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by cyber-vandal (#47475593) Attached to: Microsoft CEO To Slash 18,000 Jobs, 12,500 From Nokia To Go

There are a lot of enterprise customers wondering who they can go to now that Blackberry have faded away. That's where WinPhone is going to shine unless the other 2 ecosystems start being able to integrate seamlessly with things like Active Directory and Exchange and the plethora of third-party Windows-only software.

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by cyber-vandal (#47417343) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

Speaking as a former COBOL programmer who did Y2K work you really don't know that you've got it good. Some of that code was a vile mess of hacks, commented code , blocks of code that couldn't be touched on case they broke so had to be coded around. Shit code can be written without frameworks and in my experience more often is, due to the wheel being reinvented repeatedly and badly. The good old days never existed and personally I'm far happier writing C# in Visual Studio for SMEs than I ever was trying to debug some horrendous code written by a moron 30 years ago that some bank utterly depends on and which is probably still in use now 10 years after I escaped.

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It's also pretty hard to fight back when the other side is so much better armed than you. A bunch of NRA members with assault rifles won't last long against tanks and fighter jets without outside support and the most powerful of the US' enemies are too far away to give any meaningful support and taking that support would immediately lose any popular support you might get.

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That really does suck. I'm not best pleased about that since it's totally unnecessary. My misunderstanding of your point was that I installed an extension (I had no idea there was a difference between that an app which I guess is obvious now I think about it) which didn't require my password. As soon as I followed your link and tried to install it asked me for my login details. That's really shit. The developer check box doesn't make a difference either.

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