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Comment Re:it was just too long (Score 1) 175

3 movies for such a short story was what killed it. I mean did it have to take 1 whole movie just reach the damn mountain?

You are just accustomed to the usual Hollywood hack job on movies!

It is true that a normal novel is about three movies long. Particularly now-days when they tend to be three or four hundred pages. But people don't want to sit for a movie that long, so two thirds of the story is left out and the rest glued together in a mish-mash.

Comment For small loads, a UPS (Score 1) 73

If you only need a small storage system, try a UPS like we use for computers. Some good ones even allow you to connect larger batteries for longer runtime. And the converter hardware has "economy of scale" that brings the price down.

But don't try to run your air conditioner off of it! 8-P

Comment Re:This is great (Score 1) 73

.... And if one is a smaller, isolated grid, such as many islands, this problem is even more severe. But you are right that "vast majority" was probably too strong especially in the context of Western and Central Europe which has done a good job integrating their grids.

Interesting concept: Storage as an alternative to Transmission.

Maybe it would not replace Generation, so much as Transmission. (Explains why the power companies are scared.)
But transmission is still more efficient, so I see them working together. Except for the isolated places, as you mention.

By the way, power companies have tested other means of storage (besides hydro pumping). I remember a couple of reports of large flywheels in a vacuum on magnetic bearings, which is surprisingly efficient.

Comment Re:This is great (Score 1) 73

Many things have very different values depending on -time-. If it was cheap then and is expensive now, you need to take that into account in your calculations.

If there is no other source of power right -now-, then your battery pack might have a value that is three or four orders of magnitude greater! 8-)

Comment Re:Unskilled work. (Score 1) 393

That's how they get treated.

Some uneducated rich people talk about Tradesmen as if they were monkeys or something. But that is just an insecure ignorant person trying to make others think they have some status. And perhaps some just repeating what they have heard.

The truth is that the "Working people" are usually smarter and often more educated than the management types. And more entrepreneurial, often having their own businesses. How many low level managers would know how to start their own business?

Comment Re:As if... (Score 1) 366

As if the co-pilot couldn't have made the exact same mistake with a calculator or even paper.

It seems like the Pilot did make a different mistake on paper, that resulted in a very similar value. So it looked like the value was verified, even though it was way wrong!

Comment Re:So much for the Y2K bug. (Score 1) 406

There must have been some things, an aweful lot of people were explicitly working on it!

I worked on a number of PCs that refused to boot during that January. In those day many PCs had to have the ROM chip replaced, no flashing. Luckily many were in sockets back then. Some people that couldn't get updates, or didn't want to bother, just set the date back 4 years, so the days of the month would be the same.

Many applications could not find data in their databases. Some had unchecked error conditions that caused GPFs. In those day a lot less machinery had computer controls. But, many did and some of it was very old, just like today.

Much effort was spent on dangerous machines and I am not aware of any that were still giving problems in the date tests, on January first.
After all, the computers and networks could have the date changed for testing, before it actually happened. Some companies built extensive isolated systems just to simulate what would happen. By the time year 2000 came everyone (well most) had been fixing for a while.

And then when we were successful, the news media said that it had all been a fraud! 8-(
But then this was often the same news people that had been encouraging people to spit on the returning soldiers from Vietnam, a few years before! So we sort of expected it...

Comment Re:So much for the Y2K bug. (Score 1) 406

This is just yet more proof that the Y2K bug was overblown (as if we needed more evidence).

Ha! Y2K was not overblown, even though the media had fun with it.
Thousands of people worked very long hours to make sure it -seemed- overblown. And were mostly successful!

I worked on a lot of PC programs that malfunctioned after 2000. Luckily none of those were critical... but others were.

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