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Comment Re: There is no left (Score 1) 340

Universal healthcare applies to everyone. A welfare state is available to anyone who needs it, and unless you're clairvoyant and know that you're going to live forever, be employed forever and never suffer any illness, why are you against a safety net that doesn't come with a copay or a three month qualification time.

Comment Re: Proves there's strong incentive for tax avoida (Score 1) 69

The reason you live in a nice safe developed nation is because you have a powerful government that can defend that nation and provide services that mean you're unlikely to starve to death or to die of a preventable disease amongst many other services that you take for granted. Is our system perfect? Nowhere near. Would it be better if we had to get those services from the private sector? No because large numbers of us would be excluded from getting those services due to cost.

Comment Re: Subservient? (Score 1) 513

Is there any more evidence that people that ask Cortana rude questions are likely to treat real people like that? Are there more abusers amongst iOS users as Siri doesn't do this? This to me is more like looking up rude words in the dictionary and giggling than some normal person turning Jekyll and Hyde like into a monster due to being able to say what they like to a computer.

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