyll and Hyde like into a monster due to being able to say what they like to a computer.

Comment Re: The end (Score 1, Insightful) 164

The righties in America all think that they're invincible and that bad things won't hasten to them so a social safety net is just fit shirkers out to steal their money.

That's why those turkeys keep voting for Christmas while the people they vote for extract more and more from them.

They hate the Nordic countries because it gives the lie to the idea that any kind of social democracy will destroy their way of life so anything negative about those countries is seized as an example that those Scandinavian commies are a failure.

The parlous state of the US infrastructure that is supposed to be paid for by their taxes never enters their consciousness except as an excuse to privatise everything in the name of efficiency which is actually the worst of all worlds, setting up private monopolies at taxpayers' expense.

Comment Re: Another day, another Android security hole (Score 1) 39

And that one too. I can do this all day. Where's the security fixes for my old Note 2 which is newer than the iPhone 4s? Nowhere in sight unless I install a ROM that may or may not support my hardware. The Android ecosystem sucks hard, regardless of the merits of the OS itself (which I like and use). I don't know why you're so ardently defending Samsung / HTC / Sony et al when they don't give a shit about your security. Apple are a bunch of scumbags, but a bunch of scumbags that actually fix their software, rather than leaving their users hanging out to dry.

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