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Comment Re: What about women harassing men? (Score 1) 342

Once or twice? Try reading a history book sometime genius. Most men were not oppressors they were oppressed, usually by male rulers bit sometimes by female rulers as well. The post was a terrible time for just about everyone. How many women were forced to fight in wars? Do you think only women and girls were sexually assaulted? 75 years ago the terrible white men you so despise died in their thousands to overthrow one of the most evil regimes in history. Give the left back to people who know what to do with it and stick your micro aggressions and your trigger warnings up your arse.

Comment Re: What the fuck (Score 1) 766

Not really. People died to create my democracy and some of my heroes are the people that created universal health care here. In fact the current leader of the opposition is an old school leftist, a kind man of the people who believes in everyone and refuses to play stupid games. I and hundreds of thousands of others joined the Labour Party to vote for him. He won't be allowed to be prime minister though. The corporate shill media are already in overdrive scaremongering.

I was and still am fucking furious about this latest insanity. It's not about a file extension, it's about people self-censoring out of fear of a backlash. Of you can't see how dangerous this is then think again. This is way more insidious than some overt dictatorship but it's just as destructive to people's (nearly always men's) lives and should be opposed.

Comment Re: What the fuck (Score 1) 766

Because it's fucking insane that's why! This is why I refuse to be a part of the left now because it's been taken over by lunatics. The right is even more mental so I guess I'm not voting again. This kind of idiocy is why there's a half decent chance you'll get President Trump.

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