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... It's become clear that it's going to take some kind of revolutionary breakthrough to make voice recognition actually good. ...

If -people- can't tell what you are saying half the time, it's a bit unreasonable to expect the computer to be able to. No computer has the pattern recognition capability of a human brain. It's not even in the same "ballpark".

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The people writing the checks need to better understand that these scientists are the main reason that the US economy does as well as it does. ...

Are you sure you are talking about the same scientists? I think part of the problem is that they were not contributing anything... or at least the congressmen thought so.

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by cwsumner (#47431727) Attached to: The World's Best Living Programmers

School doesn't help much, in the sense that it often doesn't teach people to understand anything. Being able to write correctly has little to do with your ability to comprehend complex tasks that require logic and reason. It's little more than an ad hominem.

They are related, but that's not the point.
Bad writing makes it harder and slower for -us- to read it. So if you want to have your words read, make them easy to read.
I tend to just skip bad writing, and assume it is not significant.

On the other hand, writing by those whose first language is not english, is different. I know the syntax, and can understand it. They don't make the same mistakes.

Comment: Complicated place (Score 1) 608

by cwsumner (#47427227) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

The world is a complicated place. Everyone's job is complicated, it's just that after doing it for a while you get used to it, and it starts to seem easy.

Then when you encounter a new place, it seems unusually complicated. But it's not, any more that any other, it just new to you.

The reason that programming is hard, is that the world is hard. Better tools will help, but they woun't change the world.

If you think other jobs are easier, then try running the big single-disk floor polisher that the cleaning crew use. If you don't injure yourself, it will still provide much entertainment for the bystanders... 8-)

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by cwsumner (#47283799) Attached to: IRS Recycled Lerner Hard Drive

After World War 2, the surviving Nazi death camp guards pled not guilty because they "were just following orders". It was ruled, and generally agreed, that this was not a valid defense. I saw the videos (films) of some of the trials.
I believe it is still so today. But check with a lawyer if you really want to know...
But that does not mean that the boss should get away.

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by cwsumner (#47282473) Attached to: Code Spaces Hosting Shutting Down After Attacker Deletes All Data

Besides, where does this "blame the victim" attitude always come from? It's ridiculous.

Different analogy: if you walk across a known-to-be-landmined field, who is to blame? The person who put the landmines there 30 years ago, the person who left the gate unlocked last night, or you?

Just like the the answer to a test, back in school, the answer is:

D: All of the Above.

Comment: Re:This is just as revolutionary... (Score 1) 173

by cwsumner (#47263947) Attached to: Dell Exec Calls HP's New 'Machine' Architecture 'Laughable' bubble memories and tunnel diodes were.

Bubble memories did just fine, until other chips got better.
Tunnel diodes are still used, but not in computers. Work fine, last a long time.

I miss non-volatile mag-core memory, where you didn't even -need- a disk. This sounds like it could be used like that.
Talk about "sleep" mode! Turn it off and it stops instantly, turn it back on and your previous screen appears instantly.

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